Exposed : Niche Site Duel 2.0

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Welcome to the first update of this niche site duel 2.0 which is lead by Pat Flynn from his SmartPassiveIncome website. Most people are taking the approach of starting a brand new website but not I my friend. I decided to find something to rank for that I can create a guide or manual on which contain 6 chapters.

I did some research and found a great keyword that gets about 3600 exact local searches here in the USA which is what I think is good targeted traffic. Plus I got this manual idea from the interview Pat had with one other internet marketer who was talking about creating a guide or manual for a niche which in terms if good enough will be shared and linked to…so that’s what I did.

Now for those of you who don’t understand this SEO Game like most of us whose been doing this for a long time online..and I mean a long time every since the since the first day Google released Google Adwords when they really had to compete with Yahoo that was a long time ago.

Anyway..what I have learned over the years and the reason why I didn’t create a brand new website and created a manual on my website is because of this. First after doing seo for myself and my clients over the years I had found out something really interesting for you all.


Believe This Or Not

Google sees each page on your website as its own website…now what does that mean? It means when you post something on your website, it doesn’t have any authority in the search engine unless your website is really a big time authority website then your pages will start from scratch..meaning at the back of the pack depending on the keyword and content your writing about.

Now yes its true that a little juice is passed on to that page your creating but not even enough to rank you highly for a high traffic keyword. So for this reason I found a nice niche surrounding my business and something many people in my business field may need or want if they want to continue been productive online with their websites.

Basically I created a manual/guide and it took me two weeks to complete which I started on May 20, 2013 and completed it on June 3, 2013. This was pretty much two weeks of hard work to complete a 6 chapter manual that I feel is simple but something people will enjoy linking to because there was no other manual out there which this much in-dept content on this subject. Plus I seen the number of people searching for this sort of information so I said what the heck why not create this and try to rank it #1 while at the same time being part of Pat’s Niche Site Duel 2.0.


Update: June 5, 2013

The screen shot below shows my rankings for my main keyword which is #95 in Google. Now if you look closer you will see other pages of that manual below of the six chapters and none of them are ranked except one. Just out of the blue my first chapter of this manual is ranking #35 without any form of seo.

But one thing I want to say if your doing a niche site or a manual or guide on your a website just think about this for a second. If after a couple of days you start to show up in the search engine in the top 100 just right off the back then start smiling. This tells me that the research I did was point on and all I have to do now is start the process.

One other thing is that when people tell you that nofollow links are worthless you should ask them to explain to you why. The reason I say that is because the only link this manual has is a nofollow link from a YouTube video I did on manual..that’s it

So for the next two weeks I will be doing a little seo which if you know it or not all my efforts will be done manually. No seo software here my friend because I want this to be natural as possible. I will be working on the link building for about 2 hrs. a day which is nothing to be honest with you. So stay tune for the next update..


Update: June 19, 2013

Its been about 2 weeks since the last update of me trying to rank for a highly targeted keyword. If you take a quick look back up at the top then you will see that for my main keyword I was ranked #95 in Google and the rest of my how to guide pages that’s part of my niche wasn’t even indexed.

But two weeks later and still sticking to my one hour a day link building campaign I was able to do something remarkable. That is to not only start to show the rest of my guide in the top one hundred in the searches but also was able to get my targeted keyword to position #30. Now It’s actually been jumping around from #22, #26 to #31 for the past 5 days which is normal.

What’s going on is called the Google dance where your site is starting to gain more authority and links are starting to get stronger. So for this reason Google is still not sure where they want you to be so they keep making move until their ready to find you a home.

Now for the other pages of the guide its been great also because they are getting good rankings. If you know it or not but I haven’t built one link to those pages but since they are connected to the main page of my keyword then some of that link juice starts to flow down to them.

This is the power SEO marketing is that when you start to rank for one thing then you will start to see more traffic coming from related long tail keywords. Now if I can show you a screen shot of my Google Webmaster account you will see that I’m ranking for about 40 terms from my targeted keyword to many long tail key phrases.

I’m not getting too much traffic for them just yet but once I reach the front page for my targeted keyword which gets over 3,600 exact match searches each month then I should see some traffic. Until then I will keep pushing on one hour a day doing manual link building which is time consuming but fun at the same time. So stay tune for update #3 in two weeks.

Update July 5, 2013

Its been two weeks now since the last update on June 19th 2013. Today is one day after the 4th of July which is an exciting day for our country. Its all about independence day and the old farthers back in the 1700’s who made some decisions that shaped our country as of today (and what about those ugly wigs they wore..not too fashionable at all). But beside that I’m given you guys an update of my niche I deiced to do which is somewhat part of Pat Niche Site Duel 2.

Today is also a very exciting day for my son because we are in Austin TX playing 9 years baseball in the World Series..Wowee. So as I sit here in our hotel by the pool which pretty awesome I must say. I decided it was a great time you guys this update of the niche I’m working on which started back on May 20, 2013 to present day of July 5, 2013 which gives me about 45 days into this project.

