This Article Will Make Your Local Seo Marketing Amazing: Read Or Miss Out

This Article Will Make Your Local Seo Marketing Amazing: Read Or Miss Out

My journey in online marketing world has taken me to places that I’ve never thought possible. I can’t tell you all of the great people that I’ve met over the years, from my early days of creating products online that were strictly for those who wanted to learn more about online rankings.

People would just buy my little programs and books, and email moments after just thanking me for giving them the tools to succeed online. The feelings of just helping some get from point A to point Z, is just an amazing feeling that I can’t explain. Even though I don’t really focus too much on just merely SEO to get websites ranked on this website, but I still make sure to incorporate in every article I write on this website on local seo marketing.

So what is “Local SEO Marketing”

Well first you understand what is just plan seo marketing, which is nothing more than performing actions on a website to get it to rank in the top of the search engines. Local seo marketing just pretty much narrows it down just to targeting a certain market like a state, city, town, county or region.

I started this website strictly to focus 100% on local seo marketing, which in short terms, is “Local Marketing.” I use the words local seo marketing because not only am I writing about how to dominate your local market by implementing the thousands of marketing tactics, but I’m also teaching you how to take it online to put in front of potentially millions of people.

The Ultimate goal is to get your business name and website out there to thousands of people without breaking the bank. Today I want to go over a number of things that I think you should be doing today to place your business on the road to success, or just sit back and let your competitors take advantage of this and lose out on thousands of potential clients.

The 4 Headed Monster

Here are 4 elements that every business should adopt if they want to be able to dominate their local market. Just for today I’m focusing strictly on online domination.

  • Need a Website
  • Local SEO Marketing
  • Building an Online Presence
  • Reputation Management

Need a Website

Do me a favor for a moment? Run over to Google and type in something that people will search for to find your business online. The example that I will be using is the keyword “Shreveport Real Estate.

You see I’ve already done the research on this keyword, and found out that over 1,600 people search for this keyword each and every month through Google.

This is a screen shot of what I found when I did the search.

shreveport real estate companies

Number one, if you don’t have a website, there is no way you will ever find your business here unless you do some other forms of local marketing. Next, is that if you see any of your local competitors on that front page and don’t see yourself anywhere in the picture, then I must say you’re in big trouble. The #1 first element to dominating your local market is to have a website.  Now do you need one right off the back? The short answer is no, because we can utilize other forms of online marketing to support your business growth until we get one.

My recommendation is to have a website due to the fact of building creditability in the local community. When I see that a business doesn’t have even a simple website, leads me to be weary of using them. I know right off the back that they’re not up to date on the importance of having one. Now this can be for a number of reasons like:

  • No Budget to get one
  • No time to set one up
  • Never thought about
  • See no need in it
  • No one else has one

These are the top reasons that I’ve found out why most local businesses don’t have websites. Just understand that  if you want to start standing out in a crowd from the local competition, then you must get a simple site set up to start the snow effect.

Local SEO Marketing

Nothing is more powerful than knowing that you can target any market in the world by doing local seo marketing. Meaning, as a local marketing consultant, I have the knowledge and skills to go into any place in the world and dominate that place by doing local seo marketing.

It’s something that lots of small businesses don’t understand, but when I explain to them how they can move up in the rankings in their local market for any number of keywords, this really sparks their interest. I don’t know any local businesses who would not want potential clients and customers banging down their doors to use their products or services.

For Example:

Why don’t we go back to my previous keyword, “Shreveport Real Estate,” which like I said gets over 1,600 searches per month on Google. But let’s take this local seo marketing even further by going after some other terms such as:

  • Shreveport Homes For Sale
  • Houses for Rent in Shreveport
  • Shreveport Realtor
  • Shreveport MLS List

Now I already did research on all of these terms from a previous project that I wrote about over there on What I like to do is always know the numbers to see if I can carve out a path in that market. So knowing the numbers of how many people are searching for each keyword in a given market, allows me to come in and dominate without paying for outrageous advertising.

Basically, once all is said and done when I complete my research of the other keywords listed above, I should be able to target at least 5,000 potential clients each and every month just by doing local seo marketing.

All I have to do is work my tail off to get my website, profiles, videos and online citations on the top of the search engines, and allow my clients to chase me versus me hunting them down.

This is the only smart way to market if you would like to dominate online in today’s market.

Building an Online Presence

One of the first steps that I take with a new client, is that we walk the road of building up our online presence. Most of the time local business owners will not have a clue on what you’re talking about until I can break it down bit by bit.

The short version of building an online presence is taking your business name and information, like the example below:

Description: We are the top lawn care providers right here in Shreveport, La. We have been in business for over 5 years, serving the good people of Caddo Parish. We are here to serve you in making your lawn the nicest looking property in the community.

Keywords: Shreveport Lawn-care, Shreveport Landscaping, Shreveport Lawn Care Companies

Now with this information, I love to target the whole entire online space to build up our online presence. What I do is go out and setup hundreds if not thousands of profiles, citations and videos online that are centered around all of those details listed above with the keywords being optimized.

