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If you think that running a website ends by simply creating the website and regularly updating it, then you are forgetting one important factor. You need to understand that the security of your blogs and websites is your top priority.

So you have a website, you update it regularly with new posts, you have a good design and it has good rankings on Google search engine as well but what happens when your website is hacked or a virus infects your blog? Your posts, the design, the ranking, its reputation and whole website itself will turn into ruins. Why would someone let their website be hacked or destroyed?

In today’s society, a lot of the people work on the Internet. They create blogs to earn money. They apply for affiliate programs and create blogs and websites through WordPress and other platforms. All these investments will instantly crumble if you fail to consider security measures for your website. One of the most important things that you can do is to backup the files and database of your website. So how does it help your blog to prevent damages from possible hack or virus attacks?


Scenarios To Backup Your Website…

First, you found a great plug-in for your website that will provide more features to your blogging experience. However, after installation and activation, you received an unknown error from the admin area or you are suddenly locked out on your own website. What are you going to do if you do not have a backup of your files? You will spend hours or days to fix your website? Instead of doing important stuff you end up wasting time trying to solve something on your site. You do not have to spend hours and days if you back up your files with CMG.

Second, you are pretty confident with your website and you try to add some themes and you try adding some code given from the Internet then suddenly your site turned blank. When this happens, you need to check all the changes that you made and redo it. This will also take hours of work if you do not know the exact reason why it happened to your website. You can easily restore your blog if you backed up your files.

Third, you are reading emails when suddenly a message from Google Webmaster Tools suddenly caught your attention. After reading it, you found out that your site was listed on the websites that are harmful and suspicious. You tried checking your website and you suddenly forgot the changes that you made. There is a possibility that it is because of the link or the post that you made. You have to spend hours and days trying to fix this problem.

Fourth is your worst nightmare. You open your website and suddenly you found a lot of posts and changes on your site that you did not make. You found some suspicious posts and other stuff. You have been hacked. The possibility of your website disappearing is very high. Also, the reputation of your website will be damaged as well and your months and years of hard work will suddenly disappear.

These are only some of the few scenarios that you may face when owning a website. These possible problems can be solved if you can backup your website everyday by using CMG.


Attention: Real  Life Story of My Online Friend Loss $12,000 After His Website is Hacked.

I’m one of those people who learn from another people or companies mistake and try to not to follow that same path. By saying that I know people love to see real proof that these sort of things can happen to your site such as getting hacked and been down for the count.

So one of the most successful websites was hacked sometime ago and it cost this site about $12,000 because in its down time because of not having the best of best backups. I say take a couple of minutes of reading this and come back and finish up the rest of the page and if your not convinced that having a reliable backup is essential then your in for a rude awaken one early morning if you don’t read this

But Wait: My Hosting Company Backs Up My Site..

Your Hosting Company Backup May Not Be Good Enough. Here’s Why!

Never ever think having your site backed up on the hosting server is enough because you will finally realize that it’s a bad idea. Most hosting company don’t back up everyday which in the world of hackers is a feeding ground to take over your site. Because when a site gets hacked its hacked on your server so if the hosting company is backing your site from there then the backup will be hacked also.

So from here you will have a worthless backup that you cant’ even restore due to your server been targeted. Plus don’t even forget about the free backups they give you in your back office which is a joke sometimes but some people still feel as though their protected from the world. The word “FREE” should scare you off right from the start.

Read what I found on a trusted resource site that was discussing the pit falls of hosting backups and those “FREE” back office backups.

“Relying on your hosting company to back up your data can be absolutely disastrous.

While the majority of hosting companies back up their clients’ files on a weekly basis, this does NOT ensure that the backup they are making is the backup that you will be needing – ESPECIALLY if your website gets hacked.

You should take the responsibility of backing up your own database and files on a third party server

What’s Is a Third Party Server

Here at CMG I offer a third party server to backup, monitor and restore your entire website just in case of an emergency. By using my backup system you will be able to sleep confortable at night knowing no matter if your website is hacked from your server you will still be able to restore your site to “Good Standing”.

I backup all parts of your website from the database to the content which are the key elements of being online. 24hrs monitoring system that will keep a close eye on any changes to your site and suspicious activities going on that may effect your site availability.

Most third party backup services will charge you hundreds of dollars per month for this service but since I have low maintenance over head cost so I can charge a very reasonable monthly price for this service. If you can afford 0.75 cents a days then you will be able to sleep peaceful at night knowing your site is been protected from all the hackers online.

$25 a month for this service is extremely affordable when you think about not having this service. Plus I will say if your site gets hacked and if your not and you don’t have a third party backup and if your backup gets effected on your server I will say get ready to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to a programmer just to find the virus and eliminate it…very expensive when you think about just paying $25.

Get your website Protected in the Next 10 Minutes..

How Does It Work?

  1. Connect Site – The first step in activating CMG Time Machine is to connect your website or database with our servers.
  2. Monitoring – Ever thought about how you’d find out about your site getting hacked? If your site is hacked, it could be days or weeks before you even know about it. Hackers don’t need to deface your site to spread malware to your visitors and get you blacklisted by Google. CMG Time Machine protects you against this with change alert emails. While monitoring your site, if we detect any changes you receive notification from us instantly so that you are always aware of what is happening on your site.Get automatically notified of unauthorized changes

    Because CMG Time Machine keeps every version of your web site – clean or compromised – in its secure repository, our proprietary algorithms will know, in as little as a few minutes, if your online presence has been altered without your permission. Not only do we keep you actively informed about your website’s health, but we also give you the options to configure how often you would like monitoring to occur with your site, and how often, if ever, you would like to be notified about it.

  3. Backup AgainEvery 0.65 seconds, a new web page is infected with malware. Virtually every hosting provider recommends or requires in its terms of service that hosted sites prepare for unintentional change or loss. Yet four out of five site owners don’t maintain a complete, up-to-date backup. As a result, remediation of a compromised site is usually difficult and expensive. CMG Time Machine makes website backup simple, easy to use, and easy to understand.Ease your stress with a “last known good” version

    CMG Time Machine is a ready-made server that can keep track of all changes made to your web site. In conventional “Backup Mode”, CMG Time Machine can—hourly, daily, or weekly—capture your existing live site, storing each sweep as a different version.

  4. Restore – So let’s say something happens to your site – maybe a hacker, maybe just an internal issue. What’s next? All you want to do is undo the changes that occurred – but who has a Time Machine? CMG   does. Protect against mistakes or malicious hacks

    In the CMG Time Machine repository, access every saved backup complete with a datestamp and detailed information on each change. In seconds your site will be restored in a clean version, your live web site can be restored online to the version in the repository.

Signup takes less than 3 minutes!



1 Website

Unlimited Databases

Up to 5GB per site

Daily Backup and Monitoring

Fill Form Below..

To start the process of getting your website backup on my third party hosting server you will need to fill out the form below. Once completed I will contact you at the appropriate time you listed below to go over all the details of getting your site setup with the latest backup system with CMG Time Machine.

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