Free Software to Block Websites

Awesome Free Software to Block Websites

One point that will like to make is that this will be the shortest part of this guide. The reason is that if you want to do something simple and easy online without manually doing it then go the software route which is just that simple. I understand more thing anything that most people are not computer savvy so showing them how to change this or that setting when it comes to blocking websites isn’t something they want to doing.

Most people like me and you prefer just plugging in a little information in a software like Window Blocker and allow it to do its job. This is the sole reason I’m writing this chapter first is for those people who just want to skip directly into blocking websites. If your one of those people then this section of the guide is for you.


Benefits of Using a Website Blocking Software

  1. The first major reason to use a software is because of the flexibility which you can implement. The features a software has can make blocking websites a breeze instead of dong it the manual way.
  2. Another great reason to use a software is that most of them have the ability for you to block websites at certain times. Now you can block websites up to certain times, hours or days. But doing it the manual way if you block a website its blocked until you undo the changes unlike using a software where it can be but on a timer.
  3. and many more…

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The Advance Guide of How to Block Websites

Why Did I Write This Guide?

For years now I been able to do something I love such as create websites and turn them into something amazing. For over 13 years now I been online learning, teaching and implementing some of the top marketing techniques out there such as seo which is the core of my business. So those of you out there who knows anything about seo or just doing business and work online understand that distraction can kill your production.

So for this reason I wanted to give my readers and those who find this in-dept guide of how to block websites a easy way to get things done. The only way you will be able to do this is by using your time wisely online by blocking websites that are taking up your online time.


Who Is This Guide For?

When deciding to write this guide I had to first think about myself and how I stay on task even though I’m part of tons of projects. So after brain storming for a while I deicided that it will be best to put together not only a guide for myself but a guide that will help many other individuals. Basically I starting saying this guide can help the following..

  • Online Marketers
  • Students
  • Office Workers
  • Business Owners
  • and more…

My findings told me that creating a guide like this won’t only help me but may serve a bigger purpose to those who struggle with annoying websites they like or just want to block completely.


How Much Of This Guide Should You Read?

Honestly this will be the only guide you will ever need if you want to continue to know how to block certain websites. How much you read depends on the form of how you want to block a website. I say this because there are many ways to block a website but it all comes down to the route you want to take.

If you want a software to block websites then I will say just jump directly to that chapter or maybe you just need to know how to block websites on your computer then I have that cover for you also. What I have found that some people just want to block certain websites on certain browsing platforms such as chrome or safari. If this the case then I have done my work in putting together a step by step guide that will walk you through the steps of blocking any website with a few clicks of the mouse.


How to Block Websites Guide Includes The Following?


Awesome Free Software to Block Websites…

There are number of ways of blocking websites from doing it manually to using a software. One of the great things about using a software is that you can block any regular website from blogs, forums, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with just a click of the mouse. There are by far the #1 sites people want to block from themselves or from users of their computer.

I recommend this form of blocking websites more then any manual way of blocking websites because of the risk of damaging your computer settings. So I’m a big fan of using a software for those who are not computer savvy. My overall goal of this guide is to make it simple and easy for you to block annoying websites and one of my favorite is the like’s of a automated software. 


How to Block Websites on Your Computer

Most people will tell that its impossible to block websites directly from your computer . There are some awesome settings on each and every computer that allows you to manually go in and change some settings.

These files that you can edit are very complex but with this guide I will show you step by step instructions in how to implement these actions.

It doesn’t matter what type of computer you have from a Mac, Gateway, HP or another computer platform out there. This simple technique will allow you to block any website online from the blogs sites to all the social media sites.



How to Block Websites on Google Chrome

If your like me then you may use many different browsers but the #1 browser I use is Google Chrome. Maybe you didn’t know this or not but you actually can install certain extension that allow you to manually block any website. But if your using firefox or internet explorer just realize this action will not apply to those browsers.

This guide will walk you through these simple steps of installing a blocking extension that will make annoying websites disappear. Plus this cool extension has a cool function that gives you the capability to block the unwanted sites for X amount of days which is great if you only want to disable it for a certain time.


How to Block Websites on Safari

Blocking website from Safari/Mac is pretty easy depending on which method your going for. You can do it from the parental control or your host file which gets a little complicated and dangerous when it comes to messing around with your file settings.

The parental control from Safari/Mac is one of my favorite ways to block websites because for one it’s easy and you don’t have to mess around with important files. So if you have a Mac then this guide will allow you to become a blocking machine in no time.


How to Block Websites on Windows

Unlike Safari/Mac where you can seek out the parental control to block unwanted websites. The windows is strictly done through your local host file located within your PC. My experience has shown me that blocking websites from a Windows platform is one of the safest and damage proof platforms I’ve came across.

Other platforms allow you to change your host files without you even been the administrator, but in the Window platform you must be given administrative rights to change any setting. Here in this guide I will show you a quick way you can block any website without fear of damaging your system.


How to Block Certain Websites..wink wink

I left this for last because even though some people view certain websites (wink wink) other people see them as offensive. Now if you have kids that use the same computer as you then it will be wise to have something on the computer to block them from viewing certain websites.

Whatever website you feel that’s inappropriate to your family or employees then this guide will show you a quick fix for that. That fix comes in the form of not even allowing these sites to show up so you and yours can have presents web surfing.


So Importantly: Use This How to Block Websites Guide to Eliminate Distractions and Unwanted Websites


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