Blocking Websites on Safari

How to Block Websites on Safari

In chapter 3 we talked about how to block websites on Google Chrome which is another great browser millions of people use. But today we will go over how to block any website on Safari which is on the Mac platform. Blocking websites on Safari is pretty easy to do because its manly done through the (parental Control)

This sort of goes back to how we will block a website on a regular computer platform but the steps are a little different. Now I looked around to see if there were any special extensions or plugin such as like what Google Chrome and Firefox uses but I wasn’t too satisfied with what I found .

So for that reason I decided to show you guys a step by step platform of only blocking any given content through the means of Safari Parental Controls.


1. First you will need to be login as the computer administrator to be able to make changes throughout all users. Once login you must head over to the (Open System Preferences Tab) Next you will be able to click on the user tab at the bottom and start the process.

2. Once as the administrator you will be able to click on the lock at the bottom to gain complete access to changing your computers settings. You must enter your user name and password.


3. Once in you will be able to create new account and customize already active accounts. Basically now all you have to do is to skim through the accounts and start the process of blocking website from the end users. Now if you’re the administrator then its obviously that you will change these settings under your account.


4. Next you will have to go back to the Open System Preferences tab. From here you will have to click on the parental controls which is looks like the image below once your in. Now from here you will be given the opportunity to change any settings you want .


5. The tab you will be blocking websites under will be the (Content) tab. From here you will be able customize your setting by blocking websites in three forms of fashion. You will be able to input websites you only want to view and restrict those you don’t want showing up. There are countless things you can do it all depends on your preference.


One thing I like about blocking websites on Safari is that its easy to customize your setting without changing files on your computer. If you have read the introduction of this blocking website guide then you will hear me talk a lot about not changing files because of it complication which can lead computer damage.

Now we have finished chapter 4 its time to move on the chapter 5 where we will go over how to block website in windows..which is extremely easy.

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