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Just the other day I was doing a little browsing around online, and ran across one of the top small business websites online.

Yea that is

They did a recent blog post titled “63 Local Marketing Ideas & Resources From The Pros

You know I read a lot of great comments from some very highly educated people from that list of 63.

4) Gabriel A. Mays, Founder & CEO, Just Add Content

Gabriel A. Mays, Founder & CEO, Just Add Content

9) Sean Dudayev, Director of Marketing, InsureChance Inc.

Sean Dudayev, Director of Marketing, InsureChance Inc

47) Ameet Khabra, Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Ameet Khabra, Search Engine Optimization Specialist

These are just a few of the dozen of highly intelligent comments from those who have lived it, and implemented them from day to day.

Even though I feel like they covered about 90% of the top local marketing ideas, I still feel like we could go a little deeper on the subject.

What Will You Learn Today?

  • How to get over the fear of video
  • Local Video Rankings Proof
  • Potential Results of Video Rankings
  • The Results

Here is a Video that walks through how I dominate the search engines with my company name, and exactly how I did it. Plus it comes with a free Bonus at the end of the video, so check it out.

My Local Marketing Ideas

When I saw this list, I almost fell out of my chair trying to see why I wasn’t contacted. You see, I understand because I realize everyone can’t be contacted online as an expert. There are tons of great minds in this “local seo marketing” field, so it’s always someone to turn to for answers.

So saying that, I wanted to go a little more deeper into some of the local marketing strategies that will give you the most results overtime.

One of the most under used local marketing ideas that I stress more than anything is the power of “Local Video Marketing

Are You Doing Video Marketing?

When I wrote the Ultimate Guide to Local Marketing a while back, I wanted to dedicate an entire chapter just to video marketing.

Why? The main reason is because video is something local businesses just totally over look.

They mostly just put a few ads in local paper, and cross their fingers hoping for the best results. Video is just not something people want to be part of because of a few reasons.

These are the main ones I get when I’m siting down with a potential client who is looking to dominate their local marketing.

I ask them..have you thought about video? Oh, oh no..I’m not good in front of the camera


  • I’m too shy
  • We don’t need video
  • Customers won’t watch
  • No good camera
  • ect..

Can’t believe how many times I’ve heard these words uttered out of business owners mouths. I’ve found out that the reason for this is not because they don’t think video could help them, but they just have no clue on the power of it and how to implement it.

Here I just want to list a few things you need to create a video on a minimum budget without breaking the bank.

  • iPhone or any reasonable smart phone
  • Good Bright area “outside or well lit room”
  • Short bullet points
  • The willpower

Before I get into the above elements into making videos quick, easy, and without expensive equipment, I first want to talk about the magnitude of creating local videos, and how it will force your brand to dominate locally.

Local Video Dominate “Proof”

One of the main reasons you want to create a video marketing campaign for your business is because you’re able to first tackle all forms of keywords related to your business.


People Google You..Duh

When someone Googles your name or company name, you better have something of value to share with them. If not, then other people will do that for you in the forms of bad comments, bad reviews and etc.

Videos that are optimized correctly with your information in the title, such as your company name, will nearly automatically rank highly (if your name is not related to another well known brand).

Now if you can make that video about your “company name,” and allow it to rank locally then you put yourself in the drivers seat of controlling your content. Yes, video is content, and people love to watch a video more than anything else.

Plus, not only that, a video stands out like a sore thumb in the search engines. Don’t believe me then Google my company name “Coleman Marketing Group,” and tell me what you see first.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.17.00 PM

All I did was create some short videos from my awesome Mac computer, optimized the video titles, and bingo I was ranked for my name. It took a little time since my Youtube was “new”. Now think about this…what if I created a video around my local market to attract small business owners?


    • Shreveport Local Marketing Company
    • Small Business Marketing Agency in Shreveport
    • Shreveport Marketing Services
    • Get it? OK Got it

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Potential Results

The overall reason to do video marketing in the first place is to get results that will produce calls, opt-ins and actions.

Andrew of Video Brewery talked a lot about the statistics part of video marketing, which is what we measure to see the effectiveness of our online marketing.

I’d like to share what happens when you create a video such as the titles I listed above.

My Results

Back in October of 2014 I decided to turn my thoughts of local domination into a reality. What I was trying to do was see If I could rank highly in the search engine for a few terms that related to my business model.

So what I did was, I wrote five blog posts and created five videos that also go with each one of them.

Here is the list of Videos/Content

Can you see it?

Well, if you can’t spot what I was trying to do, then let me explain it for a minute.

First I created titles that are eye catching in the first place to get good click through rates. If there are three listings right on top of each other, and one title is general, and the other one is ok, but the last have some catchy phrase to it…which one will you click?

Not only that, you should see that I mention the city + industry I was trying to target. You can say that with the catchy title on top of the city + industry, you will say that I’m hitting on all parts.

What I was able to do, and you can do it too, is that I optimized my blog posts, and each video with the same title. Smart huh.

This made it almost impossible for me not to rank at least in the top 20 without even doing a second of SEO.

Guess what? That’s what happened

Few Rankings for Proof

First for the keyword “bossier city web designers, which is the fifth listing at the top of this post. You will see that I’m ranked on the 2nd page for that keyword in the top position, and the video I created is half way down the page.

bossier city web designers local marketing ideas

Yea, I know pretty awesome right

Not really to me because I like the front page a lot better, since the first 5 listings get about 95% of all clicks. Even though that listing is not on the front page, it doesn’t mean that it’s a complete waste.

Think about this…if I never created that content, then it wouldn’t even be found anywhere, but since I did now I have a chance to be found by those who are looking for those services.

The overall reason for this is to get that video ranked so you can be seen compared to the other competition who are not even thinking about video marketing.

Amazing Results

To get the best video results explained by Shawn Forno from IdeaRocket, is to go out, and create something of amazement.

Not saying I created something of that stature, but I did focus on getting the attention of a small group of people who will be willing to search.

So I decided to go after the keyword “minden marketing companies” which just went with the content and video, I was able to rank on the front page in the position in a matter of days.

minden marketing companies local marketing ideas

The feeling you get when you see something you created being at the top of the search engine is like no other. Even after 10+ years of doing SEO/Local SEO Marketing, I still get excited to see top rankings.

You can achieve those types of easy rankings also only if you implement yourself.

When I wrote the “The Ultimate Guide to Local Marketing Domination” I added a chapter on local video marketing. Why, the simple fact that most local businesses just totally over look the internet especially video marketing.

This form of local marketing is more effective than any other form because videos stand out like a sore thumb. So make sure your business is filling up your local market within a lot of sore thumbs.

Injured finger with bandage

Wrapping this up I just wanted to add my well guarded local marketing ideas to the FitSmallBusiness collection of responses. There were a lot of great responses, but I felt like I needed to add my point of view for those who wanted some clear cut proof of rankings.

Finally, for those of you who love tools like myself, then here is a list of “Marketing Survival Tools” I “Antonio Coleman: can’t live without.

Comment Time: I would love to hear your point of view, and those who leave a comment will get something really special emailed to you to help you create awesome catchy titles. All for FREE



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