My February 2015 Local SEO Marketing Report

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CMG Monthly Local SEO Marketing Report for Feburay 2015

What happen in February 2015

Last month was a very interesting month, because honestly the only blog post that I posted was my first yearly local marketing report, and another post that I will talk about here in a minute that went viral.

Out of 28 days, I only mustered to write one post, and a list post where a few of my online friends talked about if they had to start from scratch. On any other month, I would say that this is some terrible marketing that I’m doing, by not blogging at least once a week.

But I have something that I have been working on all month that took me away from posting content regularly. I can’t even tell you what it is as of this second, just know that it’s over 9k words long, and was created for those who are in the real estate industry.

I’m one of those guys who loves to tackle all industries, and the one that I’m focusing on now is the real estate industry. The goal for this year is to come into this market, and give away as much free real estate marketing advice as possible.


Start of my Podcast

So a few weeks ago, I asked those who are part of my 52 week real estate marketing course would they be interested in a Real Estate Marketing Podcast. To my surprise, I got a number of responses from those who gave me the thumbs up in getting this done.

Email Responses

Yes” a marketing only podcast would be a gold mine. I have listened to all of the marketing podcasts on bigger pockets, but there are not enough. I am like most investors, I don’t know how to properly market my business. Everyone needs to know that I am Zach The Home Buyer! 

I say quit thinking about it, and just do it! All of us who are in RE are actually in marketing, we just don’t know it.”

Yes, I prefer podcasts!”



I enjoy reading, but sometimes a podcast just fits in the schedule better!”


Antonio, I see that you are also a member at Bigger Pocket. How will your Pod cast differ from theirs? I agree people learn in different ways, none better than by actual doing. For me, if I listen to everyone offering real estate marketing advice I would never get anything done in my business.

Yes! I need relevant and actual step by step information on a particular topic. It would be good to find out what people actually need now to move their business forward. As fast as things change on the internet, the information needs to be delivered in bite size easy to implement.”


I think podcast would be a great idea”


Yes Antonio, I enjoy listening to informative podcasts to and from my day job.”


Hi Antonio,

I would definitely listen to the podcast.  I listen to the Bigger Pockets podcast, Buy Sell Fix Flip with Michael Quarles, and Bad Christian podcasts all the time, so yours would be great!  I love your articles on BP, and I feel like I am learning a lot.  The progress is coming slow, and I know I need to blog more.  I plan to implement some of your ideas from the last few articles shortly.



Hey Antonio, Yes I love podcasts like the ones on Bigger Pockets for example. As long as I can download them for free so I can play them on my phone while I’m driving. And the content is relevant Downloading is the key for me so I don’t use up my data. And it give you more freedom. To play when and where you want. I love to read too! BDaniil Kleymanut sometimes listen is easier.Thanks Derek

Must Read #31 Tips On How To Market Your Business

Finally, I took a few days to look around for a microphone. One thing that I realized is that there are thousands of microphones out there. But I finally decided on one that I feel will produce the best quality of sound.

So look for this Podcast a little later this month, which will be released with at least 4 episodes. I’m excited about this other form of marketing, which I know will benefit so many in the real estate world.

Blog Post Went Viral

This past month I posted a post that asked a number of REI what would they do if they had to start from scratch. I got two guys to respond to my request, so I posted their response on my website as a blog post.

I created an awesome looking image of the two investors that I posted at the top of the page. These two REI guys gave me a little content that will spark something of amazement once it went live on my website.

On February 10, 2015 I published this post onto my blog, and started to share it on the following sites.

Two Investors Talk About If They Had to Start Over From Scratch

That blog post went viral online on Stumbleupon. For those of you who don’t know, this is a website that features awesome content, videos, images and etc..

You see, all I did was that I posted it there, and somehow it got picked up by the funnel system. This is a system where people just start to share it on their profiles, which shows up to their viewers.

Below you will see to the left hand side, the share button for Stumbleupon was shared over 2,613 times. This is pretty much like you posting something to Facebook, and everyone of your friends start to “Like” it. Then it starts showing all over the place, so this is what starts the viral effect.

Side Note: Even though it’s all great to get this type of traffic for the numbers sake. To be honest, it’s really not that good of a thing at the end of the day. Reason why is that most of the people who seen my website were probably not interested in what my two friends had to say.

Two Investors Talk About If They Had to Start Over From Scratch 1

What this comes down to is targeted traffic that converts. When you think about traffic to a website, you must take into consideration of what type of traffic it is. Is it direct traffic, referral traffic or search traffic? 

So at the end of the day, I’d rather have 100 targeted visitors per day versus 2,613 shares from Stumbleunpon, even though it was great while it lasted.

February Monthly Stats

When it comes to the traffic that my site is getting, I’m always willing to share it with my readers. I’m not getting hundreds of thousands of visitors, but I am getting traffic that converts.

What I’m saying is that my traffic is coming from places that supports my content. People are coming in directly, referral sites to me being found in the search engines. It’s 100% remarkable to see the growth of a website online when you apply hard work.

