Building an Online Presence is NOT SEO – It’s Like Comparing Apples to Oranges

Building an Online Presence is NOT SEO – It's Like Comparing Apples to Oranges

One of the main reasons  that I’m writing this blog post is to show not only my own clients the difference in SEO and Building an Online Presence, but also to educate those others who may want to get updated on this topic.

SEO vs Building an Online Presence

Most people will tell you that both of these are the same no matter how you look at it. Well, sorry my friend, but this is like trying to compare Apples to Oranges.

What I want to explain today is the difference in the two so you as a business owner online or offline, will make the right choice for your success. First before you start thinking about which route you want to take, I would like to explain to you the incredible differences in the both.


I would like for you to think about this for a moment to get you in the mind set of understanding the two.

Lets say we’re a real estate company located in Shreveport La, and there are around a solid 30 competing real estate companies in the given city.

To break down the numbers even more, lets say only 20 of them have “WEBSITES.”

More random stats…

– 10 Have Facebook Business Pages

– 5 Have Twitter Accounts

– 6 Have Google Business Listings

– 3 Have a Yelp Page

– NONE are Blogging

– NONE Have Videos Ranked Online

Now, as you can see we are competing with these companies who do have somewhat of an online presence, but not enough for you to target SEO. You may be asking yourself since SEO is not the best route to go in this case, then possibly the building of the online presence is the best route to take..RIGHT

Correct…and here is why

What is SEO

I’m going to make this as simple as possible so that I don’t get anyone confused about this form of marketing. When you think about SEO, you have to think about the following…

  • Online Page Optimization
  • Offsite Optimization
  • Awesome Content “Link Bait Type”
  • Blogging Content “Epic-Wow”
  • Backlink/Links “Authority Links”
  • Social Media Presence

These factors have everything to do with SEO, and when you implement them together you get some form of rankings in the search engines.

Here is a infograph from 1st on the List 

Building an Online Presence is NOT SEO. What is SEO

The fact is that all of these moving parts are all about pushing your website up the rankings for any keyword you like.

For Example: Lets take the keyword “Shreveport Real Estate,” which gets around 1,600 monthly searches.

If you wanted to do SEO to get ranked on the front page of this keyword, you would have to first optimize your website/page/post to support that word.

Next, you will need to go out and get that content on as many highly targeted websites as possible. Now all links are not apples to apples. Some links such as forums, comments and low quality websites are not going to help you at all.

Reason being, is that the other websites that are on the front page for “Shreveport Real Estate” are connected to other highly authority websites, so to even be able to compete you will need to go after those links and others that have what we call link juice.

This is Too Time Consuming

Unless you have a lot of time on your hands or can hire someone or a company to do this for you, then I will say don’t even think about doing SEO.

Tough get highly quality links

You’re talking about months of hard work that may or may not work. So my recommendation is to stay clear of SEO unless you have the budget, and the time to really wait it out until the rankings start to move.

But I gotcha…here is a free SEO Practice Course that will walk you through the entire process of SEO for those who want to learn about this even more.

What is Building an Online Presence?

One of the main reasons I offer the building of an online presence to all of my clients is because of the range of rankings you can get.

You see with SEO it’s all about ranking your website for a targeted keyword, and waiting out the process to see what happens.

Online presence is more like getting thousands of people to promote your business for you. Meaning, instead of me standing on the corner selling T-Shirts, now I can have thousands of people selling my T-shirts just by me giving them my business model.

Check out this infograph by  Digital Information World

Building an Online Presence is NOT SEO – It's Like Comparing Apples to Oranges

Simple Example:

Walmart has thousands of stores around the world if you know it or not. If I wanted to put my business in-front of thousands of potential customers everyday, then I would fight to get my product in those stores.

The overall goal is to piggyback off their success so that I can make sales just that much easier. You see, Wal-Mart has authority in the world, so if I want to have a successful selling product, then I need to be part of that crowd.

Building your online presence is all about getting your business on as many platforms as you can that already have authority. The top three ways of doing this is by having your business located on as many high authority places such as..Youtube, Profiles and Citations.

Youtube videos rank very well in the search engine when trying to rank for local targeted keywords. So if I was a plumber in Shreveport La, then I would do a video centered around the keyword “Shreveport La, Plumbers.”

That video, just because it’s Youtube, it would rank at a good spot in the search engine. Why, the simple truth is that Google owns Youtube, and they focus a lot on their content to rank highly even the video.

Basically, just creating a video that is optimized will somewhat rank above the general websites if implemented correctly. If you can rank on the front page for that search term, then you will get a share of that traffic.

But wait there’s more…what if I say that you can create unlimited videos, profiles and citations that all will out rank most websites…what would you say?

Well, if I were you, this will be the route I would go because I don’t have to build backlinks.  Simply create the profile, citation or video which will automatically rank well.

Yes, it will take time

Just like SEO, building an online presence does take time also, which is what I explain to all my clients and potential clients.

It can take months also to see some form of growth in the search engine, but it’s a lot less stressful than trying to find websites to exchange links with.

Look, I’m not going to leave you hanging without giving you something that will not only explain this in details, but will also walk you through how to build your own online presence.

Take a look at my 31 tips for dominating your local market ,which also comes with a step by step guide to growing your business online.

Join 2,387 other People:Businesses and Download Antonio’s 31 Tips to Dominating Your Local Market Guide - ALL FOR FREE

Final Thought

SEO and the building of an online presence are two of the most powerful forms of local online marketing for small businesses. What I would like for you to do is choose what works best for you financially and overtime.

I hope that I explained the two in the best fashion possible, so now it’s your turn to go out and dominate your local marketing..but the question is which route will you go?

Special Gift: 50+ Comments, Hundreds of Visitors by Being Featured on BiggerPockets Newsletter

Special Gift 50 Comments Hundreds of Visitors by Being Featured on BiggerPockets Newsletter

Over a week ago, I wrote a blog post on BiggerPockets titled “How to Get a 40%+ Response Rate on Your Next Direct Mail Campaign.

That post was created to educate the real estate community on how to get a higher response rate through direct mail. You see direct mail is may be the top 2 or 3 ways most investors go about marketing their business.

