How to Search for Local Keywords and Dominate the Market

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Welcome to part one of the Ultimate Local Marketing Guide which will show you how to dominate your local market without spending more money on advertising.

This guide is about showing you the top ways of growing a business online presence to surpass the local competition. Just understand if you implement these actions you will start to get tons of foot traffic, and leads coming into your place of business.

But the only way this is going to happen is for people to search for certain keywords pertaining to your business to find your products and services. So this leads me to this chapter which covers seeking out the most targeted keywords in your industry so hundreds if not thousands of customers can find you.

This is the power of having an online presence from doing video marketing, building profiles and implementing Facebook marketing. If you can create an online presence surrounding keywords then you stand to show up first in the search engines before the other businesses in your niche.

It’s all about finding what your potential customer/clients are typing into the search engines to find what you have to offer.

Example: If someone is in Shreveport La, and looking for a daycare for their little one, then they will go to the top search engines and type in “Shreveport daycares” or “daycares in Shreveport la

So basically if I’m a daycare owner I will be doing a Google search for these keywords and see who is my competition.

shreveport daycare google search

So as you can see in the screenshot above is that you should see the listing. Now see that the top 3 websites are from local profile websites. This shows me that no one in the city of Shreveport has taken the approach to dominate this market online and get those parents who are searching for a daycare in Shreveport.

We will get into the online local profiles later in this guide but as of now know that this market is wide open, and begging for someone to dominate it. So if a daycare in Shreveport and contacted me today and seeking for help to get their presence in the top spots above the listing, then I will say let’s do it.

I understand it will only take a short time for your daycare to be listed above all those another listing, and you will start sucking up all new business. The power of local marketing is what allows you to stand front in the center before your customer.

So doing good local keyword research is the starting point of growing your business. The small businesses and companies who does this are the ones who reap the benefits of unlimited targeted customers begging for your services and products.

The Power of Doing Keyword Research?

Can’t even explain to you how powerful it is to be ranked online for 10, 20 30 or even hundreds of keywords in your targeted market. You just have to be open-minded to how many people could be finding you with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Being online marketing for over 13years now has given me lots of knowledge of finding these targeted keywords. From years of me using Google Adwords to market my site, and my client’s websites really helped me understand keyword research so much.

Just using keywords in the right form in your title is the difference between getting 1,000 visitors per day to getting absolutely none. The only way you can grow online naturally is by putting your business in front of the search audience.

This audience uses keywords to find what they want so this becomes the #1 way for the unknown searchers to find your business. So if you can rank for 1,000 keywords created from different durations in your title then you steam to conquer and dominate your local market in no time.

Let’s Do the Numbers

First, don’t get scared off when I say you can rank for 1,000 keywords online. I know you might be saying this will be the hardest work ever. But to give you a simple lesson on keyword rankings I will try to explain how you will be ranking for 1,000 keywords without doing much work.

First – The search engines will rank you accordingly to the keyword you’re targeting such as the example I used in the introduction chapter of this guide which the keyword “Shreveport real estate

When you start to rank for “Shreveport real estate” the search engines will also rank you for other given “same” keywords in that niche such as..

  1. Shreveport real estate
  2. Shreveport la real estate
  3. Shreveport real estate homes for sale
  4. real estate Shreveport
  5. real estate Shreveport la
  6. ect…..

You see what happens is that they search engines will show some love by ranking you for your given keyword, and the next of kins. So with one keyword you can be ranking for 10, 20 or even 100 related keywords.

So it’s real easy to have targeted the top 50 keywords in your local market and build and online presence around them. Now if you even multiply those keywords by only 20 related keywords for each of those then you get yourself ranking for 1,000 keywords.

Now this number could be even higher or there is a possibility to be lower. But my experience shows me for doing this for so many years is that if you can rank locally for at least 50 keywords then you will become the so-called “Man” in your local industry.

So How Much Traffic?

declaimed: These are only estimates so there is no guarantee you will get these same numbers. But they are possible with consistent local marketing and the right keyword research”

Now we got that out the way lets see how much traffic could all your online platforms could be getting monthly.

The math is just an estimate, but its gives you an overview of what you can be looking forward to. So let’s say you get one visitors per day from all those 1,000 keywords your ranked for.

It will look something like this…

1,000×1 = 1,000 visitors per day visiting your online platforms.

Now after people visit your profiles it’s your responsibility to have the right content in place to convert them over to buyers or clients.

Benefits from Local Searches

So how can ranking for all these targeted keywords help grow your business and bottom line? Simply put you will have tons of resources online that will educate people about your products or services.

Now you have more people calling your business, and gaining more foot traffic throughout your place business which leads to more profits. Plus now you can let them know about your presence on social networks like your facebook fan page.

Now this gives you a platform to communicate with your potential customer easier and for free. This something I will get more into in the Facebook Marketing Domination chapter which will just blow your mind when it comes to using it to dominate your local market.

What I just explained is that you can possibly get your business in front of 1,000 potential customers each day without spending a dime on advertising. Now tell me one other form of advertising that beat this?

So enough of all the numbers talk, let’s get down to finding these keywords and how to analyze them.

Secret to Finding Those Golden Nuggets

I will be going through the exact motions of finding those targeted keywords in your local market that will drive the most traffic to your properties and websites.

You will be able to follow along and look over my shoulder to see exactly the steps I will take if I was doing keyword research for my business or for a client. What I will be attempting is to find the best local keywords in a certain industry that will bring in positive results.

By the end of this post, you will know how to…

  1. Find targeted local keywords
  2. Analyze the best ones to rank for
  3. Finding the top long-tail-keywords
  4. Understanding the most targeted keyword

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Let’s Get Started…

Now let’s say I have a real estate business in Shreveport la, and I want to build an online presence around that industry. My goal is to take my business which is located offline and turn it into a magnet for potential buyers, sellers, realtors or anyone who wants to work with me when it comes to real estate.

So the first thing I will do is to take my targeted keyword and see how many people are searching for it in Google. Now there are many other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and MSN, but Google is used for search about 70% to 80% of the times so the numbers we get from there will be more accurate.

The best way to do local keyword research in Google is by using the Google Keyword Planner. This tool has been around for years now even though it has a new name, but everything else about it is still somewhat the same.

how to do keyword research with keyword planer

From here you will be able to type a keyword or keyword phrase into the box and click search. The software will go out and find out how many times that keyword is searched every month. Not only that it gives you a list of related keywords that will fit right into your industry. So not only will you get results on your main keyword but you will also inherit tons of other terms that get searched.

Here’s Is My Way of Doing It.

Now the keyword I will be going after is “Shreveport real estate”

Once I type the keyword in the box and click “Get Ideas” the software will bring up the results. Now there will be tons of keywords to come back included my main keyword.

Hint: Most of the time you will get about 800 or so keywords to come back and these will include related terms that are too broad for your niche. But I have a solution to narrow down to just your city, town or state.

To get better search results you must head over to the left-hand column, and click on Include/Exclude. From here you can type in your main city, town or state you want to rank in. After doing this the system will only include keywords that targeted to your local market.

So as you can see below instead of having those 800 keywords that come up at first now I’m filtered down to 134 local keyword phrases. Next, I will sort them by clicking on the “Avg…monthly searches” Now my keyword are listed from the most searched down to the lowest term.

With this information, I’m able to tackle an online marketing campaign, and dominant this market just by going after these keywords. First by targeting my main keyword, and then focusing on the other ones, but I will get more into those later in this chapters.

What you need to do now is to save these keywords by downloading them to your computer for later use. “You will see the download link on the right”

Let’s Analyze Main Keyword

Obviously, my main keyword is “Shreveport real estate” so let’s go to google and search that term and see whom am I competing with.

Now if you’re looking at the screen shot then you will see a couple of results. There three google places listing here at the bottom. These are mainly created automatically by the search engines who go out and find local businesses and create free profiles for them.

No matter what type of local business or industry you search for there will be google places listing most of the time in the top results. Under those listings will be the organic results which include websites, local directories, and videos. This is the spot we want to be in which can outrank those Google places which are listed first. Like I said before we will cover that in more details in the coming chapters.

But for now, we are just analyzing the keyword to see who we have to compete with. Now I’m about to take a look at what’s on the page such as does a YouTube video takes up one of the top spots? “No, It Doesn’t

So are there any local business directories on the page that list directly to a certain business? “No It Doesn’t You maybe saying there are some directories on the page, and I will say you are right because nearly all of them are directories.

This Means What?

It means that this keyword is a winner in the form of it passing the “eye testmeaning there were no SEO techniques used to analyze these properties for competition strengthen.

Hint: If SEO is something you want to learn more about for FREE versusspending thousands of dollars on training which is what I charge my clients. Is to check out the SEO in Practice ebook that covers SEO from A to Z.

But what this shows is that I have 134 keywords, and doing the right marketing online will put my brand in-front of thousands of people every month. Just with my main keyword “Shreveport real estate” gets over 1,900 searches per month. Just that keyword alone will be enough to get quality people interested in my real estate business.

Unfortunately, I’m in the business of dominating local markets, so I what to not only tackle that keyword but also go after the other 133 keywords over time. So when it’s all said and done I could have my properties in front of over 5k to 10k people every month searching for my services.

How powerful is that?

Bonus Tools: – This tool is 100% free and easy to use if you want to find different variations of your keyword. It’s so powerful I can’t even believe its free to use but it so takes advantage of it to find even more long tail keywords.

Local Marketing Source Keyword Tool – I haven’t used this tool at all just to clarify that, but I felt it was still wise to list it if you want to dig deeper into finding those golden nuggets of keywords.

 My Recommendation

My only goal is to explain local keyword research in the simplest manner so all people will understand it. I could have gone more in details which will have to confuse many people so I kept this at a level so any, and everyone who comes across this could take action on.

So the goal you have today is to search for your main term you think your potential customer will type into the search engine to find your products or services. Now you have those keyword people are typing in so now its time to start building on the online presence.

Now most people who are experienced in online marketers will tell you that doing intense research on the top websites is important to rank easier and faster. The answer is that their correct that doing deeper research helps you understand your competitors even better.

What I will say if you’re targeting a local market in a town, city or even sometimes a state. You don’t really have to do that much research because of the properties you will be using to outrank the local competition. But if you was trying to rank for the keyword “real estate” then we’re talking about a whole new ball game and that SEO in Practice ebook will most surely come in handy.

So here you have the blueprint into finding targeting keywords that you can use to become a dormancy force in your local market. In the next coming chapter, we focus on putting all this together by using directory profiles, video marketing, Facebook marketing and a special bonus chapter I put together.

My goal is to see you succeed so if you need to ask a question then just leave a comment on my Ask Antonio page. Plus I like to know who’s reading CMG so if you have a moment then run over to my introduce yourself page and say Hi.

Let’s Dominate This Local Market…

ultimate local marketing guide by Antonio Coleman


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