Now 2014 was my first full year of having this website live online. I created the website back in March of 2013, and as of you can see from that first month, I only got a whopping 24 people to visit the website.

Fast forward it to February of 2014 and 2015, which was last month. I only manged to get around 402 people to visit this website. Heck, that was still almost one full year after starting the website.

This is why I stress to people that it will take 6 months to a year to grow any website online. Depending on your industry, it can be fast or even longer. But the medium is around 6 months to a Year.

3,562 Visitors to CMG

Going from 402 visitors up to 3,562 visitors, is a big jump in traffic. To be 100% honest with you, I’m not real happy about that number at all knowing that I could’ve done better.

CMG feburary 2015 local seo marketing total traffic

You see, I’m a very busy guy who had tons of clients to tend to that past year. I really did not have a good process setup to balance my marketing, and the marketing of my clients websites and online presence. So I basically couldn’t work on my own projects like I wanted to.

No fear, I finally got the situation worked out by bringing on some good quality help that will allow me to focus more on growing my business, versus working in my businesses.

22,218 Impression from Search Engines

Now most of you may not know what this means, but it’s when your website content shows up on a page when someone does a search. Meaning, those top ten listings are shown, then this counts as an impression.

My content for my website CMG, was shown over 22,218 times in the search engines, with the opportunity to be clicked on. Now I only got 207 of those into clicks, but it doesn’t feel good to know that I was there to be able to get clicked on.

CMG Feburary 2015 Local SEO Marketing Google Webmaster

Note: If you look at the far left, you will see that I have over 926 Queries. This means that my content was found in Google for that many keywords/keyword phrases. Like I said, most of all of this is from content I write, and is being ranked in the search engines for tons of keywords.

My Local Marketing Stats

In my first yearly report for 2014, I talked about really digging deep down to go after my own local market. What I meant was that I would focus more on dominating my local market when it comes the online world.

I started this process by going after a few keywords such as…

Minden Marketing Companies – both website and video on #1 and #2

How Minden Marketing Companies Can Help You Dominate Webster Parish


Shreveport Marketing Agencies – website #12 and video main optimized video is not ranked

How To Choose A Shreveport Marketing Agency On A Shoestring Budget

 shreveport marketing agencies

Shreveport Small Business Marketing – website #10 video #9

Charlie Sheen’s Guide To Shreveport Small Business Marketing

Shreveport Small Business Marketing

Shreveport Advertising Agencies – website #18 video #28

The 6 Biggest Mistakes Shreveport-Bossier City Advertising Agencies Can Easily Avoid


Bossier City Advertising Agencies – Video #11 website #12

The 6 Biggest Mistakes Shreveport-Bossier City Advertising Agencies Can Easily Avoid


Shreveport Web Design – website and video not ranked at all

Warning: Shreveport – Bossier City Web Designers are Over Charging for Websites

Bossier City Web Design – website #35 video #39

Bossier City Web designers

I Made a Big Mistake

Above I wrote a blog post and created a video for each keyword, which is ok, and I’m ranked #1 for Minden Marketing Companies.

This is what I know for 100% fact by being a local seo marketing guy that the other keywords that I picked was going to hard to rank for without doing some good SEO work. I just knew these were some keywords that I wanted to start with first, because I knew how long it would take to get them to move up the rankings.

So my plan of action is to let these simmer while I start to create more local content around other industries. My plan is to target at least 5 to 10 new industries each month by producing some epic-wow content to help them market their business.

Ultimate Local Marketing Domination Guide by Antonio Coleman

Maybe this month, I will focus on the following industries:

  • Attorney
  • Dentist
  • Daycare
  • Restaurant
  • Real Estate

The goal is to write content, and create a video around these industries to help them market their business on a higher scale. You see, I know companies such as these are looking for ways to grow their business.

Most of them are located in certain cites, such as Atlanta, GA. Now if I’m a Daycare owner, I might go to Google and type in..

How to market my daycare in Atlanta GA or How to market my daycare

You see, on the first one I added the word “Atlanta” to the search, but the second one I left the word “Atlanta” off.

Search engines are very smart these days, so I know that even if I don’t use that keyword in the title, I can still come up on the front page because most searches are done with the local aspect in mind. So Google will still show my listing somewhere even if they don’t use that word “Atlanta.”

This is the model that I plan to follow for my own targeted local market. My focus is to build so much content around every single high paying industry that it would be impossible for me not to get in front of my potential clients.

Finally, at the end of most of my content, I will be offering them my free ultimate local marketing guide that will walk them through the few ways of growing their business online.

The goal is to help, help and help some more, so the local industries can get the right information to stand out in a crowded market.

Thanks You All

I hope this year of 2015 is a success for all of you who are doing business online or offline. Please help me share the content here on CMG by using the share buttons right here on the page. This will mean the world to me knowing that my content is being read by people who will take actions.



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