Welcome to the #1 guide on the internet that will show you how to create an unlimited lead generating real estate website. No this is not some simple guide that will show you how to setup a website on these monthly platforms. Those are the real estate websites that give you this platform online, but with certain limitation to customize.

Not only that website will charge you $19.95 to $39.95 per month until the end of time as long as you use their platform. This is not what my guide is about I’m here to show you guys how to create the best looking real estate website in your local market on your own. Read more »

When I started my journey a few years ago writing about real estate marketing I never knew how many people I would touch. I’ve written tons of epic wow content that has allowed me to help thousands of real estate people get the leading edge over their local competition.

Today I’m introducing a new segment of me bringing you guys the best of the best real estate marketing and advertising content around the internet each and every month. Just like my free 52-week real estate marketing newsletter that is filled with tons of free valuable content, the 31 piece of real estate content I’ve found from the pros of real estate marketing will help grow your business massively.

Finally, if you’re able to implement and study these tactics by approaching them with an open mind, then you will see mega improvement in your brand and likeness overtime.

Let’s Get Started

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Real Estate Postcards the Smart Way

When it comes to direct mail people are still pumping money into it. In the world of real estate, many people concentrate more on the real estate postcards. If done right you could see tremendous amounts of leads by being active in your market.

But Wait…

If it were that easy, then everyone would be having success in mailing out postcards to absentees, foreclosures, probates and distressed properties. You see I’ve been doing this long enough to tell you that the pain is felt by me, and the reason why I’m here to rescue you from the money sucking industry which is direct mail.

Here are a few pains I will solve today...

  • How to think like a marketer “not a real estate person.”
  • How to get your postcards out the trash
  • How to get the homeowner attention, and force action
  • How to get at least a 50% response rate “at least.”
  • and plus all the real estate marketing material you will ever need

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Welcome to the most enhance real estate marketing content online. I’ve mixed real estate experience with the knowledge of local SEO marketing to produce a marketing machine.

To dominate your local real estate market you must perform creative marketing strategies.

The goal is to educate yourself on how your leads browsers and search the internet to answer their questions. Here at REMH I strive in given you the hidden tools of marketing to surpass your competition.

Overall below are the tools, resources, guides and software I use to place my business in front of 30k leads per month.

What Is Real Estate Marketing?

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Here at Real Estate Marketing Headquarters, I try to strive to educate you on all parts if real estate marketing. Sometimes that marketing comes in the form of a simple hack. Not a cyber hack or something a few people do across seeing to still your life identity, I’m talking about the online hack of creative marketing.

Content is the #1 one way to dominate your local real estate market if you’re able to create epic-wow content. Besides creating content which I will talk about later in another up and coming blog post, first I want to give you guys an easy way of getting your content listed in Google in less than 2min.

This simple strategy will work on any website in the world. All you have to do is produce the content, and implement the techniques I’m about to share. Read more »

How to Get Unlimited Real Estate Listings

One of the reasons most agents struggle so much in the real estate industry is the lack of marketing skills. To be successful you must make it your duty to learn as much as you can about real estate marketing. Getting real estate listings can be hard if you don’t have the right formula to follow.

Just handing out a few business cards here and there will not do it. If you want to stay full time in this and have a chance to make millions in this industry, then you just stumble upon a gold mine for real estate agents.

I’ve seen hundreds of agents take on second jobs just to make ends because of the lack of commission checks coming in. Some even quit after a few months because they were taught how to close those deals, but not how to gain those leads and listing.

The content below will be all you need to start gaining leads and listing today without having to break the bank. Heck, most of everything below will cost you nothing but your time to implement. No need for me to keep rambling.

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Shreveport Bossier City Real Estate Marketing Ideas

This may be the best thing that has ever happened to you by landing here at Coleman Marketing Group, where people come and learn how to market their businesses to the massive for FREE. My name is Antonio Coleman, for those of you who are new to my website, and didn’t know the so-called smart guy behind this website.

Since we have that out-of-the-way, now I want to get into how you can start to market your real estate business to millions of people. You see, I’m a guy who started to learn real estate back in the day when Carlton Sheets came out with his program that taught you step by step procedures of buying houses. Just like you, I learned real estate, and jumped in head first. After all of these years, I understand the game of real estate and how competitive it is.

But what I’m about to show you is the way I would market my real estate business no matter what state, city, or town you live in. My years of dealing with real estate companies, realtors, real estate investors all the way down to the title companies tells me you better be on your marketing game or get left in the dust.

Thanks to me, you will be able to dominate your local real estate market by implementing the power of online SEO Marketing. Do you want to get buyers, sellers, realtors or even other real estate companies banging down your door to work with you?  This short but simple guide will allow you to do that only if you take action. Read more »