So after a certain amount of time, which can be anywhere from 3 to 6 months, we will have the client on hundreds of places online targeting their local market. We will just be dominating the online presence for “Shreveport Lawn Care,” and the other terms that we will go after.

What happens is that the search engines will pick all of this content that we are producing, and filter it throughout the internet. Making your business more powerful in the search engines, gives your business more opportunities to show up in the top places online. This results in more customers, leads, clients, sales, calls and most importantly growth.

The other lawn-care people in your local market are not doing this, or little to nothing on how to get it done. So to give you a jump start on this, I wrote a local marketing guide just for you all to use to grow your business. There is one chapter called “The Advance Guide to Dominating Local Small Business Directories by Antonio Coleman.

This chapter will go a little deeper into how to set all of this up, and get it going for your business. But for those who just don’t have the time to do this, then I can help you get this done on a hands free level by going here.

Reputation Management

The song that I sing all of the time when talking to local businesses owners about local marketing, is the other side which deals with their reputation. Most businesses really think that everything online works the same way that the offline world works.

Offline people can’t just go out and spread false statements without having some form of proof to back it up. I can’t go and put an ad in the paper about a local donut shop, and spread rumors about their awful service. We have freedom on speech, but getting that place offline in publication, is somewhat impossible to do.

However, online you can pretty much say what you feel and nothing can be done about it. If I don’t like that local donut shop, I can go online on my website or find one of their profiles online, like their Google Places, Yelp, Manta or Yellowpages profile, and leave a review on there.

What I’ve seen over the years is some of the worse reviews ever that is devastating to that local business. People go online and Google a company name, and starts to find tons of bad comments about them and choose not to use their services. I see it all of the time, and you as a business owner must combat that by monitoring your online reputation.

You want to monitor your business name online to know when people are talking good and bad about your business. I will create an online reputation guide soon that will walk you through how to monitor, and take care of the bad reviews so that they get pushed off of the front page. We only want people to view the good stuff, but if the bad stuff is showing up then you risk losing business.

Take Action

These are some of the few ways of starting your local online marketing to help grow your business. So for taking a moment to read over 1,800 words, I would like to give to you my free 31 tips of dominating your local marekting guide.

Put these in place today, and within the next 90 days you should be making head waves in your local market. All you have to do is take action if you want to dominate locally without spending a dime on advertising.

Please help spread the word by sharing this page on all of your social media channels. You can link to it if you have any sort of website where you think this will benefit someone. Lastly, what are your views on the topic that I shared today, and will it be something that you will be implementing for your business?

How to Make 2015 a Successful Year with a 31 Day Calendar

How to Make 2015 a Successful Year with a 31 Day Calendar

Wow, I can’t believe that I’ve made it through another year of this local online and offline marketing thing. It’s been years since I started working my butt off in me and wife’s one bedroom apartment back in the early 2000’s.

Staying up late at night trying to figure out how I can make my life better. Which road is worth taking is what I asked myself back in those glory days of starting out. Fast forward it 10+ years, now I’m sitting right where I want to be because of two words…

Hard Work

I’ve taken the knowledge that I’ve accumulated over the years and packaged it up into a big present topped off with a big bow. Now I’m making it my mission to give this present out to all of those in the world who are looking to….I’ve taken the knowledge that I’ve accumulated over the years and packaged it up into a big present topped off with a big bow. Now I’m making it my mission to give this present out to all of those in the world who are looking to….

  • Grow their business in 2015
  • Build an online presence for their business in 2015
  • Attract leads in 2015
  • Create a website that will work for you 365 days in 2015
  • and just looking to take your business to the highest level in 2015

None of this will be possible without having a game plan for this coming year. Let’s make this the day that you sit down just like I did, and come up with a schedule to stick by for the next coming 30 days.

You see, this is just the first installment of being successful in 2015 by just merely setting up a plan of attack that you wish to do. Now, these are the things that you need to do every single day to help grow your business. My goals will be different from yours, so don’t get too emotional on how this needs to look.

My 31 Day Calendar

What I’m about to list here is a method that I came up with just the other day to keep me on task and schedule every single month of this 2015. I realized that in 2014, even though I did good on managing my time, I could’ve done a little better to be more productive online and offline when it came to marketing my business.

Just not this 31 day calendar can be used for any sort of activity that you’re trying to achieve each and everyday. But the concept is to keep you on task of doing every day things that will help grow your business, or allow you to complete certain tasks throughout the day.

Let’s goal is to get the main thing done each and every day to help grow my business online in 2015. These are the things that I must do on a daily basis if I want to see growth in my website, CMG, over the next 365 days. Check Out Mines

my 31 day calender by coleman marketing group

Now remember, I’m only focusing on a 4 hours a day action plan. Meaning, I’m only looking to work on my own business no more than 4 hours a day. This doesn’t include doing seo, local online marketing or building simple websites for clients. This is all about getting my brand, which is the Coleman Marketing Group, out there to millions of people this coming year, and here is the action plan I came up with. You can do the same thing for your business just by taking a little time to set it up.

