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Today is a great day for the CMG website which I’ve been selected as one of the top small business blogs of 2017 courtesy of Fit Small Business. Being part of a list like this is shows people see the good that we as marketers are doing online.

The internet marketing thing is very time consuming, complex and all out frustrating at times. My goal at CMG is to provide the best of the best content for my readers, subscribers and those who just follow up on the site through Google searches.

By producing some of the best content online for small business owners, I’ve been able to grow an audience of followers who crave solutions to their everyday problems. Doing this has allowed the good people at FitSmallBusiness to recognize the good I’m doing for the small business.

This may be the shortest post I’ve ever written, but with these short words, I want to say thanks to the Fitsmallbusiness staff for including me among the best of the best of 2017.

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Ultimate Local SEO Marketing Domination Guide by Antonio Coleman

Ultimate Local Marketing Domination Guide by Antonio Coleman

Crushing the Local Competition

Welcome to the #1 local marketing guide that will walk you through the top ways of dominating your local market today. So the question is who is this guide meant for such as who will benefit the most from it? The simple answer is any and everyone who wants to be found online for a business, website or for personal exposure.

If you want to build an online presence like no other in the world then you’re in the right place because I’m about to change your life forever. If you’re a small business, and you’re not online then I must say you’re in big, big and I mean BiGGG trouble. The reason for this is because the worlds we live in function, and revolves around the World Wide Web. If people are searching for something then they will pull out that mobile phone or laptop and start that search.

Now if you’re smart like I know you are than you did the work before hand to gain that online presence. But if you didn’t then the other companies in your city or town just stole a potential customer or client just by having an online presence. Just as simple as having a website can mean the difference in been found versus no one knowing you even have a business.

Do You Have an Online Presence?

Chances are you don’t even have a website and if you do it as dead as the first post you have on it. Yea that post that I see on most small business websites that were posted back in 2008. So just having a website is not enough, and honestly, it’s only the beginning of building your online presence. To be able to crush the competition you will have to follow this guide from A to Z and implement everything I show you.

You see I been doing online marketing for over 13 years now and pretty did everything you can think of when it comes to marketing online. I can personally take any business located on this planet “which is all businesses” and turn their profits, websites, store and leads into what I call an automatic assembly line. Meaning you will just start to see clients flowing into your website, place of business faster than ever.

This is all the result of having an online presence that converts online searchers into people who want to do business with you. No matter where you’re located in the world if you follow my proven strategies to the tee, then you will be sitting on the mountain top laughing at the local competition.

Believe me when I say no one in your city is doing this because sadly to say too many small businesses just totally overlook online marketing. They usually are doing newspaper adverting which is doing nothing but sucking up all their profits because they’re not using it in the right manner. What’s worse their not even tracking the results from that so they don’t even know if it’s even working.

Unfortunately, this is not the way to grow a business so the best thing I can tell you is to build an online presence. Doing this moves you light years ahead of the local competition which puts you in the driver seat of success. Now you’re spending less money on advertising because you finally decided to change your marketing up to focus on more of the online strategies. Plus did I mention all the things I will be talking about are free for you to do if you set it up yourself?

How extraordinary is that to implement something for your business that’s 100% easy do and 10x as effective as the old traditional way of marketing. This is awesome folks, and I hope that you take action on getting your online presence set today. But first, let’s dig a little deeper into what this whole guide will focus on.

Power of Local Marketing

Here I just wanted to explain how powerful local marketing is, and what it can mean to your business. Because I feel as though before you can step into getting anything done online in the form of building an online presence than you must first understand the power of ranking highly in the search engine for your industry top keywords.T

There are a number of local SEO strategies out there for you to choose from when starting to build your online presence. But, before getting to those you need to know the numbers, and how you will reach that audience.

Below I will give you an example of some numbers I came across here in my own backyard which is in my nearest city. So I did a little keyword research on the real estate industry here in Shreveport La and found some very interesting numbers. Now when it comes to doing keyword research don’t panic because I will be walking you through this in the next chapter on how to analysis your local market to see what people are typing in to find your services or product.

