My First Yearly Local Marketing Report for the Year of 2014

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My First Yearly Local Marketing Report for the Year of 2014

I would like to welcome you to the first local marketing report for CMG, and for the start of 2015. I’m looking to produce these reports each and every month showing you the things that I’m doing to promote my own business, which is the Coleman Marketing Group, and my website

These reports will include the things that I’m doing throughout the month to grow my presence online and offline. Plus, this gives me the opportunity to see my growth month to month, and at the same time, help you make smart choices about marketing your business.

I used to do this a lot on one of my other websites from back in the day, but that site was centered around getting free traffic to my website. So I was doing reports on how much traffic the site was getting, and how I was achieving so much success online. These reports will not be in that format since most of the people who read CMG, are business minded people who have or are looking to start a business.

This means that they’re looking to learn how in the world do they market their businesses online and offline, without having to spend thousands of dollars? Like all of my clients will tell you, my goal is to help you save money and keep money in the bank. Not spend it on things that may not give you the biggest return when it comes to getting more leads and clients.

What Goals I’m looking to Achieve with these reports

  • Track my local presence online and offline
  • Create a blueprint for you to follow
  • Educate those who need it the most “You”
  • Build a following of people who want to learn
  • Help business owners like you dominate their local markets
  • Inspire someone who thinks growing their business online isn’t possible

What I will be covering today

  • Last year’s website and personal growth
  • My online presence today and plans of growing it
  • The great epic-wow content that I wrote
  • My plans of growing the site and my local online presence

Last Year of 2014

Last year was a pretty good year for the Coleman Marketing Group, online and offline. When I started this website it, was all about using it as a platform to grow my own business locally in my community. Then I started writing more for the regular small business owner, to teach them how to go about growing their business online.

The road to get to where I’m at now, is just truly a blessing in the sky. The site is growing on a steady, but massive, level when you think about the industry that I’m in. In the “Local Marketing” field, there are a number of companies that you can turn to when you want to grow your business. But I’ve started to seek my way into the market, and make myself one of the top people to turn to when businesses need help growing their online presence and more.

Half of the year I worked on just writing good targeted content, while not focusing more on my local online presence. You see, I focused so much on my clients online presence, that I just merely forgot about working on my own business. This is the only part about 2014 that I’m not proud of.  No worry here, because in 2015 I will be putting this into high gear, and you will be able to see my growth month after month.

The reason that I’m doing this live with my own business, is because some people don’t think that it’s possible to grow a business that’s offline, online. Just realize that hundreds, if not thousands, of people are searching for your services each and everyday, so it would be wise to get your business in front of those people.

Hopefully, these reports that I do each month revealing the growth of my own business, will inspire you to take action. This is one reason why I make my services so affordable, is for you to take action growing your business. All of these reports will be centered around me trying to build my local online presence for a number keywords that I think people will be typing into the search engines to find services such as mine.

But first let’s just take a look back on all of the traffic numbers that I’ve accumulated over this past year. This is from all of the online marketing that I’ve done for the site to get it out there in front of people who would be interested in growing their business by using local seo marketing.

Just understand, all of this is from doing local online marketing, blogging, local seo, and more to grow my website and business. So understand that no matter what industry you’re in, the same rules will apply when growing your business. Just be prepared for two things: doing the work yourself or paying someone else to do it for you. No matter what, I’m going to be showing you the exact steps that I took to just get to this point. Until then, let’s go over some numbers.

Coleman Marketing Group 2014 Overall Traffic Numbers

The site did really well when it comes to the overall traffic that I was able to get the site in front of. 15,483 people decided to come over to CMG to read some form of my content. Now, this traffic didn’t come over night at all, because if you know it or not, I had to really get out there and market the website.

The entire site is about local marketing, so I don’t just cater to one specific niche. Basically, when I write about something, it pretty much covers everything across the board. You see for the 2015 year, I will be helping a lot of real estate people market their businesses more effectively this year.

Now, even though I might write some content on my website strictly around the real estate industry, it doesn’t mean that content can’t help you if you’re in the automotive or sport niche. The same rules and processes still apply to all parts of local marketing.

