Ranked Top 100 Small Business Websites by Technorati

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I’m super happy about the growth and worldwide recognition that Coleman Marketing Group continues to get. The hard work that I’ve put in when it comes to providing a platform for small businesses to come and learn how to market their businesses to the masses locally is being put to use. I strive to bring you all the best content from how to dominate your local market to growing the client base in your city.

Basically, as a 13 year online marketer I have been able to be featured on some big time blogs around the world but today is just a little bit overwhelming. For most of you out there, the Technorati website is just another website online. That couldn’t be so far from the truth because Technorati is the top website online that features pretty much every website underneath the sun.

Their job is to rank websites according to the categories to determine the authority and popularity of a website in the online world. Getting them to rank your website and place authority to it for the world to see is an achievement within itself. When I woke up this morning and found that CMG has jumped to the 100 in the small business category I almost fell over.

Top 100 Small Business Website

Hard work pays off in the world of online marketing when you actually put in the work. It’s only been around three months now since has been live online and its already getting traction in some of the top websites out there. My website has been given out one of the best rewards a small business owner like myself can get which is been listed in the top 100 small business websites on Technorati.

This really makes me proud because it only opens the door for more followers in the small business community to find my website. This shows that the #1 site online is recognizing that my website is providing useful marketing tips and services to those who need my help. Every since the movement of my website to the top 100, it’s been an eye opening experience.

Saying that I mean more companies and average people are searching on the site are coming over to my website according to my traffic stats. People are naturally linking to the site as a small business reference website, I guess to show their readers about the value I’m adding online.

#84 Out Of 25,711

Technorati ranked my small business website #84 out of 25,7111 websites listed in the small business category. What a mile stone for a guy who just does the normal things online when it comes to helping businesses grow their online presence with the likes of seo, email marketing and a number of other powerful marketing strategies.

I took a screen shot of the listing, and if you notice it gained 494 points to jump my authority up to 621. Plus, I notice right underneath my website was Getresponse an email marketing software company that I have personally been using for about 10 years now. This company website is very popular among millions of people, and to just be listed ahead of them tells me a lot.

From here, I can’t tell you how much further up the rankings I will go but in the mean time I will continue to bring small businesses excellent content. Just over all I’m happy and I feel like it was important to share this with the few readers I have now and those who will arrive in the future.

Just to leave you with something useful for all the small business owners who will come across this page. If you need a simple guide of how to market your business, then take a moment and sign up for my newsletter below where you will get a 31 tip marketing guide and weekly marketing strategies you could be implementing today.

Thanks Technorati

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