Note: I have a special gift for all of my newsletter subscribers

So when people are spending tons of dollars on direct mail, then they’re more willing to learn how to capitalize on their investment. Overall, the post was centered around the strategies of how I would tackle my direct mail campaign in a more effective way.

36 Hours Later

First, I would like to say that BiggerPockets is one of the top REI websites in the world. Thousands of members read the content, guides and listen to their Podcast. The platform that they have are all centered around those who want to get more out of their real estate business.

Now, after about a day or so of that post going live on their website, I got an email from BP, which they send this to everyone who signs up, and want to receive their daily content.

The thing about their newsletter is that it only comes out about once a week, and usually it’s in the middle of the week. This newsletter highlights the weeks top content on their site, which is ranked accordingly to whatever terms they have.

I’m thinking that a lot of content that is featured in their newsletter is content that gets a lot of so called activity.

Here is a screen shot of that email..

coleman marketing group featured in Biggerpockets newsletter

From here you can see that they titled the newsletter somewhat after the title that I gave my blog post, which I posted on their blog. This newsletter easily goes out to thousands of REI people who will love to read content such as mine.

This means that I’m able to get my knowledge out to at least 100k people, all from my efforts of writing epic-wow educational content.

Don’t think educational epic-wow content is important for any website, then take a look at this blog post that I titled “Two Investors Talk About If They Had to Start Over From Scratch.” Which received over 2,613 shares on stumble upon.

People love great content that teaches them how to do something effectively, and without spending tons on advertising.

Next, another great thing that they did was that they featured the blog post at the top of the page to get even more targeted exposure. Yea you can see my nice looking face there smiling from ear to ear knowing that I just put my content in front of tons of people who can benefit from it.

How to Get a 40 Response Rate on Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

That blog post has been viewed thousands of times, and has gotten over 58 blog comments from those who just loved the content. This leads me to my special gift.

Special Gift

If you know me, then you will understand that I’m one of those people who just love to give back. No matter what it is, I’m always looking to reward people for their hard work and determination.

What I want to do is highlight those 239 people who are subscribed to my 52 week real estate marketing newsletter course. Those of you who are on the first week or even in the middle around the 26th week, I would love to say thanks so much for sticking around for something I work really hard on just for you guys.

So just for you being part of this course, I would love to list all of you on the front page of my 52 week real estate marketing newsletter course page. That page gets around 500 unique visitors each month as of today.

Yes, I would like to have all of you listed on that page with the following info if available:

  • Website Link

  • Facebook Profile Link

  • BiggerPockets Profile Link

All you have to do is leave a comment below, which only needs to be about 3 to 4 sentences of your views of my free real estate marketing newsletter course. People are loving it, and if you don’t believe me, then check out what others are saying about it online.

Antonio Coleman Biggerpockets commnet

Gino Forte reply to Antonio Coleman

coleman marketing group great work real estate marketing

Once you post your comment below along with the links that I asked for above. If you have those links, then I will take that info, and add it to my page here.

From here, hundreds of people every single month will be able to read your views of the free course, and most importantly be able to connect with you through your various links.

How Awesome is That?

The Goal

All I want to do is give back something of value to you all who have been part of this newsletter. I want to be able to showcase you all on one page for the world to see, and be able to promote your business as well for TOTALLY FREE.

The only thing that I ask is that you post a comment below today, or within the next 48hrs, since after this time I will turn off the comment section to the page where you might just miss out on a great opportunity to promote your business for free.

Finally, I would like to ask for one BIG Favor, which is, can you help me share this page. After you post your comment, can you please share it on your networks? I have many buttons here to the left side of the page for your convenience.

All I ask is for you to click a few share buttons to notify your followers of your comment.

P.S. Just wait for what I have in store for you guys a little later this month on how to implement direct mail the most effective way for even higher response rates.

Stay Tuned

My February 2015 Local SEO Marketing Report

CMG Monthly Local SEO Marketing Report for Feburay 2015

What happen in February 2015

Last month was a very interesting month, because honestly the only blog post that I posted was my first yearly local marketing report, and another post that I will talk about here in a minute that went viral.

Out of 28 days, I only mustered to write one post, and a list post where a few of my online friends talked about if they had to start from scratch. On any other month, I would say that this is some terrible marketing that I’m doing, by not blogging at least once a week.

But I have something that I have been working on all month that took me away from posting content regularly. I can’t even tell you what it is as of this second, just know that it’s over 9k words long, and was created for those who are in the real estate industry.

I’m one of those guys who loves to tackle all industries, and the one that I’m focusing on now is the real estate industry. The goal for this year is to come into this market, and give away as much free real estate marketing advice as possible.


Start of my Podcast

So a few weeks ago, I asked those who are part of my 52 week real estate marketing course would they be interested in a Real Estate Marketing Podcast. To my surprise, I got a number of responses from those who gave me the thumbs up in getting this done.

Email Responses

Yes” a marketing only podcast would be a gold mine. I have listened to all of the marketing podcasts on bigger pockets, but there are not enough. I am like most investors, I don’t know how to properly market my business. Everyone needs to know that I am Zach The Home Buyer! 

I say quit thinking about it, and just do it! All of us who are in RE are actually in marketing, we just don’t know it.”

Yes, I prefer podcasts!”



I enjoy reading, but sometimes a podcast just fits in the schedule better!”


Antonio, I see that you are also a member at Bigger Pocket. How will your Pod cast differ from theirs? I agree people learn in different ways, none better than by actual doing. For me, if I listen to everyone offering real estate marketing advice I would never get anything done in my business.

Yes! I need relevant and actual step by step information on a particular topic. It would be good to find out what people actually need now to move their business forward. As fast as things change on the internet, the information needs to be delivered in bite size easy to implement.”


I think podcast would be a great idea”


Yes Antonio, I enjoy listening to informative podcasts to and from my day job.”


Hi Antonio,

I would definitely listen to the podcast.  I listen to the Bigger Pockets podcast, Buy Sell Fix Flip with Michael Quarles, and Bad Christian podcasts all the time, so yours would be great!  I love your articles on BP, and I feel like I am learning a lot.  The progress is coming slow, and I know I need to blog more.  I plan to implement some of your ideas from the last few articles shortly.



