Block Websites on Your Computer

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Blocking Websites on Your Computer

I talked about in chapter 1 how you can use a software to block websites with just a few clicks of the mouse. But for those who want to go the manual route then I got something awesome for you today that will allow you to block websites content from showing up when browsing.

Now this form of blocking websites has been around for a long time now but the sad thing about it is that most people don’t even know about it. I will be showing you how to block websites site directly from your PC in the parental controls sections. Now this was put in placed by Microsoft to allow parents or company owners to block websites they didn’t what their kids or employees to see.

The good thing about that is this form of blocking websites can also be great for you in the sense of you now have the ability to block sites from yourself. The only draw back is that you can only block (content) related sites. Meaning if you want to block all adult sites then you have that option and more.

With this free blocking format you won’t be able to just plugin a site you will only have the option of choosing the sort of content you want to block. This is not my favorite way to block website but its great if you just want to eliminate certain website content from popping up.


Using The Parental Control Settings

1. To get to the parental controls you must first click on your computer Start – Control Panel and you will see a screen like the one below. From here you should be able to find the (Set up parental control for any user) Go there..

2. Here in the image below you will see users of a computer I have for this demonstration. You will be able to click on any of the users so you can change the content viewing settings. Now if you’re the administrator then obviously you will click the administrator tab where you can control your on viewing content.


3. When you click on the user name you want to customize then you will arrive at a screen such as the image below. There are other settings and option’s here but the one we need to view is “Games” tab. This tab holds the permissions we will give to this user account to be able to view certain websites or not.


4. Next you will have to click on “Set game ratings”..from here you will have the options of changing some of the most critical setting on your PC. One thing I stress from here is to remember the default setting just in case you want to over ride the new settings.

5. Here is where all the magic takes place and I must say this is the place where you can block, unblock and change a number of other settings. From the image below you don’t see the tons of other options you have which is further down the page where it shows blocking games, adult content, video content, social media and more.

This chapter was pretty easy and straight forward when it comes blocking any site of content you don’t want to view. This is the menu version but if you think this a little bit over your head then head over to chapter 1 where I show you how to block any website by using a software.

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