My Life, My Job, My Career: My 2016 Goals on Steroids

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My Life, My Job, My Career My 2016 Goals on Steroids

Once again the year of local seo marketing has come to an end here on CMG. 2015 brought a lot of good attention to my website from the number of interviews I’ve done to the whole process of growth online.

I’m looking to do these monthly reports from this day forward not only for me but also for you guys can see that these online marketing things really works if you implement actionable strategies.

These reports will help me see what’s working to what I need to just throw in the trash. I’m hoping most of the marketing techniques I will be using will grow the website nationally and locally.

Plus at the same time, you will be able to use the same steps I use for this website to grow your business online. All my marketing platforms will work for your business no matter you’re in any of the given industries…

  • Sports
  • Real Estate
  • Resturant
  • Automotive
  • Cosmetics
  • Law
  • Medical
  • and too many more to name…

You see no matter what industry you’re in the whole key to success comes down to two things, and two things only.

  • Clients
  • Customers

Every business to survive no matter what it is needs one or the other. Simply put the goal I have is to provide you with all the tools to get your business in front of one or the other.

The beauty of the game of online marketing can mean wonders for those bloggers, business owners who take advantage of it.

You see this website is only three years old, but it’s only been this past year that I’ve taking a stand to market it to the massive. That focus of marketing was targeted toward small business owners and those who run businesses online.

The ultimate key this past year was to just produce some good content that runs across all platforms. Meaning my goal was and is to serve the entire world of business owners from the marketing to implementing these strategies.

To sum it up I’m all about serving the people by given them the education they need to succeed online with their businesses. But now 2015 is long gone it’s time to really put CMG on the map by producing the highest quality content that will be worth linking to, sharing and talked about around the world.

Who Came to See Me?

This past year I didn’t really focus on too much when it came to the growth of the website. Like I said before the goal was to create good content, and worry about the domination in 2016.

Before I get into the goal of CMG for 2016, I first need to show you the stats from this past year. Doing this will give us a blueprint into where we at and where we need to target.

Google Analytics

Coleman Marketing Group | 2016 Google Analytics Jan 15 to Dec 15Coleman Marketing Group | 2016 Google Analytics Overall Traffic

Coleman Marketing Group | 2016 Google Analytics 8,038 SessionsGoogle Webmaster

Coleman Marketing Group Google Webmaster Total BacklinksColeman Marketing Group Google Webmaster Total Search Terms

CMG Redesigned

The redesign of CMG was something in the works for about a two years now. I had to convert from the old theme, which didn’t support the mobile view.

Google switched completely over this past year to given a lot of weight to websites that were mobile friendly. The cracked down was to make their users on mobile devices have the best websites possible.

This prompted me to go ahead and switch over to my design which is what you see now. But don’t be surprised if later this year with a great piece of software I built to design websites faster, that I will think about changing the design again.

Dominating a Niche

One of the things I started to do in 2015 is to find a niche I wanted to dominate. I could be writing content for tons of industries, but I decided to just focus on one which came out to be real estate.

Now I’m a marketing guy so you might be asking why in the world am I talking about real estate. Well, I’m not talking bout real estate at all. My focus is the marketing side of it which is…

  • Marketing a Websites
  • Targeting Leads
  • Building Local Presence

You see all these things I listed above can apply to any industry out there. So when I picked this industry I knew that it would have people who are ready to learn, and willing to take action excited about growing their business.

I’m starting the process of this by being a member of one of the biggest REI websites in the world “BiggerPockets

Check Out My Profile 

I even created something of value for this industry straight out of the gate to start the process of educating. I put together a free 52 week real estate marketing course, all for FREE.

They will receive a free newsletter each week with some amazing content that is teaching them how to market their business online to get in front of potential thousands of leads.

My Goals For This

Real simple and to the point is what my goals are for domaining this niche. The key will be to get this free newsletter out to at least 5,000 people by July 1, 2016.

From here I hope to be one of the go to places online for everyone in real estate to start learning about “real estate marketing 101” More on how I’m looking to make this happen later.

Once I’ve established this level of awareness, then I will take it a step further by creating something that will just change the real estate marketing world.

Stay Tuned for that

Goals for 2016

Life is all about setting goals, achieving goals, surpassing goals and falling short of your goals. Hopefully, you and I both can come as close as possible to the goals we set forth.

Mines are pretty much straight forward with no mesh in between. Whatever you have to do from writing down your goals to telling the world about them. Put your work into action so at the end of the day, you find success with your business.

Finish Two eBooks

I started writing two books in 2015 on local marketing, and real estate marketing. My goal is to have the real estate marketing book finish at the end of the month for those who will be interested in that.

I’m shooting for the fall of 2016 to drop the local marketing book which is half way done. But when you think about editing, and creating the book cover to the website that will offer the book there is a lot of stuff that needs to be done.

Rank #1 for Two Keywords

There are two keywords and only two keywords alone this year I have to try to rank for in the #1 position. If I can’t get #1 then I might settle for the top 3.

Those two keywords are…

  • Local SEO Marketing
  • Real Estate Marketing

Coleman Marketing Group | How to rank keywords

These are the top two keywords my entire focus will be on each and every day. These search terms get thousands of searches each month, so if I want to become the go-to man for these industries then I have to get some of that free traffic.

The way to become an expert/authority in an industry you must be able to gain traffic the free way versus the search engines. Now if you can rank for that keyword you’re going after no matter the industry, and on top of providing epic-wow content, you will succeed.

But I will give you a heads up on this, which will probably be a six months to a year process. Yep, doing seo take time whether its local seo or national seo. You have to be prepared to go months, and months of no ranking to even see a small size of growth.

Guess what, just by being a member of CMG by way of my newsletter that has over 2.5k subscribers as of today. You will get up to date content that will follow my process of making all this possible.

Build tons of local marketing content

One other element I’m looking to focus on this year is to build tons of local content for my Shreveport, Bossier, and Minden area of LA. These are my top 3 surrounding local markets where I can start building my brand like wildfire.

For example:

To be able to get a local dominance locally for my company which is the Coleman Marketing Group LLC, then I must push local content.

That content will be in the form of serving all industries that will help any business grow. So my plan is to maybe write about the local market from all the top industries.

Create content that the local attorneys will love to read to help brings in more clients. Plus even write some content on local casino’s who may come across it online, and think about contacting me to come in to talk about creative marketing ideas.

Just rinse and repeat for all the industries I write about. What I know is that no one else is doing it, so I understand if I create something epic-wow then I will stand out in the crowd, and most likely rank easier.

Double My Traffic and Search Terms

Lastly, I just want to double the traffic, and search terms linked to all my content. The goal is simply by all means is to grow the numbers to double exposure.  But, the only way I’m going to be able to do that is by sticking to the plan, and working my butt off to educate the people.

What are you goals for 2016..

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One thought on “My Life, My Job, My Career: My 2016 Goals on Steroids

  1. 1.create a revenue of ,000 2.set up 3 lead flow channels producing 5 deals per month3.create buyers list of 1000 real estate investors by end of year 4.launch company website with buyer/seller lead capture by March 1, 2016

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