Monthly Stats Report for November 2013

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coleman marketing group monthly stats report

Here is another month in the life of growing this website into one of the top marketing websites in the world. I do these stats reports to document my growth over time to see where I’m now to versus where I been. In last month’s stats report I talked about networking with 400 website owners in the form of asking them questions about what they’re doing to grow their websites.

Plus I brought up that I wanted to start the process of learning how to put together a podcast. I did my research and found a lot of helpful blogs that broke down all aspects of setting up a podcast from doing your logos and such. But over my entire goal is not only help myself get from point A to point Z, I’m actually doing this for you guys as well. People want to see your results, and the things you’re doing to make it happen online, these reports are the blueprints to my success.

Like I say all the time…“Failure Is Not an Option

What Happened in November?

Last month’s stats report I talked about this a little when it came to the local Main to Main in our city. For those who don’t know it’s a big event scattered around a couple of cities that bring people together to network, and sell their products or services. All I did was that I went out took a couple of pictures, and gave my business cards out. I did this just to build up a little buzz in the community about my marketing company.

Talked With Gary Shouldis

On November 6 I talked to Gary Shouldis about his business of small business consulting. Him and I talked over an hour about helping small businesses grow their overall customer base. He gave me a lot of advice on things he do help the clients he do have, and why he decided to drop all his low paying clients. He really broke down how the big paying clients are more open minded to the time it takes to grow an business.

We covered a lot of marketing tips and techniques he is using that are bringing in big-time spenders. His ideas were right on point to the things I’m doing or going to do when it comes to me taking care of my clients. It’s always good to see what other people are doing in their city to see if you can piggy back off their techniques and use them to your advantage. 

Talked with Mats Holmvik

Mats Holmvik is one of the good guys in this online marketing space of millions of bloggers. He was featured in my niche site duel guide I just completed last month. He and I talked also through Skype but it was through content form of chatting back in forth. He talked about steering his business into more of the coaching side which is something I been doing for years now.

He is looking to gain a couple more clients so he can reach that six figure income which is very reachable. He also passed on some useful advice that I’m taking into account when talking to potential clients. I posted a screen shot of our conversation but blurred out it for privacy reasons just to show you that I’m on the networking trail.

Introduce Yourself

One thing I’m happy about is my introduce yourself page where any and every one can come there, and just say Hi. I put this page together to get what I call footprint traffic to the site. Meaning that I know this blog is about marketing, and caters to those who have websites, small businesses and looking to grow them massively. But I’m looking for people to come to this page that are the casual person who may just want to learn more about marketing if I can educate them.

The goal is to make this page go viral by me sharing it with everyone who I come across it online. It’s to get them on the site, and hopefully they will take action of introducing themselves by sharing the page. I will be update you more on the response next month once I see how this translate.

November Stats

Only 341 visitors this past month versus the 555 visitors I had in October. Seems like light years away when you just think that I got 190 some odd less people to visit my website. Now this not all as bad if you look at it from the content I posted. Yes some people are returning visitors but some are first timers, and those that came by last month may have come from a shared post or something. This can result in higher visitors versus another low ball month of traffic.

Overall Numbers

I finally hit the 3,000 mark of total visitors. From March to present day of the December 2013 I’ve been able to get a whopping total of 3,096 visitors. Can’t say it’s a big number compared to the other blogs I have that gotten over 3,000 per day. So yes this is a low number but I know through good hard work I will be able to implement better number this coming month by locking down.

Links to My Site

The links to the site are really growing at a massive rate each and every month. I’m not out looking for links for this website because I want things to happen naturally for ranking reasons. Remember links is like water to a whale, which means links to your website is what it needs to becomes higher in the search engine and gain momentum throughout the internet.

Search Quires

The search quires are given me the blues due to the unstable way that its transforming. The ranking of my content is going up and down for the past three months for some crazy reasons. Now I have my reasons on what’s going on because Google seems to have these update every other day. My rankings still continues to go up and down like a roller coaster but thanks to my great marketing plan I’m still going to go forward creating good content even if it’s not rankings as well as of now.

2 Blog Post Per Week

I didn’t hit that goal of posting two blog posts a week but I did manage to get six. Now to my defense on one of those posts it took about 4hrs of time to complete which is the niche site dual 2.0 guide that featured some awesome marketer given away valuable ways to grow a niche site.

So even though I didn’t hit my goal I did keep the quality of content going which is the overall key. You don’t have to have tons of content you just need to give something of value, and if you do that than you will always be able to attract more and more readers with less content..keep that mind.

November Taught Me

This past month went by as fast as all other months because I was extremely busy marketing this site more than ever. It taught me to keep talking to people in my niche whether it’s through email, Skype or on the phone. Just being constant is what I learn the most because by doing that you’ll always have a chance for success.

Goals for December

First I will like to say this wasn’t really a good month with it comes to networking and getting people to respond to your emails. For one it’s a holiday month, and people are extremely busy doing other things versus growing their site. But my goals still have to be achieved no matter what month we’re in so let’s see what I have planned for the month of December.

First I’m looking to wrap up some marketing plans for a local business in my city that needs some creative marketing. This is something that will take up a good bit of my time from putting the marketing game plans together to implementing the project.

Next I’m looking to have the podcast up and running by the end of the month from having a profile on ITunes to producing at least two to three podcast. My goal is to have more of me on the podcast versus having many guests. Even though I will have guest here and there I think it’s more beneficial to feature yourself since you are the brains behind the podcast. I just see so many people featuring more and more guest, and this starts to take away from who is really the so called expert.

Plus I’m excited about starting and completing my first marketing series on local marketing. Now local marketing consist of many things but I’m going to focus this free guide on local video marketing, local profiles and Facebook marketing. I’m doing this all for free so stay tune to my blog by getting my 31 local marketing techniques to be notified the second its released.

But to sum of the month of December I’m really just looking to stay motivated and focus. I must do this if I want to grow my business to the massive here locally in my city. So please help me on this journey by clicking the share buttons to the left and help me spread the word about this thing call “marketing”

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