How to Block Certain Websites

How to Block Certain Websites

How to Block Certain Websites

One of the great ways to block websites from yourself, kids, employees or just random users of your computer is through Internet Explorer. Nearing all windows computers come with internet explorer which is the browser we will be blocking websites through in this chapter 6.

Since you all ready have internet explorer on your computer then implementing these steps will be pretty simple and fast. What I suggest if your letting someone else use your computer or just trying to block certain websites from your employees is to create a guest account so they surf the web from there.

From that guest account you will have to follow the given steps below which in terms you will be able to block any and all websites and the only way the user will be able to view the blocked websites is through a password. So if they don’t have a password then they will never be able to gain access to that/those websites. Lets Get Started…


1. First open up Internet Explorer and click on the Tools – Internet Options


2. Next click on (Content) and click enable under (Content Advisor)


3. After that you should click on (Approved Sites) and enter the sites you want to block and click the (Never) button. This will put those give site/sites into the blocking category.


4. So as you can see below in the screen shot is that those sites are blocked out in Red. Next all you have to do is to click Ok.


5. Now you will need to setup a password to prevent users from viewing these site unless you pass on the code. Go to (General) and check mark “Supervisor can type a…..” and click on (Create password) under Supervisor password to setup easy but simple code you can remember.


6. Finally lets closed down the internet explorer browser and open it back up. If you try to view any of the given blocked sites you entered then you should get a box like this below prompting you to enter the password you setup..awesome huh


If you are looking to block websites on other platforms or browsers then take a look at my “Advance Guide of How to Block Websites” which is filled with tons of free ways to surf the web and enjoy websites you want to view. Looking for a free software that will block websites for you then check out the links below.

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Blocking Websites on Windows

Blocking Websites on Windows

Welcome to chapter 5 of this Advance Guide of How to Block Websites. One of the most used versions of computers every since the old days back in the 90’s has been the good old Windows. Heck I even remember using windows 95’ back in Jr High which back then was somewhat of a big thing.

But now we have windows, XP,Vista,7 and now just released sometime ago window 8 (Whippy) which has the word buzzing. You see no matter which Windows you have my simple but quick way to change your host file will allow you to block any website less then 2 minutes flat. So Let’s Go..


1. First you will have to find your host which is located deep inside your computer files. You can do this by taking these steps which should turn up something like the image below.. C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC\


2. Once you try to open this file it maybe to your surprise that your PC will give you options of programs. What we have found that its best to edit your Host file with (NotePad).

3. Now don’t panic and jump on the found and contact a computer tech guy because the next part is pretty simple if you follow my directions carefully. First you will need this code ( localhost) which will be placed under the last code you see.

4. From here it really becomes simple because all you have to do now is add the code above and replace (localhost) with the website you want to block.

5. You can list as many websites as you want, and as you can see I input Twitter and YouTube as a example. Finally after entering your websites you want to block then run over to the file above and click (Save the File) which should overwrite your old version.

Hint: Make a duplicate copy of the original before editing it just in case you want to convert back if something goes wrong.

Last: Just restart your computer and open up a browser and those site/sites should be blocked.

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Blocking Websites on Safari

How to Block Websites on Safari

In chapter 3 we talked about how to block websites on Google Chrome which is another great browser millions of people use. But today we will go over how to block any website on Safari which is on the Mac platform. Blocking websites on Safari is pretty easy to do because its manly done through the (parental Control)

This sort of goes back to how we will block a website on a regular computer platform but the steps are a little different. Now I looked around to see if there were any special extensions or plugin such as like what Google Chrome and Firefox uses but I wasn’t too satisfied with what I found .

So for that reason I decided to show you guys a step by step platform of only blocking any given content through the means of Safari Parental Controls.


1. First you will need to be login as the computer administrator to be able to make changes throughout all users. Once login you must head over to the (Open System Preferences Tab) Next you will be able to click on the user tab at the bottom and start the process.

2. Once as the administrator you will be able to click on the lock at the bottom to gain complete access to changing your computers settings. You must enter your user name and password.


3. Once in you will be able to create new account and customize already active accounts. Basically now all you have to do is to skim through the accounts and start the process of blocking website from the end users. Now if you’re the administrator then its obviously that you will change these settings under your account.


4. Next you will have to go back to the Open System Preferences tab. From here you will have to click on the parental controls which is looks like the image below once your in. Now from here you will be given the opportunity to change any settings you want .


5. The tab you will be blocking websites under will be the (Content) tab. From here you will be able customize your setting by blocking websites in three forms of fashion. You will be able to input websites you only want to view and restrict those you don’t want showing up. There are countless things you can do it all depends on your preference.


One thing I like about blocking websites on Safari is that its easy to customize your setting without changing files on your computer. If you have read the introduction of this blocking website guide then you will hear me talk a lot about not changing files because of it complication which can lead computer damage.