So I found that over 1,300 people per month search for the keyword “Shreveport real estate” Now that’s a lot of people who are looking to buy or sell real estate in the Shreveport market. These are potential flood line of people who you can market to if I was a real estate company or real estate investor in the Shreveport market.

Attention Real Estate People in Shreveport

Now I don’t know about you, but if I’m looking to dominate my local market in real estate in this city than I best be implementing what’s inside of this guide. My research shows me not one company in Shreveport La is doing the three top local marketing strategies you will learn about here in a moment.

If I cared anything about this market I could easily be dominating the front page of the search engines by creating an online presence. This market is wide open for anyone to dominate if they are willing to step outside the box of the old fashion way of marketing.

Absolutely no one is doing profile marketing, video marketing or even utilizing Facebook marketing the right way. When I say Facebook marketing I’m not talking about just having a page, I’m talking about going the whole nine yards of allowing your Facebook page to rank highly in the search engines. Plus you can take that Facebook page, and turn it into a lead magnet which I will explain more about later.

Below I’m about to go over the Three Headed Monster when it comes to local marketing domination. If you do these three things you will be able to gain more website traffic, leads and profits faster than any other form of marketing.  So let me take you by the hand, and show you how I will go about dominating any local market no matter your industry.

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Let’s Get Started…

Three Headed Monster of Local Marketing

One thing you will realize about me is that I keep everything I do in life so simple that a fifth grader could do it. So when I talk about the three-headed monster I’m mostly talking about online profile domination, local video domination and local Facebook domination. By using all these together is like the “Power Rangers” from back in the day, then you steam to blow past the local competition in no time.  Let me explain each one so you can grasp them before diving into them one by one.

Online Profiles Domination

Online profiles are all around us every day, and I’m sure most of you never even notice them. So what are online profiles? These are sites that you can go to, and set up a free profile of your business. From there you will be able to include all of your business information from address, phone number, website, logos and any other form of information you can list.

A list of small businesses directory sites is Google Local, Yellow Pages, Manta, Yelp and Super Pages just to name a few. Now there are tons of these sites out there which I have a big list of them and will list them once you get to that part of the guide. So basically you now that you can set up a profile on that website so what’s the big deal?

The big deal is that these profiles rank highly in the search engine very easily if you know how to set them up. So this means instant local rankings so your customers can find you. Now when someone types in “Shreveport candy shops” if you set up enough free profiles and created them in a search engine friendly way then you’re in for a big surprise.

These sites rank highly, and by using the right keywords your listing can come up, and people will be able to follow your listing. Now you have just placed yourself, and business in front of the potential customer by creating an online presence…how powerful is that?

Stay tune I will show you all the steps from A to Z from setting up the profiles to making them SEO friendly so the search engines will rank you accordingly.

Local Video Domination

Video marketing has become the biggest trend ever since YouTube stepped onto the scene back in 2005. People have actually been creating videos for years from the childhood videos of you playing sports to the Christmas plays you was in back when you were in grade school. People have been using video for over 50+ years now to film their everyday living.

Before the 2000’s people use to just keep this video footage on their devices until they want to view them again. But now the world has changed to the point where anyone can create a video, and upload it to websites such as YouTube, Daily Motion, Metacafe and many other places.

Just here recently over the past four years, YouTube has really pushed the issue on placing their videos higher in the search engines. Now when someone does a video on a certain subject and optimize it for the higher ranking than these magic things starts to happen. That magic thing is instant search rankings if you know how to use the right keywords.

So this leads me to local video marketing for those small businesses who want to create videos to rank higher in their city or town. Now due to the power of video, and the overall popularity of them people are wanted to showcase their businesses through them for more online visibility. So if you’re an attorney in Shreveport La, and you’re not doing videos to build that online presence in the search engines so the people who are searching for your services can find you, then you’re missing out on thousands of dollars every year.

The other attorney offices in Shreveport La who understand they can gain a lot more clients by using video marketing are the ones who take action on it. Meaning they go out and produce different verity videos on their market that people are typing into the search, and optimizing them to rank locally in their city or town.