I said this will be a one to three month project to get to #1 and as it looks now I’m on that track of moving up the rankings. BTW…it feels good to be able to travel all across the world with a laptop and do work in any new environment. This is what the power of online marketing does for your business and the likes of using SEO to gain automatic traffic you don’t have to continually working for.

So to get back to the topic in hand which is the niche I’m working on…is that its moving as I thought it would in the search engines. It first didn’t show up for a while and all of a sudden it started to rank in the top 30. Now its doing the Google Dance which is when Google bounce your site around until it setting into place. One of the reason which its going from ranking to 17, 27 back to 20 and now 23 is because of the Google Dance.

The reason it dance is because there are many links coming in from web 2.0 sites, comments and some good authority forums. I’m linking my niche in a slow but natural way which I talked about a lot in the first update above. In about two weeks I will be switching from building links in this matter to basically going full blast with guest posting around day 60.

From there I will try to do between 15 to 20 guest post on highly PR sites that holds good ranking in the search engines. By doing this I hope the links from those sites really drive home the rankings to #1 when Google starts to pick them up. That’s the route I’m taking in due time but as of now this is where I stand in the 23rd spot and hope to see higher ranking in the next update on July 19, 2013.

Important: The other pages to my niche guide are moving up the rankings as you can see without any backlinks so that’s a A+ for more traffic to come.

Next Update July 22, 2013

I’m super happy today to wake up and see some good movement of my niche guide page. The last update was over two weeks ago and my niche guide page was hanging around the twenties mark but today I jumped up a whole ten spots. Google must have done a little update of their serps and that update recognize my seo work and politely moved me up.

Not yet in the top ten but hopefully through some aggressive seo marketing the next coming weeks we could see a big jump in rankings.  My goal now is to get my main page as you can see that #14 in Google, on many high authority websites as I can that consists of PR 3 to a staggering PR 7 websites. Now if you guys understand anything about seo then you will know if your link can get somewhere on a website that has that much search engine pull then your in the game.

Basically its like one PR 5 website linked to your niche page or such is like equaling to 10 thousands worthless backlinks from low moderate websites. So the system I will be using to do this is called the good old guest posting formula. Now these are not your typical guesting posting websites where they will allow you to post junk content that’s worthless and everyone have heard before.

These are some sites where I will have to put into around two hours of writing and about another 30 minute to a hour formatting that post just for their site. This will give me a total of about 3 hours on a given website guest post. This is a long time but just think about it for a moment if you can understand the power of higher authority links.

Just that one link can possibly push my website up a couple spots or more so fro that reason my game plan is to write guest posts until I reach #1. Pat had a interview with another great marketer sometime back when he was told about buying expiring domains that have good PR’s. This is sort of the same approach but in stead of buying a website I’m just posting to existing sites and piggy backing off their PR Huh

Got a question or comment then just leave it below…I’m all ears

Update Aug 19, 2013

It’s been about a month now since the last up date in July and we are now on the front page of Google for my main keyword. The page was at a standstill for a while which is normal because of the competiveness of the keyword phrase. The screen shot below shows us in the number 10 spot which is not the first position but we’re in line to take over the front page.

Ever since I hit the front page my Google webmaster has been showing impressions of around 300 to 400 views per day. Meaning when someone searched that keyword my listing came up as an impression not a click on the search result. Yes I have been getting just a little traffic but not that much for being still at the bottom of the ladder.

So if I had to do some numbers on this and average the amount of click I will get when I hit the first spot. It will be somewhere between 150 to 200 click through per day to my page. Honestly these is a lot more than my research showed so I’m super happy and keep pushing this page up the ranking so I can reap the benefits of passive search traffic. Stay tune for the next update.

Next Update Coming Soon



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2 thoughts on “Exposed : Niche Site Duel 2.0

  1. Thank for such an in depth post I’m getting my niche site started too And surfing around seeing what other NSD 2.0ers are up to. Can you elaborate more on what you do with your 1 hour a day of linking building, that sounds like an interesting technique? Thank you

  2. It more less comes down to posting to Web 2.0 sites which are the WordPress and Blogger type sites. You will want post to as many as you can and link back to your page you want to rank for.

    After you spend a hour a day doing that I will then move on to posting a unique article to and get it approved. Next I will go out and find as many article directories as I can and put together a long article and use some sort of spinner to come up with unique pieces of content.

    You must make it readable so take your time and spin the words so they make since. I will post to at least 100 article sites if you could. Do this for a hour a day until you complete that project.

    Plus comment on websites that’s surrounding your niche for at least 1 to 2 hours a week. This will get you even more links and yes some will be nofollow but believe me its still worth it to show both kinds of links.

    Go out and find the top 10 forums in that niche and create a link on those sites. Once this is completed you will have tons of links pointing back to your site.

    But the key is to have at least 5 keyword anchor text linking back to your website. So I say use your main keyword once and use the other 3 the next time.

    This will show natural linking and keep the panda and penguin from hurting your site. Finally all you have to do is to start from the first link you created and build links to that one. This will build link juice and drive your keyword up the rankings if you did the right research.

    That’s my 1 hour work day which is slow and time consuming but it works.

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