Monthly Stats Report for August 2013

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Welcome to the first of many monthly stats that I will be doing here on CMG. The reason behind these posts is not to brag or show off my website performance from month to month. My goal is to do a couple of things with these stat reports which all comes down to me being productive, and at the same time giving you a front row seat of how to grow a website from A to Z.

My Personal Growth

First, I’m doing these posts starting this month of September 2013 because I want to track my performance. This website has been online for a total of 6 months now which equals up to about 160 days. About two months of that time was all about setting the website up from design to adding important content such as my contact page, services page, about me page and the ask Antonio page.

For the past 4 months, I have been working on adding valuable content to the website which is centered around marketing. It took about three months to write some good quality content for the casual readers who do come along. I wanted to create tons of posts before I really started marketing this website to thousands if not millions of people.

Now for this reason, last month was my first month of really marketing the website to the masses, and below I will show you how I was able to gain 893 visitors in the month of August. This on top of the backlinks I’m building to the site, to the overall search terms I’m ranking for gives me a front row seat on the growth of my business.

This Will Help You Also

I’m one of those people who will probably give you my last piece of pecan pie, and my family knows how much I love that. Helping people build their website’s traffic by marketing their website in the cleanest form is what I will be helping you achieve here on CMG. This is why I will be sharing everything I will be doing to grow this website to the masses.

You will be able to look over my shoulder and see the things that I do to build more subscribers, make more money, and most importantly building my brand. You will have the blueprint map of building a successful website without having to spend tons of money on advertising.

Just remember the stats for this site are very low compared to a so called big blogger website, but to me that’s the beauty of the site because I will be building it from scratch, and you will have an opportunity to follow along. Not only follow along, but you will be able to implement the same steps with your own website.

So-What Happened in August

The month of August was my first full month of doing some sort of marketing. I had everything in place, so I felt like it was time to get the ball rolling. Before the month even jumped off good enough, I received a big surprise from the website Technorati. They took the pleasure of ranking my marketing website as one of the top 100 small business website online.

Next, I took the pleasure of putting together a how to guide of marketing a real estate business. I did this because I talk to so many realtors and brokers who know how to sell a house, but have no clue on how to market their business to the masses without breaking the bank.

One of the things I’m proud about more than the slight growth of the website is my survival tool resource page. I understand some people don’t know where to start when it comes to marketing, and that’s one of the main reasons for failure. For this reason, I decided to sit down on a Saturday and list every program and software that I use every day to run my business. If you ever wondered what us marketers use on a daily basis to grow our businesses, then now you can stop wondering.

Finally, I took the first step into letting a whole new audience know about my marketing website. What I did was that I networked with 20 marketers online, and created what we call a “List Post” These type of posts can be about anything, but the sole reasons behind them are for the following..

· Networking

· Traffic

· Getting shares on Twitter and Facebook

· Maybe even a backlink on their website

· Building Long Term Relationships

The overall stats of this post once it was posted about a week ago came out to..40 Likes, 80 Retweets, 33 Google Plus’s and only 12 Linkedin shares as of 9/4/2013. All of this equaled up to a whopping 285 targeted visitors to this page.

Niche Site Duale 2.0

Now, for those of you who don’t know, I’m what they call a SEO GUY. Yes, I do all of the other forms of marketing from email marketing, networking to you name it. For years I’ve been doing SEO, which is going after a keyword and getting it ranked highly in Google and the other search engines.

Lately I have been participating in the “Niche Site Dual 2.0” challenge, which me and I would say couple of hundreds or thousands of people are a part of. We are trying to see if we can rank a website/web page in the search engine in a certain amount of time. Me being the person that I am, and knowing that I could surpass the competition, decided to play along and document my case study here.

Important: I’m doing this for a friendly competition, but I’m also doing it for traffic and profits.

My Stats

895 visitors are what I was able to muster up from the little marketing that I did do this past month. Most of this came from some guest posts, networking, seo, and a little social media here and there. In the screen shot you will see how from March to now the traffic has climbed the ladder of success.