Hey Antonio, Yes I love podcasts like the ones on Bigger Pockets for example. As long as I can download them for free so I can play them on my phone while I’m driving. And the content is relevant Downloading is the key for me so I don’t use up my data. And it give you more freedom. To play when and where you want. I love to read too! BDaniil Kleymanut sometimes listen is easier.Thanks Derek

Must Read #31 Tips On How To Market Your Business

Finally, I took a few days to look around for a microphone. One thing that I realized is that there are thousands of microphones out there. But I finally decided on one that I feel will produce the best quality of sound.

So look for this Podcast a little later this month, which will be released with at least 4 episodes. I’m excited about this other form of marketing, which I know will benefit so many in the real estate world.

Blog Post Went Viral

This past month I posted a post that asked a number of REI what would they do if they had to start from scratch. I got two guys to respond to my request, so I posted their response on my website as a blog post.

I created an awesome looking image of the two investors that I posted at the top of the page. These two REI guys gave me a little content that will spark something of amazement once it went live on my website.

On February 10, 2015 I published this post onto my blog, and started to share it on the following sites.

Two Investors Talk About If They Had to Start Over From Scratch

That blog post went viral online on Stumbleupon. For those of you who don’t know, this is a website that features awesome content, videos, images and etc..

You see, all I did was that I posted it there, and somehow it got picked up by the funnel system. This is a system where people just start to share it on their profiles, which shows up to their viewers.

Below you will see to the left hand side, the share button for Stumbleupon was shared over 2,613 times. This is pretty much like you posting something to Facebook, and everyone of your friends start to “Like” it. Then it starts showing all over the place, so this is what starts the viral effect.

Side Note: Even though it’s all great to get this type of traffic for the numbers sake. To be honest, it’s really not that good of a thing at the end of the day. Reason why is that most of the people who seen my website were probably not interested in what my two friends had to say.

Two Investors Talk About If They Had to Start Over From Scratch 1

What this comes down to is targeted traffic that converts. When you think about traffic to a website, you must take into consideration of what type of traffic it is. Is it direct traffic, referral traffic or search traffic? 

So at the end of the day, I’d rather have 100 targeted visitors per day versus 2,613 shares from Stumbleunpon, even though it was great while it lasted.

February Monthly Stats

When it comes to the traffic that my site is getting, I’m always willing to share it with my readers. I’m not getting hundreds of thousands of visitors, but I am getting traffic that converts.

What I’m saying is that my traffic is coming from places that supports my content. People are coming in directly, referral sites to me being found in the search engines. It’s 100% remarkable to see the growth of a website online when you apply hard work.

Now 2014 was my first full year of having this website live online. I created the website back in March of 2013, and as of you can see from that first month, I only got a whopping 24 people to visit the website.

Fast forward it to February of 2014 and 2015, which was last month. I only manged to get around 402 people to visit this website. Heck, that was still almost one full year after starting the website.

This is why I stress to people that it will take 6 months to a year to grow any website online. Depending on your industry, it can be fast or even longer. But the medium is around 6 months to a Year.

3,562 Visitors to CMG

Going from 402 visitors up to 3,562 visitors, is a big jump in traffic. To be 100% honest with you, I’m not real happy about that number at all knowing that I could’ve done better.

CMG feburary 2015 local seo marketing total traffic

You see, I’m a very busy guy who had tons of clients to tend to that past year. I really did not have a good process setup to balance my marketing, and the marketing of my clients websites and online presence. So I basically couldn’t work on my own projects like I wanted to.

No fear, I finally got the situation worked out by bringing on some good quality help that will allow me to focus more on growing my business, versus working in my businesses.

22,218 Impression from Search Engines

Now most of you may not know what this means, but it’s when your website content shows up on a page when someone does a search. Meaning, those top ten listings are shown, then this counts as an impression.

My content for my website CMG, was shown over 22,218 times in the search engines, with the opportunity to be clicked on. Now I only got 207 of those into clicks, but it doesn’t feel good to know that I was there to be able to get clicked on.

CMG Feburary 2015 Local SEO Marketing Google Webmaster

Note: If you look at the far left, you will see that I have over 926 Queries. This means that my content was found in Google for that many keywords/keyword phrases. Like I said, most of all of this is from content I write, and is being ranked in the search engines for tons of keywords.

My Local Marketing Stats

In my first yearly report for 2014, I talked about really digging deep down to go after my own local market. What I meant was that I would focus more on dominating my local market when it comes the online world.

I started this process by going after a few keywords such as…

Minden Marketing Companies – both website and video on #1 and #2

How Minden Marketing Companies Can Help You Dominate Webster Parish


Shreveport Marketing Agencies – website #12 and video main optimized video is not ranked

How To Choose A Shreveport Marketing Agency On A Shoestring Budget

 shreveport marketing agencies

Shreveport Small Business Marketing – website #10 video #9

Charlie Sheen’s Guide To Shreveport Small Business Marketing

Shreveport Small Business Marketing

Shreveport Advertising Agencies – website #18 video #28

The 6 Biggest Mistakes Shreveport-Bossier City Advertising Agencies Can Easily Avoid


Bossier City Advertising Agencies – Video #11 website #12

The 6 Biggest Mistakes Shreveport-Bossier City Advertising Agencies Can Easily Avoid


Shreveport Web Design – website and video not ranked at all

Warning: Shreveport – Bossier City Web Designers are Over Charging for Websites

Bossier City Web Design – website #35 video #39

Bossier City Web designers

I Made a Big Mistake

Above I wrote a blog post and created a video for each keyword, which is ok, and I’m ranked #1 for Minden Marketing Companies.

This is what I know for 100% fact by being a local seo marketing guy that the other keywords that I picked was going to hard to rank for without doing some good SEO work. I just knew these were some keywords that I wanted to start with first, because I knew how long it would take to get them to move up the rankings.

So my plan of action is to let these simmer while I start to create more local content around other industries. My plan is to target at least 5 to 10 new industries each month by producing some epic-wow content to help them market their business.

Ultimate Local Marketing Domination Guide by Antonio Coleman

Maybe this month, I will focus on the following industries:

  • Attorney
  • Dentist
  • Daycare
  • Restaurant
  • Real Estate

The goal is to write content, and create a video around these industries to help them market their business on a higher scale. You see, I know companies such as these are looking for ways to grow their business.

Most of them are located in certain cites, such as Atlanta, GA. Now if I’m a Daycare owner, I might go to Google and type in..

How to market my daycare in Atlanta GA or How to market my daycare

You see, on the first one I added the word “Atlanta” to the search, but the second one I left the word “Atlanta” off.

Search engines are very smart these days, so I know that even if I don’t use that keyword in the title, I can still come up on the front page because most searches are done with the local aspect in mind. So Google will still show my listing somewhere even if they don’t use that word “Atlanta.”

This is the model that I plan to follow for my own targeted local market. My focus is to build so much content around every single high paying industry that it would be impossible for me not to get in front of my potential clients.

Finally, at the end of most of my content, I will be offering them my free ultimate local marketing guide that will walk them through the few ways of growing their business online.

The goal is to help, help and help some more, so the local industries can get the right information to stand out in a crowded market.

Thanks You All

I hope this year of 2015 is a success for all of you who are doing business online or offline. Please help me share the content here on CMG by using the share buttons right here on the page. This will mean the world to me knowing that my content is being read by people who will take actions.



My First Yearly Local Marketing Report for the Year of 2014

My First Yearly Local Marketing Report for the Year of 2014

I would like to welcome you to the first local marketing report for CMG, and for the start of 2015. I’m looking to produce these reports each and every month showing you the things that I’m doing to promote my own business, which is the Coleman Marketing Group, and my website

These reports will include the things that I’m doing throughout the month to grow my presence online and offline. Plus, this gives me the opportunity to see my growth month to month, and at the same time, help you make smart choices about marketing your business.

I used to do this a lot on one of my other websites from back in the day, but that site was centered around getting free traffic to my website. So I was doing reports on how much traffic the site was getting, and how I was achieving so much success online. These reports will not be in that format since most of the people who read CMG, are business minded people who have or are looking to start a business.

This means that they’re looking to learn how in the world do they market their businesses online and offline, without having to spend thousands of dollars? Like all of my clients will tell you, my goal is to help you save money and keep money in the bank. Not spend it on things that may not give you the biggest return when it comes to getting more leads and clients.

What Goals I’m looking to Achieve with these reports

  • Track my local presence online and offline
  • Create a blueprint for you to follow
  • Educate those who need it the most “You”
  • Build a following of people who want to learn
  • Help business owners like you dominate their local markets
  • Inspire someone who thinks growing their business online isn’t possible

What I will be covering today

  • Last year’s website and personal growth
  • My online presence today and plans of growing it
  • The great epic-wow content that I wrote
  • My plans of growing the site and my local online presence

Last Year of 2014

Last year was a pretty good year for the Coleman Marketing Group, online and offline. When I started this website it, was all about using it as a platform to grow my own business locally in my community. Then I started writing more for the regular small business owner, to teach them how to go about growing their business online.

The road to get to where I’m at now, is just truly a blessing in the sky. The site is growing on a steady, but massive, level when you think about the industry that I’m in. In the “Local Marketing” field, there are a number of companies that you can turn to when you want to grow your business. But I’ve started to seek my way into the market, and make myself one of the top people to turn to when businesses need help growing their online presence and more.

Half of the year I worked on just writing good targeted content, while not focusing more on my local online presence. You see, I focused so much on my clients online presence, that I just merely forgot about working on my own business. This is the only part about 2014 that I’m not proud of.  No worry here, because in 2015 I will be putting this into high gear, and you will be able to see my growth month after month.

The reason that I’m doing this live with my own business, is because some people don’t think that it’s possible to grow a business that’s offline, online. Just realize that hundreds, if not thousands, of people are searching for your services each and everyday, so it would be wise to get your business in front of those people.

Hopefully, these reports that I do each month revealing the growth of my own business, will inspire you to take action. This is one reason why I make my services so affordable, is for you to take action growing your business. All of these reports will be centered around me trying to build my local online presence for a number keywords that I think people will be typing into the search engines to find services such as mine.

But first let’s just take a look back on all of the traffic numbers that I’ve accumulated over this past year. This is from all of the online marketing that I’ve done for the site to get it out there in front of people who would be interested in growing their business by using local seo marketing.

Just understand, all of this is from doing local online marketing, blogging, local seo, and more to grow my website and business. So understand that no matter what industry you’re in, the same rules will apply when growing your business. Just be prepared for two things: doing the work yourself or paying someone else to do it for you. No matter what, I’m going to be showing you the exact steps that I took to just get to this point. Until then, let’s go over some numbers.

Coleman Marketing Group 2014 Overall Traffic Numbers

The site did really well when it comes to the overall traffic that I was able to get the site in front of. 15,483 people decided to come over to CMG to read some form of my content. Now, this traffic didn’t come over night at all, because if you know it or not, I had to really get out there and market the website.

The entire site is about local marketing, so I don’t just cater to one specific niche. Basically, when I write about something, it pretty much covers everything across the board. You see for the 2015 year, I will be helping a lot of real estate people market their businesses more effectively this year.

Now, even though I might write some content on my website strictly around the real estate industry, it doesn’t mean that content can’t help you if you’re in the automotive or sport niche. The same rules and processes still apply to all parts of local marketing.

So, I’m saying that all of the content that I wrote on the website was centered around helping all industries. I really stressed this a lot in my ultimate local marketing guide, that is just jam packed of step by step instructions of dominating your local market.

coleman marketing group 2014 total traffic stats

Finally, I just wanted to give you a sneak peak into the daily traffic that I’m getting from a number of sources such Google, referring sites, and people coming directly to the site. Now this is targeted traffic that I’m always talking about when it comes to growing your business. If you want to be found online for free and have your leads chase you down, then you have to build that online presence.

