Special Gift: 50+ Comments, Hundreds of Visitors by Being Featured on BiggerPockets Newsletter

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Special Gift 50 Comments Hundreds of Visitors by Being Featured on BiggerPockets Newsletter

Over a week ago, I wrote a blog post on BiggerPockets titled “How to Get a 40%+ Response Rate on Your Next Direct Mail Campaign.

That post was created to educate the real estate community on how to get a higher response rate through direct mail. You see direct mail is may be the top 2 or 3 ways most investors go about marketing their business.

Note: I have a special gift for all of my newsletter subscribers

So when people are spending tons of dollars on direct mail, then they’re more willing to learn how to capitalize on their investment. Overall, the post was centered around the strategies of how I would tackle my direct mail campaign in a more effective way.

36 Hours Later

First, I would like to say that BiggerPockets is one of the top REI websites in the world. Thousands of members read the content, guides and listen to their Podcast. The platform that they have are all centered around those who want to get more out of their real estate business.

Now, after about a day or so of that post going live on their website, I got an email from BP, which they send this to everyone who signs up, and want to receive their daily content.

The thing about their newsletter is that it only comes out about once a week, and usually it’s in the middle of the week. This newsletter highlights the weeks top content on their site, which is ranked accordingly to whatever terms they have.

I’m thinking that a lot of content that is featured in their newsletter is content that gets a lot of so called activity.

Here is a screen shot of that email..

coleman marketing group featured in Biggerpockets newsletter

From here you can see that they titled the newsletter somewhat after the title that I gave my blog post, which I posted on their blog. This newsletter easily goes out to thousands of REI people who will love to read content such as mine.

This means that I’m able to get my knowledge out to at least 100k people, all from my efforts of writing epic-wow educational content.

Don’t think educational epic-wow content is important for any website, then take a look at this blog post that I titled “Two Investors Talk About If They Had to Start Over From Scratch.” Which received over 2,613 shares on stumble upon.

People love great content that teaches them how to do something effectively, and without spending tons on advertising.

Next, another great thing that they did was that they featured the blog post at the top of the page to get even more targeted exposure. Yea you can see my nice looking face there smiling from ear to ear knowing that I just put my content in front of tons of people who can benefit from it.

How to Get a 40 Response Rate on Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

That blog post has been viewed thousands of times, and has gotten over 58 blog comments from those who just loved the content. This leads me to my special gift.

Special Gift

If you know me, then you will understand that I’m one of those people who just love to give back. No matter what it is, I’m always looking to reward people for their hard work and determination.

What I want to do is highlight those 239 people who are subscribed to my 52 week real estate marketing newsletter course. Those of you who are on the first week or even in the middle around the 26th week, I would love to say thanks so much for sticking around for something I work really hard on just for you guys.

So just for you being part of this course, I would love to list all of you on the front page of my 52 week real estate marketing newsletter course page. That page gets around 500 unique visitors each month as of today.

Yes, I would like to have all of you listed on that page with the following info if available:

  • Website Link

  • Facebook Profile Link

  • BiggerPockets Profile Link

All you have to do is leave a comment below, which only needs to be about 3 to 4 sentences of your views of my free real estate marketing newsletter course. People are loving it, and if you don’t believe me, then check out what others are saying about it online.

Antonio Coleman Biggerpockets commnet

Gino Forte reply to Antonio Coleman

coleman marketing group great work real estate marketing

Once you post your comment below along with the links that I asked for above. If you have those links, then I will take that info, and add it to my page here.

From here, hundreds of people every single month will be able to read your views of the free course, and most importantly be able to connect with you through your various links.

How Awesome is That?

The Goal

All I want to do is give back something of value to you all who have been part of this newsletter. I want to be able to showcase you all on one page for the world to see, and be able to promote your business as well for TOTALLY FREE.

The only thing that I ask is that you post a comment below today, or within the next 48hrs, since after this time I will turn off the comment section to the page where you might just miss out on a great opportunity to promote your business for free.

Finally, I would like to ask for one BIG Favor, which is, can you help me share this page. After you post your comment, can you please share it on your networks? I have many buttons here to the left side of the page for your convenience.

All I ask is for you to click a few share buttons to notify your followers of your comment.

P.S. Just wait for what I have in store for you guys a little later this month on how to implement direct mail the most effective way for even higher response rates.

Stay Tuned

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