How I’m Crushing the Local Competition While Eating a Bologna Sandwich

How I'm Crushing the Local Competition While Eating a Bologna Sandwich

If you read my blog long enough you will see that all I’m about is dominating my local market. I’m a big believer in building your online presence right in your back yard before going world-wide. No need to jump out of the gate as a real estate company looking to set up branches all around the world. Heck, you’re not even the top real estate company in your city, so how will you be able to possibly take any other market?

So, the plan is to go out and become the top dog in your town or city, and then move on to bigger and better things. Trying to walk that walk before you’re ready will only get you..

  • Frustrated
  • In Debt
  • Kicked out-of-town
  • Closing doors

I’m not that type of person to go and do things like that even though I might have the right tools to succeed. But, I’m only looking to dominate my local market, which is right here in the Shreveport – Bossier City area, when it comes to my marketing company.

The way that I’m doing this is a slow but grueling process that is done every night while I eat my Bologna Sandwich. Don’t tell me that you guys don’t eat bologna sandwiches, because we were all raised on this stuff. So, a big glass of good old Kool-Aid and that bologna sandwich, I’m ready to take on the world.

What I’m Doing

What I’m trying to do is to become the #1 marketing company right here in my back yard. I want people to search for “Shreveport Marketing Companies” or Bossier City Marketing Companies” and come across my website here. Once here, my website will pretty much do all of the work for me since I set it up in that way.

My only goal is to be found online, and this is something that I wrote about in my 31 tips of dominating your local market guide. We all, as business owners, need to start thinking outside-the-box, and start marketing where your customers and clients hangout. I say that everyone has a computer, phone, iPad, nook and whatever devices they have on the market today.

People go online and search for…

  • Dallas Marketing Companies
  • Atlanta Marketing Companies
  • Chicago Marketing Companies
  • Minden Marketing Companies

The list goes on and on for what people are searching for when they’re looking to grow their business. Me being the person that I am, my goal is to capitalize on every opportunity I can. So, my goal for the rest of the year is to target a lot of content around my targeted market, but also giving you guys the overall picture of local marketing. Even though I may be talking about Shreveport – Bossier City, I will still be presenting my content as though it’s your market even if you’re in the USA , Canada or somewhere across the world..rules will still apply.

Here’s My Procedure

To be able to dominate any local market, you first must know what people are typing into the search engines. Without the right keywords, your plan of attack will pretty much be wasteful. I say this because if you have a lawn care service in “Shreveport, La,” and you may have a website, but if there is no content on your site about “shreveport lawn care services,” then you will not be getting found.

The way that I’m looking to be found to be able to attract people who are ready to go, now type people versus those who I have to convince it’s time to do local marketing, is by using keywords.

Yes Keywords”

I’m starting a campagin on creating massive amounts of content surrounding my local market. I’ve done a lot of research and found tons of potential keywords that I can be using to help drive targeted traffic to my website. People who are looking for that marketing company in shreveport- bossier city, will come across some content, and it will be something of value to them.

So, the goal is to educate them on their business in hopes of them asking for more help. If not, then it’s ok because I will be adding value to their business by giving away tons of free marketing material and more. People don’t always have to buy or use your services to help as long as you can provide good quality content for them to read, the rest will take care of itself. If they decided to keep reading more of your material, or never come back, you managed to get found which is the #1 one goal.


Local domination is what I teach on this website, so I’m going to go deeper into what my plans are, and how it’s going to grow my business. I’m going to continue the process of writing good quality content surrounding my local market to get found right here in my local area. Bu,t I’m going to take this a step further since I’m in a happy mood.

What I’m going to do is create an “Ultimate Local Marketing Guide” for the following industries for my local community.

  1. Real Estate
  2. Dentist
  3. Lawn Care
  4. Restaurants
  5. Beauty Shops
  6. and ect…

The goal here is to create as much content as I can around all of the top businesses in my local market. These guides will be well written guides on, how If I had that business, the route that I will take to grow it massively.

Before it’s said and done, I will have created hundreds of guides on every single market I come across. If they have doors opened, and welcomes clients or customer,s then I’m looking to write about their industry. The guide will serve as a hand shake from me to them in hopes of them continuing reading my website, or even better, coming on as a client.

So, the over all goal is to keep eating my bologna sandwiches, and keep writing  1,000 words a day. By dong this, I’m allowing myself to become a well known marketer and authority online in my local market.


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