Just realize that this is from a lot of hard work of producing quality content and building my online presence, which is what I’m going to be focusing a little more on this year.

coleman marketing group 2014 total daily traffic

12,222 Search Engine Seekers

Now, if you stick around long enough and join my mailing list, by getting my 31 tips of dominating your local market. You will sooner or later learn how to get your business, no matter the industry, locally in front of thousands of targeted people each and every month.

For those of you who don’t know what Google Webmaster is, don’t worry about it, I will be doing some tutorials on it later on down the road that will explain it in full. To sum it up now, it’s just a free web based software from Google, that tracks your online presence in their search engine. It let’s you know who is linking to your website content, keywords you rank for, and much more data.

For today, I just want you to focus on one thing, which is the search volume that my site comes across on a monthly basis. I write a lot of content locally and nationally, that I like to be ranked in the search engines. So the goal is to have that content show up in the search engines, so that I can be found.

For example: Search the keyword: dominate your local market

You will see that my “Ultimate Local Marketing Domination Guide by Antonio Coleman,” is on the front page. Every time someone searches for that keyword, or “how to dominate your local market,” that page from my website will come up.

This is called an impression when your listing comes up in view of the person who is doing the search. Now, this doesn’t mean that they clicked on it, it just means that your listing came up. For the past 30 days, I’ve been sitting around 12k impressions per month for all of the keywords that I’m ranking for.

Meaning, all of the content that I write is ranked in the search engine somewhere, and people are finding it. Think about that for a moment!!!!! If you’re running a business locally no matter the niche, and people can find what you write in the search engine just by doing a search, how powerful do you think that will be?

Well, it’s very powerful because I have the status and growth to prove it. Don’t worry, I’m here to teach you how to do it in a cheap but effective way. Plus, you see from the image below, that I’m ranked for over 597 keyword phrases, which is extremely powerful. Ask yourself one question, is this something my local competition is doing?

Let me answer that for you..Nope

coleman marketing group 2014 webmaster stats

More Press for CMG

I started off the year on a high note by being interviewed by a local newspaper company. They wanted to do a story on me, so that I could enlighten the local businesses about how local marketing can be a powerful tool. This was my first time getting on the front page of a newspaper, which was kind of awkward. Once that thing hit the stands, my phone wouldn’t even stop ringing.

People wanted to know more about local marketing, and how I can help them get to the next level. So here is the link to the blog post that I wrote about it.

Special Thanks to Minden Press Herald of Minden La from Antonio Coleman

Plus, this past year I started on a journey to help those in a certain niche market. So I went out and picked the real estate industry first to go about educating people in that market about how they can grow their business online to gain leads.

So my goal was to get into some publications online and offline, so that I can start the educational process. This is the reason that I created the free 52 weeks real estate marketing course, that is totally free, for anyone in the real estate industry.

It’s a 52 week course where they get one email per week explaining what they need to be doing to grow their real estate business in the form of getting more leads. All that I’m doing is educating people on what to do, and most importantly, I’m not selling one thing to them. Not trying to make much, just purely looking to spread information about building that online presence.

Basically, I’m starting to get some press with that also by getting interviewed by tons of real estate websites, magazines, blogs and more.

I’m Featured In Community Investors Antonio Coleman owner of the Coleman Marketing Group was Featured In Community Investors

What I must say is that this is an awesome magazine about community investors. If you ever have the time, go signup for a free subscription so that you can get your hands on something truly amazing. I wrote a simple article on the..

Read about The 3 P’s for Marketing Success

I wanted to write about something that was in general when it comes to marketing any sort of business online or offline. Once again, I would like to thank Community Investors on giving me the platform to make my knowledge known to their audience.

Check out pages 46-47 in the magazine 

The 3 P’s for Marketing Success by Antonio Coleman featured on Community Investors

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Follow them on.. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube

Being Featured in Inman

This online real estate connection website may be one of the most talked about websites online. They have thousands of members, and even more tuned in everyday to read their amazing content and success stories from those in the community.

This is another website that I’ve done an interview with, but it has not gone live yet on their website. I just decided to add it because I did the interview a few weeks ago, and I wanted it to be a part of this blog post. Once it goes live, I will come back here and update it with the appropriate links.

Here are a few pictures that I took for the interview that showed me just out and about enjoying my day.

Antonio Coleman of the Coleman Marketing Group at the mall

Antonio Coleman of the Coleman Marketing Group at the mall in January 2015

Antonio Coleman of the Coleman Marketing Group at his home office

Those were some of the few elements of CMG 2014 accomplishments and stats, just to fill you in on the growth of the website. Next, I would like to talk about where I plan on taking this site in 2015. My goals are really big for this coming year, so I want to share them with all of you to let you know what to expect.

About to Dominate My Own Market

I’m a big believer in showing people that you can achieve something versus always writing about it. I talk a lot on this website about local marketing domination. What I stress to my clients is that if you don’t have an online presence, then you’re missing out on another targeted market.

People are searching for what you have to offer online, so why not put your business in front of those potential clients/customers. Now, I help tons of business owners across the world with my CMG local marketing program. I’ve seen lots of growth in the form of more of an online presence for all of my clients, old and new.

What I tell them is that it can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to get any sort of results online. So this form of marketing takes time and patience, which is the key to online success.

Last year I started to think of my business in this same light of dominating my local market. I’m looking to rank highly in the search engines, mainly for my targeted videos, and maybe my website content also after I get the videos to #1 in the search engines for their even terms.

Since my business is all about marketing, then it would be smart for me to go after those who will be searching for some form of marketing/advertising for their business in my local market.

Below you will see some keywords that I’m looking to target. I’ve already created a piece of epic-wow content and video for each and every keyword. I wrote over 1,000 words for each piece of content, and created some simple videos centered around me talking about that keyword industry.

As of 1/14/15, these are the rankings that I have when it comes to the videos and posts that I have written around each keyword.

