Case Study: How I Was Able To Rank Locally in 2 Weeks

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How I Was Able To Rank Locally in 2 Weeks

Welcome to another great case study here online at CMG. If this is your first time here and you need a way to get your small business marketing jump started, then check out my 31 tips of how to market your business guide.

How I Ranked Locally

About two weeks ago I started an experiment of how to go about ranking locally for any keyword.  I did a post of Shreveport chiropractors which included tips on how to dominate that local market online. I found out that hundreds of people search for this keyword “Shreveport chiropractors”, so I decided it would be wise to write up a quick post on this topic.

What I was really looking to do is was optimize my page in a manner surrounding that keyword so I can rank easily. Plus, I wanted to add some valuable content that if any of the local chiropractors in the Shreveport area should ever come across that post will find it helpful and maybe implement some of my marketing techniques.

Basically, the post was jam packed of things any local chiropractor in the Shreveport area could use to at least start to get their website ranking higher than the competition. This post just mainly came down to me educating them on the fact that the old way of marketing isn’t as effective as 5 to 10 years ago. I wanted to show them some useful online tools that I use and many other marketers use to build a presence online.

Overall, I provided something for free that might just help any of those local companies start the process for success. My goal wasn’t to out rank some of the existing websites…but that’s what happens.

I’m on Page 2 of Google

I would like to say to any company, individual, or just any average marketer, who wants to dominate their local market, is that if you build it then they might just come. You have to ask yourself what people are searching for in my local market and how I can get in front of those people. This is what I did when I created the post for the local chiropractors in Shreveport.

I did my research on how many people are searching for something in that local market, and I served that market with valuable information. Me being the person, I know that none of the Shreveport chiropractors were implementing seo on their websites, and then I knew there was a chance for me to out rank them.

Remember: Any industry that doesn’t have to do with online marketing, and building a business through the likes of seo, email marketing, and networking are likely good candidates to out rank online. These website owners do not know about seo and how many people are searching online for their product or service. They just neglect starting a process of building their brand online which leaves the gates open for me.

Now,  this gate being opened allows me to out rank them or allow one of these local companies to hire me so that I can move their website past all the local competition. When I did a search for Shreveport chiropractors, and came to find out that the post I did two weeks ago was on the second page in the 19th position…I was excited.

All I did was make sure that I used that keyword “Shreveport chiropractors” in my title of the page and I used it a few times in the body of the post. Besides that, there was no other form of seo done to the page such as building links to it. Since this was a local search for a certain industry, it was easier to rank in the top 20 websites.

If I was going after the keyword “chiropractor”, there would be no way at all that I would even be ranked in the top 200 websites. The only way I would ever be able to move up for a one word keyword like that is to do heavy lifting backlinking over a period of time. Then again it still will be hard to reach #1.

So What Does This Mean?

First, this means that if you’re a small business owner out there, then you best get online today and start marketing your business. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people searching for your services or products out there. All you have to do is implement the right steps on getting your company website in front of those people before your competitors do.

I’m not even in the chiropractors business and really have no interest in it at all.  I’m #19 in an industry where the research I did came back that 260 people in a “broad match” searches for Shreveport chiropractors. Now, if I wanted to I could implement seo to the page and get it to #1 for that term.

Now, I would be out ranking all the chiropractors in Shreveport, La and getting all the traffic to my website.  What good would that do for me because actually these people who will search for chiropractors won’t find my page relevant because their looking for chiropractors offices that could help their needs.

Light Build Moment:

What I can do as an online marketer to help any of the local chiropractors in this city, is to contact them when I hit the #1 spot. After I‘m in the #1 spot for about a month to be able to collect stats of how much traffic I’m really getting, then I can make that call or send all the chiropractors in Shreveport an email.

Now, from here I have many options such as asking them do they want to advertise or sponsor that page with a banner to their website. From there, they would be able to get the people who search for that keyword and that ends up on my page to possibly come over to their website.

I can do this just for one business or do it for all of the chiropractors businesses in Shreveport by having them in a rotation program. This is where when the page is seen by a new visitor it will show a different chiropractors banner. The options are endless for me as a business owner to help those who don’t have that presence online.

Overall, I just wanted to show you guys how easy it is to rank locally no matter what industry you’re in. If you’re in the day care, auto mechanic, dental, lawn care, or even the florist business, just know if you want to dominate your local market then it first starts with you.

Thanks for reading and if you have some time, feel free leave a comment below, and please share with the buttons located throughout the page?

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2 thoughts on “Case Study: How I Was Able To Rank Locally in 2 Weeks

    • Tom I will say give it and try because many local businesses don’t understand how important it is to rank locally. So keep me posted on how things go.

      Plus I like to say I love your website bro.

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