So I say video marketing is one of the top ways to dominate your local market, and this is something I stress to all my clients when it comes to me building them an online presence. Just to give you an example of building an online presence around your business in a targeted market then take a glance at these local searches below. First, you will see I’m optimizing for my company name, and just targeted a couple of other keywords just to show you how easy it is to create a video and rank it in the search engines.

(Hint: search theses on Google””)

1. coleman marketing group

2.shreveport marketing firms

3. minden small businesses

4. bossier marketing firms

5. minden marketing firms

Local Facebook Domination

The final steam of the three-headed monster of dominating your local market is using Facebook. Now I get people all the time who say “Antonio” I have a Facebook page for my local business. Many people rant on about how they’re on Facebook and everyone in the world know about it. So when someone tells me that, the next thing out my mouth is that can I take a look at it? wink wink

Now there is one or two of the things that always happen when I say this. First is that I have to find it because I haven’t been on it for a while or is that let me call my friend or employee who set it up. Right then and now I figure that these people really don’t know what’s going on with their Facebook page, and if they do then they know nothing about utilizing it.

Listen up!!!! Just by having a Facebook page for your business means absolutely nothing if no one is engaging in the content. If no one comes there and shares your content or “like” your page then you best not even have one. But good news to them I’m here to help in the final leg of dominating your local market by using Facebook pages to skyrocket past the local competition.

– Secret of Facebook Pages

First, most people don’t know that you can create pages on your Facebook page. You can run a contest to give away coupons, and discounts just for people liking your page. What about if you’re located in “Shreveport La” and you want to target everyone who has a Facebook profile in that city. Maybe you have a fitness gym, and you want everyone in the city to be able to come to your Facebook page to get their first-month free membership coupon. You can do this by using their “sponsorship program” where you pay to show up on everyone’s page.

Not only that many businesses don’t even know about the “Facebook Check-In” where you can have your customers to check in when at your place of business. This is so powerful that anyone who is using this will be light years ahead of the local competition. In this guide, I will show you how to use this effectively to grow your business throughout your city without paying a dime in advertising.

Click to Enlarge

Your Business vs. Competitors

This guide I put together will be the most talked about local marketing guide online when it’s said and done. I’m given away tons of free local marketing strategies that most companies will not tell you about. Here today you hold the key to dominating any local market no matter where you’re located in the world. This is just a few of the local marketing strategies I have that are listed in my 31 tips to how to market your business.

What I want to stress is that this is the introduction post to dominating your local market. I want you to understand that as a small business you must take action if you want to build your business up in your community. No need saying I don’t have the time and money to get this action implemented into your business today.

I hate to hear a small business say they don’t have the resources to grow their business because of this or that. My thing is that you should have money set aside all the time to go back into your business if you want to be around in the long run. If you don’t have a small budget for certain actions than start thinking about getting a savings plan put together today.

The truth is if you don’t start building that online presence toady, and the local competition starts to hear about this sort marketing then you’re in trouble. Understand people are searching online for what they want these days, and if you’re not showing up then you risk the company down the road stealing all the local customers.

Let’s Dominate This Local Market…

Super Great: Head Over to Chapter One and Learn How to Search for Local Keywords and Dominate the Market

chapter one on how to search for local keywords


CMG January 2016 Monthly Local SEO Marketing Report

CMG January 2016 Monthly Local SEO Marketing Report

Welcome to January 2016 monthly local marketing report. These are well in detail reports that allow me to keep track of the online presence of my business.

Not only I do these reports for me, but I also create them for you guys as well. Understanding the process I take to grow my business will help you take action on your own.

January was the start of a new year which is the beginning of all beginnings. This is where you’re able start off fresh for a new year, and track the results from January to December.

Let’s Get Started


Who Came to See Me?

Traffic is the key to success online for any business that is producing clients or leads online or offline. The goal is to create as much of a presence online that it would be impossible to be found.

Below I cover the growth of the business online from a few of the survival tools I use to track growth.

Google Analytics

Since this month was the first month of marketing for the website then the traffic didn’t really reflect it. January was the new approach to marketing that I’m implementing, so it would take a little time to see growth.