Minden Marketing Companies – both website and video on #1 and #2


How Minden Marketing Companies Can Help You Dominate Webster Parish

Shreveport Marketing Agencies – website #12 and video main optimized video is not ranked


How To Choose A Shreveport Marketing Agency On A Shoestring Budget

Shreveport Small Business Marketing – website #10 video #9


Charlie Sheen’s Guide To Shreveport Small Business Marketing

Shreveport Advertising Agencies – website #18 video #28


The 6 Biggest Mistakes Shreveport-Bossier City Advertising Agencies Can Easily Avoid

Bossier City Advertising Agencies – Video #11 website #12


The 6 Biggest Mistakes Shreveport-Bossier City Advertising Agencies Can Easily Avoid

Shreveport Web Design – website and video not ranked at all


Warning: Shreveport – Bossier City Web Designers are Over Charging for Websites

Bossier City Web Design – website #35 video #39

Working on a Podcast 

This month I will be putting together my first ever Podcast on targeting a certain niche. Podcasting is a very powerful form of content, because you can start to build what I call a listening audience. These are people who will download your shows, and as they exercise or are just rinding in the car, they can be digesting your audio content.

coleman marketing group starting a podcast

Last year I did my intense research on what type of podcast I would like to create. You see my goal is to not talk about general local marketing. This will water down what I have to say, so I deiced to go out and pick a certain niche to create shows around.

So, since I’ve been writing for some of the biggest real estate websites out there, like, I’ve realized that there’s a need for valuable information on real estate marketing. I can’t tell you how many people inbox me asking what other steps they can take when trying to attract leads to their business.

What I did to at least give them something to help guide them, is that I created my free 52 week real estate marketing course. They get an email each Monday covering a certain topic on what they need to do to dominate their local market. You see local marketing is all the same no matter what industry you’re in, but I decided to choose to help those in the real estate industry first, since it’s a second passion of mine.

The plan now is that since I know people are craving for this subject, I decided to follow Pat Flynn’s advice of setting up and podcast.

What I plan to achieve

My goal is to create a podcast that covers nothing but content on the marketing side of real estate. I see that thousands of people are looking for ways on how to market their real estate business, but they just don’t know how to go about doing it. So maybe I can come in and offer something of value to the thousands of people who are craving for solutions to their problems.

The goal in marketing is to find the “Pain,” and provide solutions to eliminating that pain. By the end of this month, of January 2015, I will have some form of a platform setup, and even maybe have a few episodes up. Finally, after about 6 months from when I feel real comfortable with this podcasting thing, I will consider just doing a regular local marketing podcast that caters to all businesses.

But until then, I hope to gain some success with this and share some knowledge with those who will go out in the market and implement all of the marketing ideas that I will be sharing.

I will keep you guys posted the second that this is live on iTunes.

Creating Epic-Wow Content

One of the ways to grow a business online, no matter the industry, is by creating what I call epic-wow content. This is content that people are forced to read, and most likely willing to share. Now this can be done for any type of industry now, so even if you’re in the automotive industry or dental industry, the same rules still apply.

Creating Epic-Wow Content by Antonio Coleman of Coleman Marketing Group

Below you will see 6 pieces of epic-wow content that I wrote on my site. Now all of them were centered around local marketing, no matter if it was just general content on how to dominate your local market, or whether or not I’m talking about gaining leads in the real estate industry. Just remember, no matter what Industry I’m talking about, the same rules apply when deciding how you want to get that local online exposure.

This year I look to step this up by producing an epic-wow piece of content every single month. What I’m going to do is choose something that everyone is struggling with, no matter what industry it’s in. I will go out and do my research so that I can pile up as much information as possible.

Then, I will write anywhere from 5k to 10k words on that subject, which should be covered in detail. These are things that people just love because they are a whole lot better than reading a 300 word blog post that talks about general stuff. People want well written content that is of high value, which at the end of the day, helps them achieve a higher goal.

Networking With 1,400 Peoplenetworking with the coleman marketing group and Antonio Coleman

One of the goals that I have for this coming year here, is to get the Coleman Marketing Group LLC brand and my website, into the hands of 1,400 new friends. Now I’m not talking about getting that many people to come over to the site. No, I get thousands of visitors per month already.

I’m looking to gain 1,400 new friends from all walks of life. I’m talking about networking with the following people:

  • Local Marketing Bloggers
  • Local Marketing Companies
  • Real Estate Bloggers
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Real Estate Software Companies

You see, my entire business model is centered around helping local businesses dominate their local market. So, to be able to get my epic-wow content that you saw above titled:

I will have to go out and network with those people who have what I call “like minded” audiences. Getting these bloggers and companies on my side as a friend, allows me to start introducing my epic-wow content to them. From there, all of the hard work that I put into the content pays off because once they start sharing my content, I will start getting more visitors over to my site.

Getting them over to my site allows me to educate them by providing what I call, highly quality content. Now they see me as the expert in that industry, so this is forcing them to take some form of action. That form of action can be one of the following, and this is the reason why I stress to all of my clients to create an epic-wow piece of content for their website if they want to grow their offline or online presence.

These are some of the actions that they may take:

  • Share my epic-wow content
  • Link to my epic-wow content “quality backlinks equals higher rankings”
  • Signup for my newsletter “growing my list”
  • Email me a question
  • Buy a product or service
  • Come as a client of mine

By just networking with 200 people a month, which is real easy to do, will put me at 1,400 people by the end of the year. If I can get them to share some form of epic-wow content that I have on my website, then I might be able to get my business in front of potentially thousands of people this coming year.

Simple Numbers… let’s just say that each one of those people/companies that I network with have a total of a measly 1,000 people combined on their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account. Look, I’m using a low number here, but what I’m telling you is that most of them will have tens of thousands. But, just for the worst possibility, let’s just say that they only have 1,000 combined.

1,400 networkers x 1,000 followers of theirs = 14,000 potential people that could be reading my epic-wow content. All that I can say, is WOOOOOW.

2014 was a great year, but I think that 2015 will be even better, not just for me, but for you also. I’m going to be walking you all who have businesses through all parts of how to dominate your local marketing online and offline. So in the mean time, keep coming back reading and sharing my content so that I can keep bring you all the best of the best.

I need a favor….if you can share this page with the button to your left, then I would appreciate it. I need all of the help that I can get these days.

