Blocking Websites on Google Chrome

Blocking Websites on Google Chrome

Google chrome is and maybe the top browser for those who surf the web as I do. Google chrome is the baby of Google and since its arrival on the scene sometime back its taking all of us on a ride of a life time. One of those rides are the likes of using extension which are like free upgrades.

One of those upgrades that’s making blocking websites a snap is the love of Nanny Chrome. This is the best extension I have found when doing research on applications to block websites on chrome. What makes Nanny Chrome so cool is that its easy to install which will take you no more then one minute to do.

Its simple to use because you only have to input the websites you want to block and set the time, date and up to the second you want them to stay blocked. It comes with simple feature that won’t confuse you like other blocking extensions out there. You block websites just for today or block them at certain times of the date.


Lets Say…

If your like me you spend tons of time online like six to eight hours a day which if you’re a marketer then you know how stressful that can be. So lets say I only want to spend a total of 1hr a day checking email and check my social networks such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Just by having Nanny Chrome installed on Google Chrome Browser I’m able to limit myself to a total of one hr a day and not a minute more. Once that time laps those sites will be blocked for the rest of the day without access…how awesome is that? This blocking forces me or you to continue been productive by working on things that will grow our business. Ok enough talk because I know you want to get your hands on Nanny Chrome so here goes.


1. First head over to your Google Chrome and click on the three little lines in the corner but if you have a earlier versions this maybe be replaced with the wrench.

2. From here you will have to go to Tools – Extensions which will land you on the page which is all your installed extensions are located. Remember after you install Nanny Chrome you will have to come back here to view the (options) to use its features. But before you do that you must get the extension by clicking the link at the bottom that looks like the image in the screen shot.

3. Now your on the Google Chrome extension dashboard and all you have to do is type in (Nanny Chrome) and click ENTER.

4. Now you will see the extension below and all you have to do now is to click (ADD TO Chrome)


5. Now you have the extension install, so now it comes time to go back to your extension home page which I talked about above. From there you will be able to click on Nanny Chrome and start the process of blocking websites.

6. Here is Nanny Chrome dashboard which is simple to navigate and user friendly. You can’t see it in the screen shot but a little more to the right you will find a user manual that will walk you through how to go about blocking any website. But to be honest the features are sort of straight forward so you shouldn’t have to do much reading.

I say if you use Google Chrome then this extensions is the right one for you if you want something simple and user friendly. So run over to Google Chrome and install Nanny Chrome Today.

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