What is Small Business Marketing?

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What is Small Business Marketing

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I’m always telling people don’t ever think you’re the only one who’s looking for an answer to a question. Just like that feeling when you were in grade school and you didn’t know an answer to a question and you just sit and wait for someone else to ask it. This is what happens when most small businesses who are stuck not knowing “exactly what is small business marketing” anyhow?

We realize that marketing is the key ingredient in the success of any business whether its online or offline, but when someone asks you exactly how to explain it then this is where people start to take those steps back.

I say go out today and Google marketing experts and see what you come up. Now an expert can be anyone who has knowledge of marketing, so the search will be broad. Just email about 5 of them and ask if they can explain what small business marketing is, and see how many different answers you will get? Sad to say, even if you take time out and look up the term in a dictionary you will be even more surprised of the different meanings you will find.

I’m here to at least clear up my personal views of this subject, and hopefully it can at least give some of you some closure. Not saying I’m an expert at this, just saying I have a clear and logical definition of it.

My View of Marketing

Antonio Coleman’s view of Marketing is when you are able to gain and keep customers/clients who will continue to come back.

1. Marketing is the gateway from the items your business is selling to what your customers are seeking to buy.

2. The marketing you do consists of your ads, service, professional work space, and all other forms of your business that will suit the people you’re trying to connect with…the customer.

3. Finally, your marketing should be the mirror into the way you do business. Meaning, the way you connect with people out in the market should reflect the service or product you provide.

Marketing has many layers to peel back, so don’t make this as hard as it looks. I feel like you must understand what small business marketing is before you make that leap into building your brand. One of the key things about marketing is that, if you can master what is working for you and turn those strategies into customers then you’re in business.

Learn what your customers want, and find the best way to contact them by being listed in the search engines, starting a forum, creating local groups, or just being everywhere you think eye balls will be..Just that simple. Take the steps today and educate yourself, because if you do then there is no way in the world you will not see growth in due time.

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