Happy 2015

Want More Leads? Learn How to Do Local SEO Marketing Just Like This Young Kid

Want More Leads? Learn How to Do Local SEO Marketing Just Like This Young Kid

Questions that I get all of the time from business owners is how to get more leads? It’s something that all business owners are looking for to help grow their business into the success that they always dreamed of. People want to gain those leads, clients, and customers who are ready to do business with them.

The issue is that getting leads can be something of a daunting task if your budget is not up to par. It takes tons of money to start advertising on any sort of platform. Before knowing it, you could easily be spending thousands of dollars per month just to keep your name out there.

For you there is a better way of doing it, and something that most business owners will over look. Heck, not even over look, but out right not even consider it. Truth is that most companies are used to the average ways of advertising is by spending money to get in-front of people who maybe interested in their product or service.

Want More Leads?

Today I want to go over something that will help you grow your business overtime, and get the targeted leads you need to be successful. You see, most people never heard of the phrase “Local SEO Marketing.” This seems like some Dr.’s term that is hard to understand, but I’m going to clear it up for you today and how it can bring you those leads that you’re looking for.

Want More Leads? Learn How to Do Local SEO Marketing Just Like This Young Kid 1

What this phrase consists of is you getting your business online in front of potential people who want to buy or use your service. You see, no matter what industry you’re in, people are searching for what you have to offer online, so if you can place your business in front of them, then you can possibly turn that person into a customer or client.

For Example:

Let’s say that I have a real estate company located in Shreveport La. Now I did my research on this area, so I know for a fact that each month thousands of people are searching online to find real estate online. Now this is a wide range of people from buyers, sellers, wholesalers and ect…

So as a business owner, I’m still doing the traditional way of advertising by using newspapers, radio ads, just to name a few. These are still effective but expensive platforms, but they’re the only way to turn due to not knowing too much about my opportunities online.

With local seo marketing, the advantages that I have over any other form of marketing is that I can target my audience, and only serve them when they go searching online. Local seo marketing allows you to go after a keyword such as, “Shreveport Real Estate,” which I found out gets over 1,600 searches per month.

The key is to get my business in front of those people, so that I can grow my customer base without having to spend an arm and a leg on advertising.

Introducing Local SEO Marketing

If I tell you that there are 1,000 business listing places online where you can go on and just enter simple content such as:

  • Your Business Name
  • Address
  • Phone #
  • Company Description
  • Website
  • Hours
  • Photos
  • Video (optional)

Example of these sites are..Google Places,,, just to name a few.

But what if you could get your business on 100, 300 or even 1,000 of these sites, where one completed listing will get placed in the search engines under your business name. Not only that, most of these sites allow you to enter some keywords that you want to be found by.

Wink, Wink, WinkWant More Leads? Learn How to Do Local SEO Marketing Just Like This Young Kid 2

The most awesome thing about search engines, such as Google, is that they seem to bring back the most accurate searches possible. By using keywords in your listing, you are able to be found by those keywords depending on the search competition. Now in this post, I’m not going to get into all of those levels of local seo marketing, but just know by having a fully filled out profile with the right keywords, you can see yourself ranking online for any of these 1,000 profiles.

When you do a Google search for something, Google will send you back tons of results. So if someone is looking for a donut shop in Little Rock, AR , then they will Google “Donut Shop Little Rock.” If you as a business owner did your job, you can be taking up some spots on that front page and get that business.

Thinks about this

Let’s say that we have three donut shops in this city that approximately 90% of the people go to. We are going to name them from 1 to 3, so that we can recognize them as I do this example:

  • Donut Shop 1
  • Donut Shop 2
  • Donut Shop 3

Now all three of these shops have what we call finger licking good donuts that are made fresh daily. The locations that they’re all in can be accessed easily from any direction in the city. These are what I call the primary donuts shops in the city, and they’re all fighting to get your business.

So you have to take a step back, and think about all of the ways that you can get more people into the shop. Yes you can continue to do the same things that all of the shops are doing, which is local advertising in the city paper, or just merely rely on the old school way of word of mouth.

If all of the shops from 1 to 3 do this, then which ones do you think will have the most success? Well history and research shows that all three will do very well due to the fact that they all are in the same boat going the same speed.

People stopping at one shop compared to the other one is just mere coincidence of which direction they are going in the city. Plus to take it a step further, neither one of these shops have websites, so they’re not even educating the customers about the business and all of the things that they have to offer. Just this alone is a killer to any business who doesn’t have a website.

Just know that without a website, you risk losing out on that extra 100k to a million dollars in your business every year. Reason for this, is because a website is one employee that works 365 days a year without a day off. So you use that platform to educate people about your services, offers, discounts and more so that they will keep coming back even through the slow times.

Besides that, the #1 important thing that you can do as a business owner is to go the local marketing route. I’m not talking about standing outside with a poster asking people to come in to get a free donut, “which is a good idea.” Our mission is to harness the power of the internet to get in front of the customer, and convince them to come give you a visit.

Doing It Big

Now let’s say that donut shop 1 owner wakes up one day, and talks to his staff about what can be done to get more people in the doors. He says that we have great service, good product, then we must take this to a new level.

One of his young employees, who is internet savvy, says that he has a great solution if you want to listen to it. This young employee starts to talk about something new, which is online local seo marketing. The owner looks around and asks what exactly is that, and how can it help us?

That evening the owner sits down with the kid who has been learning all about online local marketing from many places. Let’s say that he came across my free guide, which is the Ultimate Local Marketing Domination Guide, that I wrote some time ago. The kid starts to explain to the owner that if we follow these simple to do tasks, we should be able to help grow the donut shop over time.

The young man starts to show the owner the research that he had done before he got there, on the many people who are searching for donut shops in our city. They do the Google search, and finds out that not only doesn’t his shop comes up, but even the other 2 donut shops are no where to be listed. All that comes up on the front page where national brand profiles and business listings.

