How to Block Certain Websites

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How to Block Certain Websites

How to Block Certain Websites

One of the great ways to block websites from yourself, kids, employees or just random users of your computer is through Internet Explorer. Nearing all windows computers come with internet explorer which is the browser we will be blocking websites through in this chapter 6.

Since you all ready have internet explorer on your computer then implementing these steps will be pretty simple and fast. What I suggest if your letting someone else use your computer or just trying to block certain websites from your employees is to create a guest account so they surf the web from there.

From that guest account you will have to follow the given steps below which in terms you will be able to block any and all websites and the only way the user will be able to view the blocked websites is through a password. So if they don’t have a password then they will never be able to gain access to that/those websites. Lets Get Started…


1. First open up Internet Explorer and click on the Tools – Internet Options


2. Next click on (Content) and click enable under (Content Advisor)


3. After that you should click on (Approved Sites) and enter the sites you want to block and click the (Never) button. This will put those give site/sites into the blocking category.


4. So as you can see below in the screen shot is that those sites are blocked out in Red. Next all you have to do is to click Ok.


5. Now you will need to setup a password to prevent users from viewing these site unless you pass on the code. Go to (General) and check mark “Supervisor can type a…..” and click on (Create password) under Supervisor password to setup easy but simple code you can remember.


6. Finally lets closed down the internet explorer browser and open it back up. If you try to view any of the given blocked sites you entered then you should get a box like this below prompting you to enter the password you setup..awesome huh


If you are looking to block websites on other platforms or browsers then take a look at my “Advance Guide of How to Block Websites” which is filled with tons of free ways to surf the web and enjoy websites you want to view. Looking for a free software that will block websites for you then check out the links below.

Qustodio Blocker..Download It For FREE

free software to block a website by Qustodio

Mission Accomplished: Now You Know How to Block Any Website No Matter Which Platform You Use


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