Step by Step Process

I took my small dry erase board that is formatted like a 31 day calendar. You can go to Walmart and buy one of these for around $5 or so. To the left side of the board, which is all white for taking notes, I did a little math and found out that:

4hrs a day x 31 days a month = 124hrs of work time

Next, I wrote underneath that the tasks and actions that I wanted to achieve for that month, and how many hours I wanted to spend on that task. So this is the exact task that I wrote down on my board that I’m looking to follow each and everyday. This allows me to keep my schedule.

  1. 1,000 words a day at 1hr per day = 31hrs
  2. Online Local Marketing for CMG 1hr per = 31 hrs
  3. Podcasting 2hrs x day = 10hrs
  4. Networking 2hrs x 10days = 20hrs
  5. Blog Posting + Research 2hrs x 5days = 10hrs
  6. Guest Posting + Research 2hrs x 5days = 10hrs
  7. Video Marketing + Creation 2hrs x 5days = 10hrs
  8. Promoting My Content 2hrs x 5days = 10hrs
  9. CMG Website Maintenance ect.. 2hrs

Next, you see that I numbered them 1-9 to give them a number, instead of writing down each task as I need them throughout the month. So, I took the other side of the 31 day calendar and put the # 1 and #2 on all of the dates knowing that I have to do these every single day.

1,000 words a day

These are 2hrs a day tasks off the back, so I knowing coming in that I have 2hrs a day doing these two items no matter what. The 1,000 words a day method is something that I came up with a few years ago that has helped me create a book for this coming year, along with blog posts, guest posts and any other publications.

Online Local Marketing

Plus, the local online marketing is all about building my online presence in my own city. This can be done in so many forms, but the norm is content, videos, keynotes and more to get my brand out there locally in my own city. I work so much on my clients online presence, that I forget about improving mine.


Plus, I’m taking 10hrs this month to start and produce my first podcasting shows on iTunes. This is something that I have been talking about for about a year now, but it’s time to get it done. So, be on the look out to have me talking to you about all of this local marketing stuff through audio here soon.

coleman marketing group podcasting for 2015


One of the biggest goals that I have first this year is to network with about 1,000 people this year in all sorts of industries. But, the one that I’m focusing on first is the real estate industry. I’m working hard on helping every person in this industry market their business to the massive.

So, for the next 31 days I will be trying to get on the radar of 200 people, and keep this pattern throughout the year. By the end of the year I hope that I can turn to at least 1,000 people, and call them my online friend.

Blog Posting and Guest Posting

Now I’m making it my duty to keep this form of work up to par. This is where I take those 1,000 words a day and post them to my blog, or on other websites as guests. Plus, this includes doing the research, to formatting the content to look good so that people will share it.

Video Marketing + Creation

This is just another avenue to educate my readers, and those who are clients of mine. With their local marketing accounts, they are able to watch tutorial videos that show, educate and explain the whole concept of local marketing.

So, my goal is to keep producing great videos for those who want something visual versus having to read a bunch of content, which I hate to do at times.

Promoting my Content

This is where a lot of people fail when it comes to blogging, that they lack the efforts of promoting their content to the massive. There is a system behind websites like mine that gets thousands of people to visit them every single month. It all comes down to promoting that content once it’s up and live online.

CMG Website Maintenance

This is nothing more than keeping my site updated, and running smoothly. Keeping it safe and secure is what you need to be doing also, so if you’re not backing up your site, then you’re in trouble.

Putting it all Together

Each of the tasks have numbers by them, so I will just add a number for that day that is only for another 2hrs. So at the end of the day, I will have a total of 4 hours of tasks completed as I work my way throughout the month.

For Example

  • Day 1: 1, 2, 7
  • Day2: 1, 2, 3
  • and so forth…

This is the pattern that I’m focusing on this month, and throughout the years to stay the course of higher success. Something like this is so easy to setup no matter what industry you’re in. I want to see you guys make that big jump this year with me.

My goal is to prove so much free content for you all this year, that I’m even ashamed to talk about it. But I understand that I must help you get to your goals in life, and at first start by you getting on task and on schedule.

Ready to Participate: Here is the homework

Go to your local Walmart or Target, and pick up you one of these boards. Go home and put together your 31 day calendar. Once you complete it, just take a picture of just the board or of you and the board. Email that photo over to me at 

I will do an update post, and add everyone’s calendar photo to that page, so that we can share it with all of our family and friends on Facebook, twitter and linkedin. This is something fun and exciting to do to get this 2015 kicked off the right way.

Please forward those pictures over no later than January 4, 2015

Happy New Year..and please comment and share this post to the left

How To Earn $1,000,000 Using Local Seo Marketing to Grow Your Business in 6 Months

How To Earn $1,000,000 Using Local Seo Marketing to Grow Your Business in 6 Months

Every small business in the world would like to be able to grow their numbers while not breaking the bank. One of the angles that they first look at is advertising in newspapers, radio and maybe a little TV. