How to Start an Online Business from A to Z – Antonio’s Complete Step by Step Tutorial

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How to Start an Online Business from A to Z – Antonio’s Complete Step by Step Tutorial

Some people just don’t know how easy it is to start an online business online, and start making money online. When I say something like you can make $9,749 a month online, I’m honestly given out a general number.

Disclaimer: This short guide is only meant to give you an example of the results you might just achieve. Your results can be higher or lower and only is determine by your efforts.

How to Start Your Own Business Online

Before I get into the nuts and bolts of starting your own online business, I first want to let everyone know that I focus my days on helping small business owners grow their business locally online.

But, time to time I’m asked about starting a business online versus the normal brick and mortar locations. So today consider yourself lucky, to get step by step instructions on how to go from zero to a good healthy monthly income.

First Thing First…

There are tons of information online about starting your own business online. Just do a simple Google search and find tons of general information about the following…

  • Getting a Business Name
  • Filling for an EIN
  • Finding a Niche
  • and so much more general information

Guess What? None of the other websites include full details of how to start an online business from A to Z, and take that business on a marketing spree to build passive income.

Well, today is the day no matter if your rich, broke, poor or just simply a person looking to get ahead in life by working only 1hr per day. Yelp, once you get this online business setup, and you can dedicate about 1hr a day then you will see some form of growth.

The Key is Consistency

Here are the only three items you will need to start, manage and promote your business to millions of people all by working.Yes…1hr per day.

Let’s Get Started

First before I get into how to go about picking a niche, setting up the website and starting your promotion. I first want to talk about the numbers game us marketers like to play.

What is the NUMBERS GAME?

Well, the way I determine how successful I cold be in a niche, first I add up a few numbers to see how much I might make if I reach a certain audience.

Let say I want to start promoting an ebook product which is $49 online, and my commission for selling this item is 50%. Basically, after each sell, I will get around $24.50 minus fees and taxes. To get a real number of profits from this, I will pretty much say that I will profit about $20 per sale.

This is called affiliate marketing?

One of the easiest ways to start a business online in any industry is by becoming an affiliate of a website. Affiliate programs are almost everywhere online these days. You can find thousands of places where you can get a link, and start promoting their stuff to gain a commission.

definition of affiliate marketing – Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

In simple terms when you’re promoting someone else stuff, and when another person goes through the tracking link they give you, and when they buy you will get paid. Just that simple

Who, What, When, Where

One of the biggest challenges of starting a business online is knowing which route you want to take. Should I go after something I love which pick an industry in Sports, Food, Health or Garden?

This is what most people struggle with more than anything is picking something they will enjoy promoting, and somewhat have a little love for.

But, what are my options

Never fear Clickbank is here……

How to make money with clickbank | How to Start an Online Business from A to Z – Antonio's Complete Step by Step Tutorial

Clickbank maybe the #1 affiliate marketing website in the world if you ask around the internet. Heck, they have been around since the early 2000’s which is where I got my first start. I promoted a simple product that cost $50 and made a sale that profit me $25.

Every Since That Day I Was HOOKED

Clickbank is totally free to join, and once you have an account then you can pick from the thousands of products they have to sell. Now these products are items people put on their website to be offered to people like me, and you who are will to promoting them for a commission.

So, what I’m going to do is walk you through picking a product from Clickbank, setting up the website, and promoting it to the potential millions of people.

Following Along.

First you will need to click on “marketplace” to get on the page where you can select from the tons of categories to the left side of the page.

Clickbank marketplace of products | How to Start an Online Business from A to Z – Antonio's Complete Step by Step Tutorial

For the purpose of this guide, I’m going to choose Sports/Basketball.

I’m a big basketball fan, so its profound that I pick this category. Why? I played the sports and understand how much people are willing to spend to become the best they can be. Plus I know how much work it takes to get to a point where you’re productive out there in the real live action.

Even though I picked this category doesn’t mean its the only place to start a business, and make a living in online. ALLLLLLL of the categories will make you some form of money if you apply yourself through smart marketing. For this example, I’m going with basketball, and for you, it could be Software, Computer or Music.

Back to my search…

So I decided to go with “Pro Handles” that will pay me 75% of a $45.73 sale of their product. I did a little research on the guy be-hide this program on Youtube and found that he do a good job in training. This made my decision a lot easier when deciding which product to promote.

At this point a few years ago we would start talking about keyword research. Today no need to do all that because believe me when I tell you people are searching for all things online. You just need to give them a place to come to solve their problem.

For this reason, I’m not going to confuse all of you who are not internet marketers. My goal is to make this easy as possible to do without teaching you have to do brain surgery. Just know all you have to do is…

  • set up the website “easy”

  • add the content

  • create catchy titles for the content

  • link to affiliate products

  • and promote to thousands

That’s It, Easy, Simple, But must be consistent

Now I have the product I want to promote…what’s NEXT?

Setup Hosting and Domain

There are a number of hosting companies out there you can use that are affordable, and most importantly reliable. Not to knock any of those guys, but for some years now I being rolling with the best of the best which is

Bluehost free hosting for a website | How to Start an Online Business from A to Z – Antonio's Complete Step by Step Tutorial

When I decided to start I needed to turn to a platform that could handle my marketing style.

  • Never Offline
  • Customer Support
  • Fast Server

Bluehost is the best hosting company I recommend in today’s time over the rest. I’m not going to get into too much abut the services, and the overall setup. To be honest, I could talk all day about them, so to keep this train moving I just want to cover the basic.

  • All you have to do is create an account
  • Pick a domain name
  • Install WordPress
  • Upload a theme “for free”

bluehost at 3.95 per month | How to Start an Online Business from A to Z – Antonio's Complete Step by Step Tutorial

Get a BlueHost Account in 5 min

Building Epic-wow Content

No matter how good a product is, if no one finds out about then it’s just another product online. People go online to search for solutions, and when content comes that solves that problem then you have a potential customer/client.

Epic-wow content will be shared by the thousands if it’s something of value. That sharing will come from…

Linking to your content “website/blog”

Share on social media

  • Facebook
  • – Twitter
  • – Email
  • – Word of mouth
  • – and etc.

Guess What Happen Then?

Yep, you guessed it. You get more eyeballs on your website which is promoting a product that is related to the content they just shared. This means you getting clicks on your affiliate links which will turn into sales.

The number game…

Let say one piece of epic-wow content is shared on the following.

  • Stumble upon – 1,365
  • Reddit – 1,223
  • Twitter – 935 times
  • Facebook – 364 times
  • Google Plus – 45 times
  • LinkedIn – 15 times

Now these numbers are real numbers you can actually get because I’ve seen them thousands of times online. Heck, I’m even gotten big numbers like that when I posted something amazing on my website that was so good that people just had to share it.

Out of those around 4k shares, you could easily be looking at 10k, 20k or even 100k people coming over to your website.

Let say we get one sell per 50 visitors to the website/blog. If we take the 20k margin of visitors then this will give me around $50 per 100 visitors.

$500 per 1,000 visitors x 20times = $10,000

Yelp, all from one piece of epic-wow content

How Do I Produce Epic-wow Content

First before you start the process of promoting your website to the world you will need to have at least 10 pieces of epic-wow content on that site.

Few Examples of epic-wow content I’ve written in the past.

Here’s is why….once someone reach that website it has to pull them into an opt-in mode for something, click an affiliate link or share your content. No matter what any of these three is a plus in my book of building a successful business online.

Three Ingredient for Great Content

  • Catchy Titles
  • Educational
  • 1,000 words plus

If you can produce content in this manner then you will just blow by the competition just merely on having something that no other websites have.

To help you achieve the “Catchy Titles‘ aspect of it then I have a free website for you that will allow you to just type in a keyword or phrases, and the system will give you over 200 catchy titles to choose from.

Let me introduce you to Tweak Your Biz Title Generator

Since I’m promoting a basketball website about ball handling dribbling. I entered the keywords “basketball dribbling drills” which spit me back 100’s of titles


How to create a blog title | Tweak Your Biz Title Generator | How to Start an Online Business from A to Z – Antonio's Complete Step by Step Tutorial

Now I have the titles I want to use when creating my epic-wow content. This is so great because they are so catchy that it forces people to share, click and link to it.

But there’s more…

I know most of you struggle with topics to write about, so I decided to help you guys out in that department also. You can visit another great FREE website that will give you nearly 1,000 topics to write about even when you’re stuck.

Meet Ubersuggest

How to come up with topics to write about | Ubersuggest | How to Start an Online Business from A to Z – Antonio's Complete Step by Step Tutorial

This maybe the #1 website in the world when you talking about free to give out such impressive topics. All you do is type the words and BINGO you have topics you can write about for a lifetime.

Basically, when you combine the two then you get what I call rocket like content that is ready to soar into outer space. Once you pick the topic/title/1,000 words plus….then you will see a full transition into you ability to dominate that market.

Just know when you create this epic-wow content versus the other sites who are publishing low-value content, then you will see a spike in traffic, shares, links and most importantly sells.

But be able to really put this on autopilot to work for you day and night 365 day a year. You must think about utilizing autoresponders to do the following…

  • Capture Leads
  • Share more content
  • Content updates
  • Answering question
  • Follow-ups
  • Producing sales over time “drip feed more valuable content”
  • Autoresponders = Auto Profits

It was once said if you want to be successful in business then start given away your knowledge. Yes, just start given away everything you can think of under the sun, and watch how people start to follow you and start seeing you as an authority.

The Power of FREE

If you can utilize an autoresponder, and give away something for FREE then you can not only gain leads but also increase your profits.

The question is…how can I use something for free to grow my business online?

Here’s the secret

Create a piece of epic-wow content that can be published in a PDF to be viewed online or download. For the example of the basketball niche I have chosen above is that I will like to create a guide that covers all parts of ball handling.

Now this guide must cover everything, and I mean everything if I want people to enter their info to get it. It has to be something of value that people have no choice but to get.

I’m Talking About Must Have Content

My overall goal is to get people to the website and encourage them to opt-in for the free ebook guide I’ve created. This mean that I will create a guide that will be around 5k to 20k words long.

Reasons for this is that people will get the most value from all this content. If it’s educational throughout then this will result in people staying on my list, and continuing to read the website. The purpose of all of this is to get them to buy the item I’m promoting.

The Spin Cycle

When I get people on the list, and they’ve already downloaded this FREE ebook guide but now I want to put them in the spin cycle.

This cycle is when I input content that will automatically go out about once or twice a week. The objective is to give, give and give some more to those who opt-in to your list.

By offering additional information through email it not only provide them with more in detail content, but it also puts your business on auto-pilot marketing. You see this is the same formula I use for my free 52-week real estate marketing course.

With this free course, I just proved a weekly newsletter that will walk those who subscribe to it a more detail way of marketing their real estate business.

With this approach no matter if I’m promoting the above program which is the ball handling product or even if you are promoting any product of your liking. You will be able to use an autoresponder to work for you 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Oh, is something that will turn your regular epic-wow content into PDF’s. So you can write something, and then post it to your website and use this free website to turn it into a PDF

Wink, Wink…now you have something you can giveaway to get people to opt-in.

Print Friendly | How to turn my webpage in a PDF | How to Start an Online Business from A to Z – Antonio's Complete Step by Step Tutorial

Secret Sauce

What you need to do is create that guide/ebook that you can provide to your visitors. Once they are in the cycle your job is pretty much completed at this point. The series of emails will include the following information that you will need to grow your profits.

  • Educational Content (300 to 600 words)
  • No Selling
  • Drop Affiliate Links

Now there are two autoresponders I refer that are the best of the best. First Getresponse is one service I been using since the early 2000’s. Can’t say enough good things about those great people over there from the service they provide to the many thousands of happy customers such as “ME

Next is Aweber which I started using back in 2012 have been one of the backbones of my business today. When these guys came alone I had to give them at a try to see what difference they bring to the table for automating my business online.

What I’ve found is that they run neck and neck, so using anyone of them for starting your business online will just come down to choice..nothing more or less

This leads me back to my project in hand for the ball handling the website. What I want to do is generate as much content as possible, and get it put into PDF form to be downloaded. Next I will create at least 20 pieces of content that will be highly informational content that the opt-in subscribers will get at least once a week until they buy the product.

This the model for me and you is to get all of these things set up so when can start marketing our website. Heck, none of this will be worth it unless we can drive highly targeted visitors to our website.

Getting traffic to a website can be the most tricky aspect of starting an online business. People can manage to set up all the beginner things, but when it comes to marketing nearly all of them fall short.

Here in the next section, I’m going to show you guys how to take a simple website from ZERO to Thousands of visitors per month. All this by knowing zip about marketing online.

Zero to 100,000 Potential Buyers

One of the things that keep the average old joe from growing their business online is one-word “TRAFFIC” Not being able to get people who are interested in your product or service, and getting them to come over to your website can be the end.

Without the traffic to a website, there is no way in the world you will ever be able to build your business online.

Guess What? I have the answer for you

No need to…

  • Buy Traffic
  • Buy Leads

I’m not going to tell you that I’m the master of getting traffic to any website or show you tons of screen shots of the traffic I get to CMG or any of my other projects over the years.

Not going to show you stats at the end of the day because you care less about them. What I’ve learned over the years is that they care less about your success, but more about what you can do for them.

Simple As That…for that reason I’m jumping right into how to get traffic to any website online no matter what niche you pick.

Yelp, no matter what niche you pick

Here We GO…..

For this basketball handling website, I’m looking to promote I need to start thinking outside the box if I need traffic NOOOOOWWWW.

What in the world can I do to get traffic without paying for it, and waiting months on SEO to work?

Hmmmmmmm………I got it….Piggyback Marketing by CMG

This is the marketing that allow you to take the success of one person, website, blogger, podcaster, company or celebrity, and piggyback off their audience.

Take the example of my niche which is basketball ball handling. To be able to find people who are in this niche I will have to stay on a broad base grounds. Meaning instead of finding other piggybacks who are all about ball handling, it will be easier just to target “Basketball” in general.

This mean I have thousands of people, blogs, websites and celebrities who I can attach my website that will introduce to their thousands of followers.