CMG January 2016 Monthly Local SEO Marketing Report Google Analytics

I increased my users by 23.43% and even boosted up my page views over 10.67%. These numbers don’t jump off the page to you, bu they are increased number which is what counts at the end of the day.

Just think about you running a furniture store in your local city of Shreveport La. If you can increase your online presence just by those few numbers it could mean thousands of more dollars to your business.

Finally, what I’m more excited about is the -7.95 bounce rate. This is BIG time if you ask me. What I’m seeing is that people are coming over to the site, and staying on the page linking other pages.

What is this called “Relevant Content

Blue = January 2016
Orange = December 2015

CMG January 2016 Monthly Local SEO Marketing Report Google Analytics Blue and Orange

The last thing I wanted to show you is the two months side by side. You can see small but productive growth from the two.

At the very least 95% of the tab, January is leading the pack from last month. Like I said before it’s not world changing, but it is growth.

Google Webmaster

One of the tools I use to track keyword rankings is Google Webmaster. Can’t tell you how powerful this is when building your brand online. Knowing which keywords that are being shown in the search engine can mean wonders.

By knowing this information, you can see where most of your content are showing up at. So if you haven’t installed Google Webmaster then please think about doing it today.

If you take a look at the screenshot below you will see the number of keywords at this moment CMG is ranking for.

CMG January 2016 Monthly Local SEO Marketing Report keyword rankings

467 search terms are how people can find my content online. Some of this content are local marketing stuff while other pieces of contents are national.

The good thing about this is that if you’re looking to see what ranks good or bad, then you can start doing some local SEO to move it up the rankings.

Not only that the links to the site are moving up the charts also. 2,198 links are pointing to my site from varies places. Some of the links I created myself, but the majot=rty of them are natural links from people loving the website content.

CMG January 2016 Monthly Local SEO Marketing Report Google Webmaster backlinks

For local businesses if you want to rank your website then you need links. Not just any links but good quality backlinks. Here in the coming weeks, I will be writing about how to get those by doing creative marketing.

Build Local Marketing Content/Rankings

Some time ago I went to my website to create some content for my local market of Shreveport LA. What I wanted to do is create content around the services I offer like…

  • Local SEO
  • Webdesign
  • Marketing Agency

Just these three keywords along I can be domaining my local market for all the businesses that need these services. So I created the content, and now it’s time to take that content to the top of the search engine.

Below is a screen shot of the content keywords, rankings and link.

CMG January 2016 Monthly Local SEO Marketing Report Keywords for Bossier City Shreveport La

Here in the coming moneths, I will be focusing heavily on all of these keywords. You see if I’m going to be in the business of teaching local SEO marketing then I need to live by those words also.

No other better way of doing it is by building my own online presence right in front of you. The goal is to not only still provide epic-wow content but also show you the step by step strategies I’m using to build my presnsce.

Today just keep a close eye on the rankings as of today and compare where I’m at in 3, 4 or even 6 months down the road. Best believe I should have at least half of the content ranked in the top 10 on the first page.

CMG Total Stats

Lastly, I wanted to keep 100% track of the overall SEO performance of my site. Below you will see..

  • Domin Heath
  • URL Rating
  • Domain Ratings
  • Backlinks
  • Referring Domains
  • Organic Keywords

CMG January 2016 Monthly Local SEO Marketing Report Total Stats

Now I’m able to see month to month the growth of the site from authority to keyword rankings.

Most importantly are the “health” of the site which without that then your site will not show up in the search engines. From this day forward I will be able to see how much the site has grown by referring back to older local marketing reports.

Closing Remarks

These reports are not to show profits or me gaining clients. The goal is to show growth locally and nationally for my brand, and any given term.

Your brand locally can become the talk of the town if you can get the content in front of all local people. The key is to produce epic-wow content that anyone will be locally interested linking to.

Next you should stay active on social media spreading the love about that content to get more eyes on your brand. But wait, doing this is not easy at all so this is why I listed the pieces of content on my website I’m trying to rank for.

Now you will have a front row seat on how I’m looking to push each blog post to the top for the given keywords I’m targeting.