So, I’m saying that all of the content that I wrote on the website was centered around helping all industries. I really stressed this a lot in my ultimate local marketing guide, that is just jam packed of step by step instructions of dominating your local market.

coleman marketing group 2014 total traffic stats

Finally, I just wanted to give you a sneak peak into the daily traffic that I’m getting from a number of sources such Google, referring sites, and people coming directly to the site. Now this is targeted traffic that I’m always talking about when it comes to growing your business. If you want to be found online for free and have your leads chase you down, then you have to build that online presence.

Just realize that this is from a lot of hard work of producing quality content and building my online presence, which is what I’m going to be focusing a little more on this year.

coleman marketing group 2014 total daily traffic

12,222 Search Engine Seekers

Now, if you stick around long enough and join my mailing list, by getting my 31 tips of dominating your local market. You will sooner or later learn how to get your business, no matter the industry, locally in front of thousands of targeted people each and every month.

For those of you who don’t know what Google Webmaster is, don’t worry about it, I will be doing some tutorials on it later on down the road that will explain it in full. To sum it up now, it’s just a free web based software from Google, that tracks your online presence in their search engine. It let’s you know who is linking to your website content, keywords you rank for, and much more data.

For today, I just want you to focus on one thing, which is the search volume that my site comes across on a monthly basis. I write a lot of content locally and nationally, that I like to be ranked in the search engines. So the goal is to have that content show up in the search engines, so that I can be found.

For example: Search the keyword: dominate your local market

You will see that my “Ultimate Local Marketing Domination Guide by Antonio Coleman,” is on the front page. Every time someone searches for that keyword, or “how to dominate your local market,” that page from my website will come up.

This is called an impression when your listing comes up in view of the person who is doing the search. Now, this doesn’t mean that they clicked on it, it just means that your listing came up. For the past 30 days, I’ve been sitting around 12k impressions per month for all of the keywords that I’m ranking for.

Meaning, all of the content that I write is ranked in the search engine somewhere, and people are finding it. Think about that for a moment!!!!! If you’re running a business locally no matter the niche, and people can find what you write in the search engine just by doing a search, how powerful do you think that will be?

Well, it’s very powerful because I have the status and growth to prove it. Don’t worry, I’m here to teach you how to do it in a cheap but effective way. Plus, you see from the image below, that I’m ranked for over 597 keyword phrases, which is extremely powerful. Ask yourself one question, is this something my local competition is doing?

Let me answer that for you..Nope

coleman marketing group 2014 webmaster stats

More Press for CMG

I started off the year on a high note by being interviewed by a local newspaper company. They wanted to do a story on me, so that I could enlighten the local businesses about how local marketing can be a powerful tool. This was my first time getting on the front page of a newspaper, which was kind of awkward. Once that thing hit the stands, my phone wouldn’t even stop ringing.

People wanted to know more about local marketing, and how I can help them get to the next level. So here is the link to the blog post that I wrote about it.

Special Thanks to Minden Press Herald of Minden La from Antonio Coleman

Plus, this past year I started on a journey to help those in a certain niche market. So I went out and picked the real estate industry first to go about educating people in that market about how they can grow their business online to gain leads.

So my goal was to get into some publications online and offline, so that I can start the educational process. This is the reason that I created the free 52 weeks real estate marketing course, that is totally free, for anyone in the real estate industry.

It’s a 52 week course where they get one email per week explaining what they need to be doing to grow their real estate business in the form of getting more leads. All that I’m doing is educating people on what to do, and most importantly, I’m not selling one thing to them. Not trying to make much, just purely looking to spread information about building that online presence.

Basically, I’m starting to get some press with that also by getting interviewed by tons of real estate websites, magazines, blogs and more.

I’m Featured In Community Investors Antonio Coleman owner of the Coleman Marketing Group was Featured In Community Investors

What I must say is that this is an awesome magazine about community investors. If you ever have the time, go signup for a free subscription so that you can get your hands on something truly amazing. I wrote a simple article on the..

Read about The 3 P’s for Marketing Success

I wanted to write about something that was in general when it comes to marketing any sort of business online or offline. Once again, I would like to thank Community Investors on giving me the platform to make my knowledge known to their audience.

Check out pages 46-47 in the magazine 

The 3 P’s for Marketing Success by Antonio Coleman featured on Community Investors

click here to enlarge

Follow them on.. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube

Being Featured in Inman

This online real estate connection website may be one of the most talked about websites online. They have thousands of members, and even more tuned in everyday to read their amazing content and success stories from those in the community.