It goes like this….

  • Make contact
  • Spark up a conversation
  • Share some epic-wow content “remember”
  • Ask them to share or link to it

Just That Easy…Plus Think About This…

Can you even imagine getting your website in front of 32Million craving basketball fans. Just those numbers alone will skyrocket my traffic if I can create the best ball handling website online, that filled with tons of quality educational content that includes epic-wow, shareable resources.

If I’m able to get only 1% of those people to buy my product that will come out to be 320,000 people.

320,000 x $20 = $6,400,000….all I got to say is WWWWOOOOOOOWWWW

The way I could do this is by contacting some of the top influencers in this market. Who will that be?

Kobe Bryant and LeBron games..yep those guys

I’m just using them as an example for this project, so don’t think they’re going to be the only places I’m targeting. What I need you to see is that these two guys have millions of followers on Twitter, and I mean millions of followers which equal up to 31million basketball lovers.

Wink, Wink..I’m promoting basketball content, and they love basketball seems like a marriage bout to take place.

All I have to do is contact these guys, and butter them up with something amazing so they could possibly share it. You can take a look at the two guys Twitter Pages below.

kobe bryant twitter page | How to Start an Online Business from A to Z – Antonio's Complete Step by Step Tutorial

lebron james twitter page | How to Start an Online Business from A to Z – Antonio's Complete Step by Step Tutorial

These guys have millions of followers, and just one tweet of my epic-wow content will just be like hitting the lottery. It will mean….Thousands of Subscribers and Thousands of Sales

But in the reality of things will these guys even promote my content for me no matter how great it is if their not getting paid for it. Chances of this are really slim is you understand the branding of these celebrities. Even though it will very hard to get on their radar I will still go after them just BECAUSE>

So the question comes how do I increase the number of responses of those who may not be as popular as these guys, but have an enough following to make a difference.

This is why I looked up another guy, and his name is Jamal Crawford which is another great basketball players but not as famous as the others above. What Jamal does have over 797k followers on Twitter?

jamal crawford twitter page | How to Start an Online Business from A to Z – Antonio's Complete Step by Step Tutorial

Not saying Jamal will answer any email I send him, but I will say it would a little easier to get his attention versus KB and LJ. Just by him looking at my content, and sharing it will mean the world for my brand online.

Now imagine if I go out, and make the same contact to every other NBA player, WNBA, NCAA, NBDL or any other form basketball in the world. I can contact all high school coaches, college coaches which equal to thousands of people around the world.

All I have to do is make contact.

Look, I haven’t even talked about the basketball websites, bloggers that I can just do a Google search for, and compile a list and start the outreach.

But you may be saying how can I do this outreach thing fast, easier and manageable. For this reason, I want to introduce to you Buzzstream the greatest piece of software ever built online. No Joke

how to do outreach marketing | BuzzStream | How to Start an Online Business from A to Z – Antonio's Complete Step by Step Tutorial

Welcome to Buzzstream

To be able to put your website in front of thousands of craving people who are ready, and willing to subscribe or spend money. You need something that will pretty much do all this, and more implemented all up under one roof.

Buzzstream has been my best friend for over a year now. Can’t live without it because it helps me keep track of all my outreach. This is the only online software you will need to be able to make the right connection to get the ball rolling on building your brand and traffic.

You see I’m not going to get into how to use the software because you can learn how the implement the entire software through the Buzzstream University page. These tutorial videos and guides will show you how to work all parts of the software.

Just a truly remarkable software that will allow you to dominate any niche market. The only steps you need to take is to find a niche, set up a website and promote to potential influencers in your given market.

That’s It

The Recap

There is no magic pill for success online only your efforts will determine your success. You can read this post over, and over again but until you take action it’s all a dream.

My reason for putting this content together was to help those who are looking for another stream of income. Yes, my website is about local marketing, but today I wanted to share something with you more off topic than usual.

This guide was for….

  • The newbie
  • Online Marketers
  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • and etc…

What I really want you to understand before I end this content is that this is not a get rich quick system. NOT AT ALL. You will need to treat this like a business which is what it is when you start to make some form of income. Basically, go into this with your mind open to success, and before you know it you will be on the path that most will never travel.

Links and Resources Mention in this Post

Thanks for Reading

I’m so happy you took time out of your day to read some content that took me hours to produces. Yea, that was 12hrs to be exact.

Please leave a well thoughtful comment on this subject, and let me know how you feel about the effectiveness of starting a business online like this. All comments are well because I’m a person who will love to hear and responds to everyone’s views of this.

Next, I will love if you can take this page to another level by sharing it with your family, friends, and followers on the most popular social networking platforms. Links are posted throughout the post for your easy access.

Before leaving, Please Introduce Yourself

Antonio Coleman “Signing Off”

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