In the meantime, most of you good people can check out my 31 ways of local domination to get you started on the road to success.

Finally, I will like you to share your thoughts below on your views on this monthly report, and what you plan to do to increase your local marketing.

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Top 15 Real Estate Marketing/Investing Articles 1/13/16

Top 15 Real Estate Marketing:Investing Articles 1:13:16

Today I’m looking to share some awesome real estate content from around the web today. The key to success in the industry of real estate is to continue to educate yourself. Knowledge is power so to get that education we all must seek out excellent content.

Today I want to share with you the top 15 real estate marketing/investing articles I’ve online. Like I cover in my real estate marketing guide is that you must find the strategies that work, implement them to the masses.

The following pieces cover a broad area of topics I think my readers and those who come across this content online will enjoy reader, and most importantly will find valuable.

Finally, after finish reading these articles, I will love for you guys to maybe share them if you find them of value. Plus leaving a comment on their page will be even better to give you opinion of the topic they’re covering.

Let’s Get Started

Episode 16: How to Succeed at Flipping Houses in 2016

Danny is explaining the new direction for the Flipping Junkie Podcast in this episode. We are moving to a format where each episode flows from the previous one. The first episodes will cover mindset and then move into building your team, funding, analyzing deals, finding deals, negotiating, working with contractors, determine repair costs etc.

We are moving to a format where each episode flows from the previous one. The first episodes will cover mindset and then move into building your team, funding, analyzing deals, finding deals, negotiating, working with contractors, determine repair costs etc.


Investment Tips And Tricks Anyone Can Use

There could be a little debate when it comes to people making a lot of money over the years when it comes to real estate creating many millionaires in recent decades. This article was meant for people who want some advice getting started in real estate investing.


Why you need real estate marketing

That’s right, you need real estate marketing. A bold statement, but one that holds a lot of merit. I dare say that if you claim not to believe in marketing, it’s because you do not understand marketing.


For Sale By Owner For San Antonio Sellers

As real estate agents, we all know someone who has decided to go it alone and sell their home themselves. For sale by owner (or FSBO, pronounced fis-bo, as it is often called in the industry) is an often contentious topic amongst those in the real estate industry, so we thought we’d take a little bit of time on the blog to talk about it.


The Real Estate Investor’s Social Media Plan – Instagram Edition

Welcome to part six of our seven-part series about using social media to take your real estate investment business to the next level.

We are covering how to use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, various social media management tools, and posting calendars in your marketing campaign.


10 signs a real estate career is for you

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Snazz Up Your Real Estate Biz With Snapchat

You’ve probably heard about Snapchat. It’s the popular mobile app that allows you to send videos and pictures, both of which will self-destruct after a few seconds of a person viewing them.

Snapchat is also a fun messaging app. You can take a photo or a video with it, then add a caption or doodle or lens graphic over the top, and send it to a friend. Alternatively, you can add it to your “story”, a 24-hour collection of your photos and videos, which you broadcast with the world or just your followers.


How to Evaluate a Multi-Family Home vs. a Single Family Home

Investors in single-family properties, at some point, wonder about multi-family properties. From a management point of view, after all, you have one to four homes instead of just one on a single piece of ground.

First-time investors might have the same questions for the same reasons. The issue becomes, then in regards to real estate investment property: How to evaluate a multi-family home vs. a single family home?


Real estate purchase without property visit happening more

Jessica Edwards is known for her innovative use of technology and video in real estate and cutting edge marketing tactics.


Selling Your Commercial Property May Not Be As Difficult As You Once Considered It To Be

When selecting a broker, ask about their experience specifically in the commercial real estate market. Make certain that they have experience and expertise in the area of your curiosity or it could be an endeavor wasted. You need to get into a type of exclusive agreement that is exclusive.


Agent invests $25,000 in marketing video

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Aaron Norris of The Norris Group Joins Bruce Norris on the Real Estate Radio Show #468

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JF498: How He Raises $$$ and Engineers Transactions

Our Best Ever guest puts together deals in Canada, and he is a pro at raising money! He attended a few seminars by Don R. Campbell and eventually found his niche. He is especially passionate about crunching numbers and showing everyone how they going to win in the deal. Hear why he is not a fan of rehabbing and what he does instead!


