How New Neighbors Boost Local Small Businesses Profits Over Existing Residents

Typically a city or town will get new residents coming in from all across the world and those individuals are looking for a better environment. Some of them move for retirement reasons or even just trying to get closer to family and friends. No matter what their reasons are it all comes down to you as a local business owner to tap into their spending by marketing to them.

Some will say we need to keep marketing to the loyal customers because these are the ones who keep the doors open and the profits flowing. But unfortunately you maybe surprise to know that those new comers in a city or town can start to bring me more money than the old heads.

The truth is that a new resident is really trying to feel their way around the city so many is looking for the best restaurants in Minden, Shreveport or even Bossier City if you live in these areas. If you have a café then you need to target these people because a study done a by a Atlanta marketing company stated that a new comer will spend more money the first six months then the loyal customer does in 3 years..Wow

One of my favorite shows on TV is “Numbers Don’t Lie” It’s a sports show that gives real stat numbers to claim or disclaim an argument. So the number listed by the U.S. Postal Service states that 42 million people pick up and mover ever year, which doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you what this can mean for your business.

So for you small business owners far and wide here is an infographic of how these numbers stack up and how you should considering how to market your business in the next coming six months to a year.

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