This is another website that I’ve done an interview with, but it has not gone live yet on their website. I just decided to add it because I did the interview a few weeks ago, and I wanted it to be a part of this blog post. Once it goes live, I will come back here and update it with the appropriate links.

Here are a few pictures that I took for the interview that showed me just out and about enjoying my day.

Antonio Coleman of the Coleman Marketing Group at the mall

Antonio Coleman of the Coleman Marketing Group at the mall in January 2015

Antonio Coleman of the Coleman Marketing Group at his home office

Those were some of the few elements of CMG 2014 accomplishments and stats, just to fill you in on the growth of the website. Next, I would like to talk about where I plan on taking this site in 2015. My goals are really big for this coming year, so I want to share them with all of you to let you know what to expect.

About to Dominate My Own Market

I’m a big believer in showing people that you can achieve something versus always writing about it. I talk a lot on this website about local marketing domination. What I stress to my clients is that if you don’t have an online presence, then you’re missing out on another targeted market.

People are searching for what you have to offer online, so why not put your business in front of those potential clients/customers. Now, I help tons of business owners across the world with my CMG local marketing program. I’ve seen lots of growth in the form of more of an online presence for all of my clients, old and new.

What I tell them is that it can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to get any sort of results online. So this form of marketing takes time and patience, which is the key to online success.

Last year I started to think of my business in this same light of dominating my local market. I’m looking to rank highly in the search engines, mainly for my targeted videos, and maybe my website content also after I get the videos to #1 in the search engines for their even terms.

Since my business is all about marketing, then it would be smart for me to go after those who will be searching for some form of marketing/advertising for their business in my local market.

Below you will see some keywords that I’m looking to target. I’ve already created a piece of epic-wow content and video for each and every keyword. I wrote over 1,000 words for each piece of content, and created some simple videos centered around me talking about that keyword industry.

As of 1/14/15, these are the rankings that I have when it comes to the videos and posts that I have written around each keyword.

Minden Marketing Companies – both website and video on #1 and #2


How Minden Marketing Companies Can Help You Dominate Webster Parish

Shreveport Marketing Agencies – website #12 and video main optimized video is not ranked


How To Choose A Shreveport Marketing Agency On A Shoestring Budget

Shreveport Small Business Marketing – website #10 video #9


Charlie Sheen’s Guide To Shreveport Small Business Marketing

Shreveport Advertising Agencies – website #18 video #28


The 6 Biggest Mistakes Shreveport-Bossier City Advertising Agencies Can Easily Avoid

Bossier City Advertising Agencies – Video #11 website #12


The 6 Biggest Mistakes Shreveport-Bossier City Advertising Agencies Can Easily Avoid

Shreveport Web Design – website and video not ranked at all


Warning: Shreveport – Bossier City Web Designers are Over Charging for Websites

Bossier City Web Design – website #35 video #39

Working on a Podcast 

This month I will be putting together my first ever Podcast on targeting a certain niche. Podcasting is a very powerful form of content, because you can start to build what I call a listening audience. These are people who will download your shows, and as they exercise or are just rinding in the car, they can be digesting your audio content.

coleman marketing group starting a podcast

Last year I did my intense research on what type of podcast I would like to create. You see my goal is to not talk about general local marketing. This will water down what I have to say, so I deiced to go out and pick a certain niche to create shows around.

So, since I’ve been writing for some of the biggest real estate websites out there, like, I’ve realized that there’s a need for valuable information on real estate marketing. I can’t tell you how many people inbox me asking what other steps they can take when trying to attract leads to their business.

What I did to at least give them something to help guide them, is that I created my free 52 week real estate marketing course. They get an email each Monday covering a certain topic on what they need to do to dominate their local market. You see local marketing is all the same no matter what industry you’re in, but I decided to choose to help those in the real estate industry first, since it’s a second passion of mine.

The plan now is that since I know people are craving for this subject, I decided to follow Pat Flynn’s advice of setting up and podcast.

What I plan to achieve

My goal is to create a podcast that covers nothing but content on the marketing side of real estate. I see that thousands of people are looking for ways on how to market their real estate business, but they just don’t know how to go about doing it. So maybe I can come in and offer something of value to the thousands of people who are craving for solutions to their problems.

