153,000 Words in 153 Days Challenge

153k words in 153 days Challenge

153,000 Words in 153 Days Challenge

Goals are achieved or broken every single day. Us as people are looking for ways to motivate each other on making the right moves in life to set us up for success. So, one of the ways we can all achieve our goals is by writing them down, and sharing them with world. “Like me.”

Today’s blog post is not about dominating your local market,which is what I talk about 90% of the time on my website. What I’m looking to do today is to bring you on a ride in my goals for the next 6 months.

These goals are achievable only if I take action, and leave no stones unturned. My actions will be performed every single day to get to where I need to be for my website www.Colemanmg.com, and most importantly, Coleman Marketing Group LLC.

This year I’m looking to bring my online presence of this website, and my brand into the mainstream. The only way to achieve this is by sticking to the plan. So, this is the reason for the title of this blog post,which is,“153,000 Words in 153 Days Challenge”

Basically, I’m looking to write 153,000 words in a matter of 153 days which begins August 1 – December 31 2014. So, if you break down the number, this comes out to a matter of 1,000 words per day.

This may seem like a lot of words but it actually is not because I can type1,000 words in an hour or so just depending on the topic. It’s all about sitting down, putting my fingers to the keyboard, and getting to work on the journey of completing my goals.

Now..Let’s Talk Goals

My First Book

Believe it or not, I’m writing my first book on a certain subject which is…you guessed, it local marketing domination. Plus, it’s not going to be that general targeting all industries. I figure my book will be more profitable if I targeted a certain niche such as,

  • Sporting
  • Clothes
  • Pets
  • RealEstate
  • Restaurants
  • Furniture Stores
  • Dentist office
  • and many more…

I could have written a book on these subjects in general, but I felt that it would be best to do this by category. So, I picked one, did some in-depth research, and found that I could write a book on it in the form of dominating the market.

So, from the day I start this challenge to the day that it ends at the last days of December, I will be working on this book which should come out to be at about 200 pages.

At nearly 300 words a page, no matter if it’s a kindlee-book, amazone-book, or just the plain old paper back book. It’s going to take about 60,000 of those words to complete 200 pages. The book may go over this number, so the plan is to stay substantially underneath it.

153,000 – 60,000 = 93,000 words left

Just with the book I’m losing about half of my word count, but at the end of the day a book surrounding your brand is priceless, and you set yourself as an authority in that industry.

CMG Blog Posts

While writing my book, I don’t want to neglect the CMG community without posting great content. Even though the book will take up a lot of content, I still have to keep building the content here on my website.

I will still be writing about local marketing, case studies, new local research and doing my favorite..list posts. These are my best pieces of content because they include top notch content from people whom I network with across the world.

So, I’m looking to keep a fresh two blog post on the website each and every week. This comes out to,

  • 2 blog posts a week
  • 8 per month
  • 40 over the next 5 months

I’m looking to use approximately1,000 words per blog post, so that puts about 40,000 words being used.

93,000 – 40,000 = 53,000 words left

This will allow me to work on my book and never miss a beat of posting content to the website. How about them apples?

Targeted Keyword Post

With about 53,000 words left,you maybe asking yourself what will he do with that. I thought about using them for guest posts, but I said no way because when I create great content I’d rather it be for my website.

This goes for posting on article sites, which is good for in-house exposure, but not good for the over all success of your website. Guest posting and article sites are only good these days to post content and get a so called quality link.

So, what I said that was best for those 53k words is to just add them to my website. My goal is to write content centered around the book that I will be writing. This content will talk about this industry and the ways of marketing it to thousands.

Now, these won’t be the 1,000 word posts, these will be what I call “Targeted Keyword Posts.”These are only 300 to 350 words a blog centered around a certain keyword that gets some traffic in the search engine, but its really low like 50 searches per month.

Doing this will allow me build up a list of people who will be interested in the book that I’m writing. So, when the launch day comes I will have a large list of people who are ready to buy my book.

So the numbers break down like this…

300/1,000 words is rounded to 3 post every 1,000 words.

This gives me at around 150 or so posts centered around my book targeted market. Plus, hopefully I’m getting at lest 1 visitor a day from each post with an opt-in rate of half of that.

Closing Words

These are my goals all from writing a measly 1,000 words a day. This on top of the networking that I’m doing, which I will be talking about in the next blog post, will just make this even more powerful.

So, if you just want to get more exposure for your website, business or social networks, then I would say just start writing. It doesn’t have to be 1,000 words a day, but it does have to be at least 1 word.



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