Reputation Protection

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Google Your Company Name “NOW”

Have you ever Googled your name or company name and found that you are a victim of slander, bad comments, bad reviews and more? If so then I can help you push those bad pieces of content from the front page down so your reputation doesn’t continue to get damage.

Just a single dreadful review/feedback can cause a havoc to your company name and drive potential clients away if they Google you. There are millions of business owners who are losing sleep as you read this because they just don’t know how to deal with this sort of a matter. But if you say that it just can get removed by the search engine or the website owners then I will say you are wrong and you can read more about that at the bottom.

You see there is nothing more embarrassing knowing a customer just Googled your name to find out that individuals have posted something negative about you or your company name. This been shown on the front page of search engines center around your name which will lead to these customers not doing business with you and potentially telling other people not to as well.

We all love to read about the good things about our business online and will never have it removed because it reflects good business practices and we want people to find it. So it’s a double edge sword when the search engines starts to show the bad stuff which can literally make or break your business as a whole.


Don’t Be a Victim…

There are many ways someone can post negative content about you online from blogging, forums, review sites, social media platforms and the worse of them all are complaint sites such as Ripoff which allow bad reviews to be posted legally. Once bad content is listed on this site or any other site online it can be devastating because it can’t be removed even by the person who posted it which will stay on the front page of the search engines forever and tarnish your name if you don’t take action.

What’s even worse is that once this kind of content is posted online and the search engines ranks them on the front page. This is where the syndication starts when other websites pick up the same information and starts posting them to their sites which in time will turn the front page of your name into a flea market filled with damaging material.


Google Will Remove It..Right…

Matt Cutts “Head of Google’s Webspam Team”…he explains the whole notion that if something bad about you or your company is posted online do they have the authority to remove those negative comments. Read about why Google won’t remove that page you don’t like and understand that you must seek other options such as pushing that content off the front page.


Push Down That Content…

Here at Coleman Marketing Group LLC.. I focus on eliminating the negative comments that’s targeting your business. One of the top ways I do this is by fighting bad content with the likes of publishing good friendly content that will likely push the negative stuff from the first page to the second page and so forth. If your business is suffering from very serious attacks on your name then you will need to take action before it gets too far out of hand.

I understand the online reputation problems you may face and I offer cost-effective results that contain long-term solutions. My unique, time-tested Online Reputation Repair- will help you get your name back under your ongoing control so that you can focus on running your business.

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