Blocking Websites on Windows

Blocking Websites on Windows

Welcome to chapter 5 of this Advance Guide of How to Block Websites. One of the most used versions of computers every since the old days back in the 90’s has been the good old Windows. Heck I even remember using windows 95’ back in Jr High which back then was somewhat of a big thing.

But now we have windows, XP,Vista,7 and now just released sometime ago window 8 (Whippy) which has the word buzzing. You see no matter which Windows you have my simple but quick way to change your host file will allow you to block any website less then 2 minutes flat. So Let’s Go..


1. First you will have to find your host which is located deep inside your computer files. You can do this by taking these steps which should turn up something like the image below.. C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC\


2. Once you try to open this file it maybe to your surprise that your PC will give you options of programs. What we have found that its best to edit your Host file with (NotePad).

3. Now don’t panic and jump on the found and contact a computer tech guy because the next part is pretty simple if you follow my directions carefully. First you will need this code ( localhost) which will be placed under the last code you see.

4. From here it really becomes simple because all you have to do now is add the code above and replace (localhost) with the website you want to block.

5. You can list as many websites as you want, and as you can see I input Twitter and YouTube as a example. Finally after entering your websites you want to block then run over to the file above and click (Save the File) which should overwrite your old version.

Hint: Make a duplicate copy of the original before editing it just in case you want to convert back if something goes wrong.

Last: Just restart your computer and open up a browser and those site/sites should be blocked.

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