Free Software to Block Websites

Awesome Free Software to Block Websites

One point that will like to make is that this will be the shortest part of this guide. The reason is that if you want to do something simple and easy online without manually doing it then go the software route which is just that simple. I understand more thing anything that most people are not computer savvy so showing them how to change this or that setting when it comes to blocking websites isn’t something they want to doing.

Most people like me and you prefer just plugging in a little information in a software like Window Blocker and allow it to do its job. This is the sole reason I’m writing this chapter first is for those people who just want to skip directly into blocking websites. If your one of those people then this section of the guide is for you.


Benefits of Using a Website Blocking Software

  1. The first major reason to use a software is because of the flexibility which you can implement. The features a software has can make blocking websites a breeze instead of dong it the manual way.
  2. Another great reason to use a software is that most of them have the ability for you to block websites at certain times. Now you can block websites up to certain times, hours or days. But doing it the manual way if you block a website its blocked until you undo the changes unlike using a software where it can be but on a timer.
  3. and many more…

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free software to block a website by Qustodio

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