The Platform You Should be Using In Real Estate Marketing: Instagram

Marketing trends are constantly changing based on when and how target audiences are interacting with businesses. Social media marketing has quickly become a popular and effective way to reach new customers in several industries, and Real Estate is no exception.


10 Ways To Improve Your Real Estate Website’s Ranking On Google

How can real estate investors, agents, and businesses get their websites to rank better on Google this year?

Almost 100% of home searches start online. Any real estate professional or business serious about winning customers this year knows that they need to do well at showing up on the top of Google searches. Having said that, what can real estate professionals do to help their websites rank better in Google search results?


The Conclusion

Don’t forget I put together a list just like this every week to bring you guys the best of the best I find around the web. I do this so you guys don’t have to be running around looking for content online.

What I share here is usually the best of the best on top of make I write additionally. That additional content you can get is a free 52-week real estate marketing newsletter course.

Yep it’s FREE

My goal is to help you succeed in real estate, and the only way I can do that is by providing something for you that will walk you through all the ways of marketing your real estate business from A to Z.

Before leaving if you can take a moment to leave a comment, share the page and my even introduce yourself then It will make my day.

Antonio Coleman “Signing Off”

My Life, My Job, My Career: My 2016 Goals on Steroids

My Life, My Job, My Career My 2016 Goals on Steroids

Once again the year of local seo marketing has come to an end here on CMG. 2015 brought a lot of good attention to my website from the number of interviews I’ve done to the whole process of growth online.

I’m looking to do these monthly reports from this day forward not only for me but also for you guys can see that these online marketing things really works if you implement actionable strategies.

These reports will help me see what’s working to what I need to just throw in the trash. I’m hoping most of the marketing techniques I will be using will grow the website nationally and locally.

Plus at the same time, you will be able to use the same steps I use for this website to grow your business online. All my marketing platforms will work for your business no matter you’re in any of the given industries…

  • Sports
  • Real Estate
  • Resturant
  • Automotive
  • Cosmetics
  • Law
  • Medical
  • and too many more to name…

You see no matter what industry you’re in the whole key to success comes down to two things, and two things only.

  • Clients
  • Customers

Every business to survive no matter what it is needs one or the other. Simply put the goal I have is to provide you with all the tools to get your business in front of one or the other.

The beauty of the game of online marketing can mean wonders for those bloggers, business owners who take advantage of it.

You see this website is only three years old, but it’s only been this past year that I’ve taking a stand to market it to the massive. That focus of marketing was targeted toward small business owners and those who run businesses online.

The ultimate key this past year was to just produce some good content that runs across all platforms. Meaning my goal was and is to serve the entire world of business owners from the marketing to implementing these strategies.

To sum it up I’m all about serving the people by given them the education they need to succeed online with their businesses. But now 2015 is long gone it’s time to really put CMG on the map by producing the highest quality content that will be worth linking to, sharing and talked about around the world.

Who Came to See Me?

This past year I didn’t really focus on too much when it came to the growth of the website. Like I said before the goal was to create good content, and worry about the domination in 2016.

Before I get into the goal of CMG for 2016, I first need to show you the stats from this past year. Doing this will give us a blueprint into where we at and where we need to target.

Google Analytics

Coleman Marketing Group | 2016 Google Analytics Jan 15 to Dec 15Coleman Marketing Group | 2016 Google Analytics Overall Traffic

Coleman Marketing Group | 2016 Google Analytics 8,038 SessionsGoogle Webmaster

Coleman Marketing Group Google Webmaster Total BacklinksColeman Marketing Group Google Webmaster Total Search Terms

CMG Redesigned

The redesign of CMG was something in the works for about a two years now. I had to convert from the old theme, which didn’t support the mobile view.

Google switched completely over this past year to given a lot of weight to websites that were mobile friendly. The cracked down was to make their users on mobile devices have the best websites possible.

This prompted me to go ahead and switch over to my design which is what you see now. But don’t be surprised if later this year with a great piece of software I built to design websites faster, that I will think about changing the design again.