I got these stats from Jetpack by wordpress, which is a free plugin that keeps up with all of your incoming stats. It tells you the referring sites, search terms, and keeps track of all your traffic until the end of time..Best park is that it’s free.

Besides Jetpack, you can use Google Analytics which is another free tracking tool from Google. I installed this to my website in late April which really hurt me on monitoring the traffic. I say this because the Google Analytics back office showed that the site only got over 1,000 visitors from April to now, but the jetpack has been installed since day one and it shows that I’ve gotten over 1,736 visitors.

Google Webmaster

Once again, if this is something that you’re new to, then Google Webmaster is nothing more than a big analysis tool. It keeps track of search terms, backlinks to your site, and many other useful programs. My main goal is to use it to track the backlinks coming into my site, and show which keywords I’m ranking for.

This screen shot shows that I have about 313 backlinks pointing to the website. I’m sure, and to be honest I’m 100% sure that there are even more links pointing back to my site. The issue is that Google takes about 2 to 4 weeks to find and calculate your links.

Hint: This is the main reason that it takes months to rank a website, because Google’s process of evaluating your links takes time. I think that 313 links is pretty great for a six month old website.

Search Queries Ups and Downs

Inside Google webmaster, they have what is called the search queries section. This is where the software keeps track of all of the search terms listed in their search engine from your website. As of me writing this monthly stats report, I have over 226 search terms in the search engine.

Now, most of these are from my seo efforts from this niche site duel I have been working on. This effort of mine has allowed my site to be showed in the search engine “impressions” over 12,000 times with only about 150 clicks.

If you take a quick look at the screen shot, you will notice that the searches just drop off the face of the earth. Why? It can be many factors and most of them have to do with the Google Dance, which is common. What we go through as marketers is that one day you’re doing good in the search engine and the next day you’re entirely off the map.

It will come back up sooner or later, and this is the reason why I don’t depend on search traffic 100%. Below I will explain my goals for the next month, and let you know exactly what I will be doing to not only keep my seo efforts going, but also how I will grow this website through creative marketing..

September Goals

My Goal for September 2013 will be to get anywhere from 1500 to 2000 visitors to the website. These people will be targeted people who are readers, buyers, and searching for valuable information in my niche which is marketing. Yes, to get to this number I will need some help from you when it comes to sharing the site content, but the overall work load will be done by doing the following.

Guest Posting

I’m looking to write 16 guest posts this month on an average of 4 per week. Each guest post will be about online marketing, local marketing, or just plain old seo marketing. I will spend a total of 6 hours per week writing, editing, and posting them to other websites.

These guest posts will be anywhere from 500 to 1000 words each, and jammed packed with quality content. Hopefully by doing this, I will be able to put my website in front of other readers and build my brand which equals more traffic.

2 Blogs Per Week

I am a big believer in writing so that people can read what’s hiding inside that head of yours. To be able to grow my website, I will need to add valuable information at least twice a week filled with marketing ideas, tools, strategies and more. This will give me 8 valuable pieces of content for the month of September, which is the norm of blogging times.

This blogging is part of my 1,000 words a day I must write to cover the guest posting and the content on my site. Talk about a guy doing lots of work just to grow a website from A to Z.


Relationships are the #1 way to grow a website for long term success. If you want to grow your website to millions of visitors like I will do for CMG, then you must be ready to network. I mean going out and introducing yourself to another top website owner, and holding a conversation in some way or another.

How I will do this is through my “list posts” which I will do 2 of them for this month. I’m looking to network with 100 website owners this month, and hopefully I can get on their radar so that I can get my brand in front of their readers. I’m looking to go about doing this by getting interviews from them, or asking them questions about different forms of marketing.

However, the networking will be a grueling and time consuming task. I understand that if I want to grow this community for myself and you readers, then I must turn my hat around and get to work.

Lots of work for September, but someone has to do it.

Thanks for reading and please share and comment…

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