The goal in marketing is to find the “Pain,” and provide solutions to eliminating that pain. By the end of this month, of January 2015, I will have some form of a platform setup, and even maybe have a few episodes up. Finally, after about 6 months from when I feel real comfortable with this podcasting thing, I will consider just doing a regular local marketing podcast that caters to all businesses.

But until then, I hope to gain some success with this and share some knowledge with those who will go out in the market and implement all of the marketing ideas that I will be sharing.

I will keep you guys posted the second that this is live on iTunes.

Creating Epic-Wow Content

One of the ways to grow a business online, no matter the industry, is by creating what I call epic-wow content. This is content that people are forced to read, and most likely willing to share. Now this can be done for any type of industry now, so even if you’re in the automotive industry or dental industry, the same rules still apply.

Creating Epic-Wow Content by Antonio Coleman of Coleman Marketing Group

Below you will see 6 pieces of epic-wow content that I wrote on my site. Now all of them were centered around local marketing, no matter if it was just general content on how to dominate your local market, or whether or not I’m talking about gaining leads in the real estate industry. Just remember, no matter what Industry I’m talking about, the same rules apply when deciding how you want to get that local online exposure.

This year I look to step this up by producing an epic-wow piece of content every single month. What I’m going to do is choose something that everyone is struggling with, no matter what industry it’s in. I will go out and do my research so that I can pile up as much information as possible.

Then, I will write anywhere from 5k to 10k words on that subject, which should be covered in detail. These are things that people just love because they are a whole lot better than reading a 300 word blog post that talks about general stuff. People want well written content that is of high value, which at the end of the day, helps them achieve a higher goal.

Networking With 1,400 Peoplenetworking with the coleman marketing group and Antonio Coleman

One of the goals that I have for this coming year here, is to get the Coleman Marketing Group LLC brand and my website, into the hands of 1,400 new friends. Now I’m not talking about getting that many people to come over to the site. No, I get thousands of visitors per month already.

I’m looking to gain 1,400 new friends from all walks of life. I’m talking about networking with the following people:

  • Local Marketing Bloggers
  • Local Marketing Companies
  • Real Estate Bloggers
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Real Estate Software Companies

You see, my entire business model is centered around helping local businesses dominate their local market. So, to be able to get my epic-wow content that you saw above titled:

I will have to go out and network with those people who have what I call “like minded” audiences. Getting these bloggers and companies on my side as a friend, allows me to start introducing my epic-wow content to them. From there, all of the hard work that I put into the content pays off because once they start sharing my content, I will start getting more visitors over to my site.

Getting them over to my site allows me to educate them by providing what I call, highly quality content. Now they see me as the expert in that industry, so this is forcing them to take some form of action. That form of action can be one of the following, and this is the reason why I stress to all of my clients to create an epic-wow piece of content for their website if they want to grow their offline or online presence.

These are some of the actions that they may take:

  • Share my epic-wow content
  • Link to my epic-wow content “quality backlinks equals higher rankings”
  • Signup for my newsletter “growing my list”
  • Email me a question
  • Buy a product or service
  • Come as a client of mine

By just networking with 200 people a month, which is real easy to do, will put me at 1,400 people by the end of the year. If I can get them to share some form of epic-wow content that I have on my website, then I might be able to get my business in front of potentially thousands of people this coming year.

Simple Numbers… let’s just say that each one of those people/companies that I network with have a total of a measly 1,000 people combined on their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account. Look, I’m using a low number here, but what I’m telling you is that most of them will have tens of thousands. But, just for the worst possibility, let’s just say that they only have 1,000 combined.

1,400 networkers x 1,000 followers of theirs = 14,000 potential people that could be reading my epic-wow content. All that I can say, is WOOOOOW.

2014 was a great year, but I think that 2015 will be even better, not just for me, but for you also. I’m going to be walking you all who have businesses through all parts of how to dominate your local marketing online and offline. So in the mean time, keep coming back reading and sharing my content so that I can keep bring you all the best of the best.

I need a favor….if you can share this page with the button to your left, then I would appreciate it. I need all of the help that I can get these days.

Happy 2015

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