Dominating a Niche

One of the things I started to do in 2015 is to find a niche I wanted to dominate. I could be writing content for tons of industries, but I decided to just focus on one which came out to be real estate.

Now I’m a marketing guy so you might be asking why in the world am I talking about real estate. Well, I’m not talking bout real estate at all. My focus is the marketing side of it which is…

  • Marketing a Websites
  • Targeting Leads
  • Building Local Presence

You see all these things I listed above can apply to any industry out there. So when I picked this industry I knew that it would have people who are ready to learn, and willing to take action excited about growing their business.

I’m starting the process of this by being a member of one of the biggest REI websites in the world “BiggerPockets

Check Out My Profile 

I even created something of value for this industry straight out of the gate to start the process of educating. I put together a free 52 week real estate marketing course, all for FREE.

They will receive a free newsletter each week with some amazing content that is teaching them how to market their business online to get in front of potential thousands of leads.

My Goals For This

Real simple and to the point is what my goals are for domaining this niche. The key will be to get this free newsletter out to at least 5,000 people by July 1, 2016.

From here I hope to be one of the go to places online for everyone in real estate to start learning about “real estate marketing 101” More on how I’m looking to make this happen later.

Once I’ve established this level of awareness, then I will take it a step further by creating something that will just change the real estate marketing world.

Stay Tuned for that

Goals for 2016

Life is all about setting goals, achieving goals, surpassing goals and falling short of your goals. Hopefully, you and I both can come as close as possible to the goals we set forth.

Mines are pretty much straight forward with no mesh in between. Whatever you have to do from writing down your goals to telling the world about them. Put your work into action so at the end of the day, you find success with your business.

Finish Two eBooks

I started writing two books in 2015 on local marketing, and real estate marketing. My goal is to have the real estate marketing book finish at the end of the month for those who will be interested in that.

I’m shooting for the fall of 2016 to drop the local marketing book which is half way done. But when you think about editing, and creating the book cover to the website that will offer the book there is a lot of stuff that needs to be done.

Rank #1 for Two Keywords

There are two keywords and only two keywords alone this year I have to try to rank for in the #1 position. If I can’t get #1 then I might settle for the top 3.

Those two keywords are…

  • Local SEO Marketing
  • Real Estate Marketing

Coleman Marketing Group | How to rank keywords

These are the top two keywords my entire focus will be on each and every day. These search terms get thousands of searches each month, so if I want to become the go-to man for these industries then I have to get some of that free traffic.

The way to become an expert/authority in an industry you must be able to gain traffic the free way versus the search engines. Now if you can rank for that keyword you’re going after no matter the industry, and on top of providing epic-wow content, you will succeed.

But I will give you a heads up on this, which will probably be a six months to a year process. Yep, doing seo take time whether its local seo or national seo. You have to be prepared to go months, and months of no ranking to even see a small size of growth.

Guess what, just by being a member of CMG by way of my newsletter that has over 2.5k subscribers as of today. You will get up to date content that will follow my process of making all this possible.

Build tons of local marketing content

One other element I’m looking to focus on this year is to build tons of local content for my Shreveport, Bossier, and Minden area of LA. These are my top 3 surrounding local markets where I can start building my brand like wildfire.

For example:

To be able to get a local dominance locally for my company which is the Coleman Marketing Group LLC, then I must push local content.

That content will be in the form of serving all industries that will help any business grow. So my plan is to maybe write about the local market from all the top industries.

Create content that the local attorneys will love to read to help brings in more clients. Plus even write some content on local casino’s who may come across it online, and think about contacting me to come in to talk about creative marketing ideas.

Just rinse and repeat for all the industries I write about. What I know is that no one else is doing it, so I understand if I create something epic-wow then I will stand out in the crowd, and most likely rank easier.

Double My Traffic and Search Terms

Lastly, I just want to double the traffic, and search terms linked to all my content. The goal is simply by all means is to grow the numbers to double exposure.  But, the only way I’m going to be able to do that is by sticking to the plan, and working my butt off to educate the people.

What are you goals for 2016..

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