You see, the young employee found that over 1,000 people searched for donut shops in their city every single month, and what they found is just mere national brands. So the owner asks the biggest question of them all:

How Can I Get Business On that Front Page?Want More Leads? Learn How to Do Local SEO Marketing Just Like This Young Kid 3

The young man says that there are name brand services out there like “Me,” but this is something that you can do on your own if you have the time and effort to do. Plus, the kid tells the owner that it will take sometime to get your business online presence to the front page for the keyword that we want to tackle. He explains that from reading the content on CMG, he found out that it can take anywhere from 3, 6 or even 12 months to dominate the search engines.

The owner takes a big breath and asks him could he do this for them since he already has some form of knowledge on doing it, because he has read the ultimate guide of local marketing. The young man said that he doesn’t know, but if he really wants to keep this in-house, then he could work on this full time, 8 hrs a day for around $15 an hour.

The owner of the donut shop paused for a moment, and thought about those 1,000 people who were searching for donut shops in his city, and not being given accurate information. He knew that if he could just get around 50% of those people to see his business online, then there would be a good chance that they will come in and purchase something.

When you break down the numbers, if the owner can grab about 500 more customers per month at an average transaction of about $10 per visit, then he can see about an extra $5,000 or a whopping $60k more revenue each year by just taking advantage of building his online presence.

So the owner signed up, and the rest was history.

Over the next 12 months, the young man worked on building the donut shop’s #1 online presence by following the steps in my local marketing guide. He built the following online presence for his boss, that paid off big time.

He Created Over:

  • 1,000 Profiles
  • 50 Videos
  • 1578 Facebook Fans

The Results

First and foremost, I would like to say that when you see numbers like those above of 1,000 profiles, 50 videos, and over 1,578 Facebook Fans, you start to think about that’s a lot of work. You know as a business owner that’s doing something like that, it may not be in your schedule when trying to run your own business day to day.

The truth is that if you stick around me enough and absorb more of my content, you will see that I keep saying the same thing. This is the same thing that I say to all of my clients, and those who are looking to become clients of mine to allow us to take completely over their local marketing.

My Favorite Saying is…. 6 Months to a Year

Want More Leads? Learn How to Do Local SEO Marketing Just Like This Young Kid 4

Even when I’m doing workshops working with other corporations around the world, I’m always preaching the 6 months to a year process. Why? The simple answer is that no matter what industry you’re in, always give yourself this length of time to accomplish your goals.

When it comes to local seo marketing and building an online presence, you must be patient and wait for success. It’s nothing like putting an ad in the local paper, of doing some direct mail that can have some form of impact starting today. Online marketing is another animal that takes a lot of time and effort, and those who stay the course are the ones who reap the benefits.

So when this young man started the online marketing for donut shop #1, he knew that it was going to be a long road. The guy has obviously read tons of my content, which states that this is not a 100 meter dash, it’s a marathon that must be ran at an even pace.

Fast Forward 365 DaysWant More Leads? Learn How to Do Local SEO Marketing Just Like This Young Kid 5

First I want to start with the 1,000 local business listing profiles that the young man created. Once again, you may think that this is a big number of profiles, but it’s really not. With our clients, we can create up to 3,194 local online places to put their business on if they want to stay the course that long.

I’m thinking that he only created about 5 profiles a day from Monday thru Friday, which gave him around 25 per week and 100 per month. If you multiply that by 12 months, you get 1,200 profiles that could’ve easily been created with no effort at all.

What happens from the result of this, is that the donut shop listing started to dominate the local market online. You see the other two donut shops were still doing the same old marketing of spending tons of money on advertising. Even though all of these profiles were setup to target around the company name, the young man followed my advice of using the right keywords in the tags ad description.

When you do this it forces the search engines to bring back results also that have words on the page that’s centered around targeted local keywords. Now since there are thousands of profiles online of this donut shop, the search engine started to begin to recognize them as an authority company, so they ranked their profiles very highly in the search engine.

This is what happens when you start to build an online presence, is that you start to move further away from the local competition due to the fact that they’re not doing anything but sitting there. Now this donut shop is not only showing up for their targeted keyword, but also getting lots of searches for those long tail keywords that most people type into the search engines.

Side Note: One thing that they missed out on, is not having a website, because the search engines would have rewarded their site with overall top rankings if they had one. So for those of you out there with no website, just think about getting something setup online just to have a place for your customers/clients to come to.

So by having over 1,000 profiles online, and ranked for thousands of keyword phrases, the donut shop now is getting tons of more customers throughout the week. Business is up, new people are coming into the donut shop, and the owner is extremely happy to see his business starting to make that turn for better.

Video and Facebook

Now I’m not going to get too much into this side of marketing, because I would like to cover it in more detail later. But I will say that the young man wanted to take things a little further by doing about two simple videos of the guests, staff and any event that they were having.

He posted these simple and short videos online, and made sure to use their targeted keywords in the title, tags and description. What happens also overtime, is that these videos started to show up in the search engines. Just know that the other 2 donut shops are just sitting on their hands doing nothing while donut shop #1 is creating an online presence with many forms of marketing.

These videos ranked really well even though they didn’t have an SEO performed on them. Some of the videos needed SEO really bad, because they were just sitting around page 1 at the bottom, or on page 2 or 3 just needing a little boost to get them to the top of the search engine. This is where all of the clicks come from.

Want More Leads? Learn How to Do Local SEO Marketing Just Like This Young Kid 6

But overall, these videos were ranking in the search engines such as Google, and started to even out rank some of the profiles naturally. The video in a search engine can standout like a swollen thumb, so people will click and watch, which we hope turns into them clicking on our website in the description.

All of this online presence working together brought tons of more new faces into donut shop #1. What resulted in 1,578 Facebook Fans from people coming to the shop, joining their Facebook fan page. This page was setup also by the young man to capture those who wanted special offers, like discounts and coupons that they could download and come in to redeem.

This exploded their Facebook “likes” which resulted in even more foot traffic and revenue. All of this from building an online presence at a steady, but consistent pace.

What you need to realize if you really want to grow your business, is you must first start with the online presence, and implement other forms of marketing to put everything in super drive. Donut shop #1 took an approach that about 98% of the businesses don’t take, so their efforts paid off over the local competition. Now it’s time for you to think about the route that you want to go for your business, by getting some form of local presence so that you can become the dominate force in the community.