How Setup a Small Business WordPress Blog in 5 Minutes

How Setup a Small Business WordPress Blog

Setting up a small business wordpress website is pretty simple to do. I will walk you through the steps of setting up a wordpress blog through your Yahoo Small Business Hosting account. Personally I been a member of yahoo for about 15 years now and have seen the growth of this company. That growth is the reason why I started my first website through them which I still have today.

Yahoo makes it easy to setup a website blog in a matter of minutes if your familiar with their back office. My local market of Shreveport, bossier city and Minden will benefit from me creating this quick tutorial for those small businesses in these cities who are looking to get a website setup fast.

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Do I Need a Website For My Business

This question is asked of me maybe 100x a week is that do I need a website for my business to succeed. The short answer is yes and no because there has been many companies who have became a success back in the day without a website such as..Ford, McDonalds, Wal-Mart and many more.

Theses companies started before the internet so the main way they became who they are today was through offline marketing and word of mouth. But in todays fast world you best be online in some form or fashion or your competitors will just surpass you.

So for this reason I did a quick video on explaining my findings of why you need a website if you want to compete in todays market.


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How To Get a Free Listing Online

There are tons of places to list your small businesses profile online. Some are free and some cost big bucks to get listed in which is something many small businesses are not willing to do just to be online. Paying to get listed is not a smart move when you can get listed for free and have a profile online that will educate customers who find you online.

So I created a free listing for small business owners out there who want to build a profile online that will result in getting more exposure online. Believe me when I say there are not too many places online like my website that will allow you to full blown promote your business and not charge you a penny.

But I’m a different person who understands that a online present is more then anything in this online world. Millions of people search for something everyday online and if you have a online profile that they can read about you then your one step closer to having a new customer.

Check out what I have to say about it below..

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Welcome To Coleman Marketing Group Video Tutorials

Can’t tell you all how excited I am to be creating something I know all small businesses and individuals website owners need. That need is the blue print of having someone take you by the hand to show you the strategies and techniques you should be using if you want to grow among your competitors.

My job is to teach and educate you on how to dominate your local market even if you live here in my state of Louisiana or live on the other side of the globe. My marketing techniques will be the blueprints you need to follow if you want that competitive edge over the competition.

So below you will find the first welcome video of many more to come which will give you a little check list of  the things I will be covering. Video is what I love the most because I’m one of those visual people who prefer looking at a video of someone teaching me something versus having to read content after content.

Hopefully theses tutorials to come will help you gain better results and grow your business to where you want it to be. But it’s not going to happen if you don’t follow the right path and I’m here to lay that path and if you choose to follow then the sky is the limit.

So take a moment and get brief on what’s to come in the video below and stay tune for my up and coming newsletter where you will get notify of any software, tutorials and marketing tips which will come directly to your email box as soon as they are posted to my site.

So Stay Tune…


P.S. In the video you will see I’m talking very fast and that’s no accident. I decided to speed the video up because one thing you must understand about marketing is to stand out if you can. Not too many people use this form of marketing because they feel like the viewer will not like it. But to be honest our world is moving so fast its best to do what you can to get your point a across very fast.



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