My Monthly Stats Reports

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coleman marketing group monthly stats report

Stats are everything in this world if you want to be able to track your online marketing process. I’m big on local seo marketing, because this is where I like to dominate my local market. Not only do I love to dominate my local niche market, I also love networking across the world to build my brand such as the Coleman Marketing Group.

You see, all of the marketing that I do is tracked from using Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, and my favorite which is the Jet Pack that’s inter-graded into your website wordpress.

Jet Pack allows you to track the following..

  1. Where your traffic came from
  2. Search term that brought you that traffic
  3. Which pages they visited
  4. and keeps in-dept database of your over all traffic

These are the tools that I use to track all of the traffic on my website, which allows me to deliver these awesome monthly stats reports. These reports are not here to show you up and say I’m doing better than you, so look at me over here. These reports are for educational reasons, and I will explain that more below.

My 2 Reasons

I do these every month for a couple of reasons that consist of nothing more than education. For one, I do these reports for me so that I can have a blueprint of the growth of my website from month to month. So, I’m able to see what’s working more than others, and how to make changes to improve others things that’s lagging behind.

I’m able to see what’s bringing more traffic to my website, and track the results for next months report to be improved on. Remember that if you want to build a business no matter if its online, offline or even both, then you must know your numbers and continue to improve on them because if you don’t, then you’re wasting your time even having a website.

Next Reason

The other reason behind these posts are to show you real life ups and downs of a website. I want you to see that it takes lots of hard work to make a website go from zero traffic to thousands of visitors per month. My goal is to show you the good months, and the months that I wish to never have to write about.

People really think that success is made over night, and that I just woke up one morning and had thousands of people here in my local market and across the world just dying to read my content. Truth is that it doesn’t work like that, because I have been marketing online for over 10 years now and I have pretty much seen and done it all. So, I know how long it takes to see success and the route to take to get there.

For that reason, I decided to take a different approach to this website by laying out all of my marketing strategies from local marketing in my own city to becoming the #1 ranked website for small businesses looking to grow their online presence locally.

Let’s Spread The Word

If you don’t mind, would you please take a moment to spread the world about this page with your Facebook. Twitter, and Linkedin friends. People who have online websites or own small businesses with or without websites, will love to see how they can grow their own brands. I layout the same blueprints for them to follow if they want to dominate their own local markets online and offline.

So, the share buttons are to the right if you would like to entertain your friends with valuable marketing strategies and more.


Antonio Coleman “Signing Out”






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