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Welcome to Coleman Marketing Group (CMG) which is founded by me (Antonio Coleman) I’m 33 year old guy with over 15 years of experience online has given me the tools to do just about anything I want when i t come to marketing such as SEO, website setup, seo consulting, email marketing and much more.

CMG is just the platform for me to help those others who are struggling with marketing of their business or just themselves personally. Online marketing is so powerful and those who can tap into the best forms of getting results are the ones who will dominate their markets.

You must know how to take your website to the next level and I’m not talking about being listed in the yellow pages I’m talking about being listed in the major search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing. By doing this your business is now in front of potentially millions of people who are targeted people and looking to buy or join your services.

I started CMG because I was once in the shoes of every website owner and business person who was looking for growth. My journey steams from the early days before YouTube or Facebook where you had to market online by using PPC which was a hot thing back then until it became too high to advertise your business on it due to increasing competition.


Keep Educating Yourself

But what I did was to learn how to create my own marketing way which has taken me on a ride of a lifetime. There is no marketing technique out there that I haven’t tried used or maybe even heard about. So by saying that I have taken on the challenge to weed out all the garbage marketing that’s a waste of time and learn what brings result such as SEO.

My expertise is in SEO which stands for (Search Engine Optimization) Now don’t let this scare you off by the long-term but it pretty much stands for taking a “keyword” like your name or business or something you want to rank for in the major search engines and do what we call SEO on your site.

I’m that guy who comes in and boost your site up the rankings so potentially millions of people can find your website. In short terms this is powerful and the reason behind CMG which is for me to help other small businesses find that presence in the search engine so people can find you.

But this is only just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Coleman Marketing Group. My goal is to help those businesses or people get websites setup if they don’t have one and keep them protected from hackers by offering them daily backups of their site so you can sleep easily at night.

CMG offers 24-7 and 365 days of the year of monitoring and protecting your site from the evil people of this world and for those of you who think no one will attack your site then I will say stick around a little longer. My years of online marketing I been able to meet thousands of people and I will say thousands who have suffer dearly for not protecting their website.

I have heard every sad story you can think of from waking up one morning and seeing that their website is not working or even worse. When you get hit by a hacker your business gets effected greatly and this can cost you thousands to get fix. Here at CMG I decided to prevent this from happen by offing a service that allows you to sleep easily at night and if something does happen then no problem just give my a contact and your site will be back up in running in less than 24hrs.


My Journey

The road of getting here goes back a long time ago sitting in my computer room reading about all the ways to market myself online. From going to the local book stores and reading until my eyes started to hurt and my wife wondering was I cheating on her because I would be gone for so long. “Funny Huh

Those were the earlier years of learning and preparing myself for the road of helping others grow online. From creating my first website with GEOCities and if you know them then you have been online a long time yourself. These platforms no longer are online but they did help me learn the ropes of HTML and CSS to create a website from scratch.

Because without a website for your business then your really missing out on really growing you business which is what I was taught by a great mentor of mines back in 2002. So from learning about websites to learning how to market with the power of SEO has given me the tools to help you.

My journey has included meeting thousands of other successful marketers and learning a little here and there from all of them. They say if you want to be successful then surround yourself with other successful people. This is something that strive for and will continue to do so I can further educate myself so I can deliver better results to you guys.

I don’t consider myself as an internet guru or anything like that because no one knows everything about the internet. But I have driven this car for a long time and know what it takes to make it to the top. So to end this I will love to say it’s a pleasure to have you here in my world of online marketing and if you choose to make CMG your one stop place for the latest content of marketing your business then take a moment to subscribe to my Newsletter.


Please make CMG your #1 place for your online marketing tips and more…



Antonio Coleman



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