Now we have finished chapter 4 its time to move on the chapter 5 where we will go over how to block website in windows..which is extremely easy.

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Super Awesome: Now It’s Time to Learn How to Block Websites on Windows in Chapter 5

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Blocking Websites on Google Chrome

Blocking Websites on Google Chrome

Google chrome is and maybe the top browser for those who surf the web as I do. Google chrome is the baby of Google and since its arrival on the scene sometime back its taking all of us on a ride of a life time. One of those rides are the likes of using extension which are like free upgrades.

One of those upgrades that’s making blocking websites a snap is the love of Nanny Chrome. This is the best extension I have found when doing research on applications to block websites on chrome. What makes Nanny Chrome so cool is that its easy to install which will take you no more then one minute to do.

Its simple to use because you only have to input the websites you want to block and set the time, date and up to the second you want them to stay blocked. It comes with simple feature that won’t confuse you like other blocking extensions out there. You block websites just for today or block them at certain times of the date.


Lets Say…

If your like me you spend tons of time online like six to eight hours a day which if you’re a marketer then you know how stressful that can be. So lets say I only want to spend a total of 1hr a day checking email and check my social networks such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Just by having Nanny Chrome installed on Google Chrome Browser I’m able to limit myself to a total of one hr a day and not a minute more. Once that time laps those sites will be blocked for the rest of the day without access…how awesome is that? This blocking forces me or you to continue been productive by working on things that will grow our business. Ok enough talk because I know you want to get your hands on Nanny Chrome so here goes.


1. First head over to your Google Chrome and click on the three little lines in the corner but if you have a earlier versions this maybe be replaced with the wrench.

2. From here you will have to go to Tools – Extensions which will land you on the page which is all your installed extensions are located. Remember after you install Nanny Chrome you will have to come back here to view the (options) to use its features. But before you do that you must get the extension by clicking the link at the bottom that looks like the image in the screen shot.

3. Now your on the Google Chrome extension dashboard and all you have to do is type in (Nanny Chrome) and click ENTER.

4. Now you will see the extension below and all you have to do now is to click (ADD TO Chrome)


5. Now you have the extension install, so now it comes time to go back to your extension home page which I talked about above. From there you will be able to click on Nanny Chrome and start the process of blocking websites.

6. Here is Nanny Chrome dashboard which is simple to navigate and user friendly. You can’t see it in the screen shot but a little more to the right you will find a user manual that will walk you through how to go about blocking any website. But to be honest the features are sort of straight forward so you shouldn’t have to do much reading.

I say if you use Google Chrome then this extensions is the right one for you if you want something simple and user friendly. So run over to Google Chrome and install Nanny Chrome Today.

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Finally: Lets Move On To How to Block Websites on Safari Which Is One Of The Top Used Browsers

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Block Websites on Your Computer

Blocking Websites on Your Computer

I talked about in chapter 1 how you can use a software to block websites with just a few clicks of the mouse. But for those who want to go the manual route then I got something awesome for you today that will allow you to block websites content from showing up when browsing.

Now this form of blocking websites has been around for a long time now but the sad thing about it is that most people don’t even know about it. I will be showing you how to block websites site directly from your PC in the parental controls sections. Now this was put in placed by Microsoft to allow parents or company owners to block websites they didn’t what their kids or employees to see.

The good thing about that is this form of blocking websites can also be great for you in the sense of you now have the ability to block sites from yourself. The only draw back is that you can only block (content) related sites. Meaning if you want to block all adult sites then you have that option and more.

With this free blocking format you won’t be able to just plugin a site you will only have the option of choosing the sort of content you want to block. This is not my favorite way to block website but its great if you just want to eliminate certain website content from popping up.


Using The Parental Control Settings

1. To get to the parental controls you must first click on your computer Start – Control Panel and you will see a screen like the one below. From here you should be able to find the (Set up parental control for any user) Go there..

2. Here in the image below you will see users of a computer I have for this demonstration. You will be able to click on any of the users so you can change the content viewing settings. Now if you’re the administrator then obviously you will click the administrator tab where you can control your on viewing content.


3. When you click on the user name you want to customize then you will arrive at a screen such as the image below. There are other settings and option’s here but the one we need to view is “Games” tab. This tab holds the permissions we will give to this user account to be able to view certain websites or not.


4. Next you will have to click on “Set game ratings”..from here you will have the options of changing some of the most critical setting on your PC. One thing I stress from here is to remember the default setting just in case you want to over ride the new settings.

5. Here is where all the magic takes place and I must say this is the place where you can block, unblock and change a number of other settings. From the image below you don’t see the tons of other options you have which is further down the page where it shows blocking games, adult content, video content, social media and more.

This chapter was pretty easy and straight forward when it comes blocking any site of content you don’t want to view. This is the menu version but if you think this a little bit over your head then head over to chapter 1 where I show you how to block any website by using a software.

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