In-House SEO Consulting

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In-House SEO Consulting by Antonio Coleman

If you have some tech savvy staff on your payroll, do they do your SEO work for you? Is it good enough to keep sales growing? Is your position in the Search Engine Rankings Pages (SERPS) fluctuating or is it steady at a low point? Does it have the high index ranking that you would consider ideal for your niche? Do you think that hiring me as your SEO specialist could improve your position?

These are among the questions to consider when you think of the SEO strategy you have for your company. Clearly if you have a brand leading product then you will be on the first page of Google’s SERPS but are you occupying the number one slot?

There comes a time when a company realizes that its advertising strategy is not working; perhaps that is for a new product which was thought to be the next big thing. Perhaps positioning in the SERPS fluctuates which might depend on the terms used for a search. If you simply type in the name of your product or your company where will your site be ranked?

The point that I am trying to make here is that professional SEO specialists of CMG can help to make a difference to your visibility on the internet. If you have a leading brand product, then you might well need online reputation management services from us to ensure that there are no adverse comments, reviews or articles online that are damaging your sales.

This is an arduous, time consuming business and if you have people on your staff who are dabbling in SEO but are not professionals, they might not be aware of the best strategies for SEO but can write good content, understand the need for keywords in the content, title and comprehend how to use captions with images and so on, but they might have missed an important area which needs tweaking.

Perhaps keywords used in your advertising content are no longer the magnets they once were. Keywords come in and out of fashion just like everything else. Us here at Coleman Marketing Group will know what attracts people to sites as regards keywords and content.

If you don’t have people on your payroll who understand the first thing about SEO although they are good marketers, with little experience of online marketing, they may not be as effective at optimizing your site as you would like to think. Online marketing is a different field from traditional marketing and advertising online requires a different set of skills.

That is where I come in. I can train your staff and help your site rise in the SERPS within its niche and you will see a difference in your sales figures over a comparatively short period of time- perhaps in weeks but certainly in the coming months. An investment in SEO is a long-term investment in your site.


Setup In-House SEO Training Today

Get your staff up to speed on the latest forms of SEO by booking a full day 101 training session with Antonio Coleman.

Session Includes:

  • What is SEO
  • Power of SEO
  • Search Engine Background
  • Organic Searches vs Paid Listing
  • How websites Rank over Others
  • Keyword Research
  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization
  • Analyzing Competition
  • Importance of Links
  • Finding Links
  • Building Links
  • Monitoring Rankings
  • Google Sand Box
  • Staying Consistence

Book Your Session Below Today

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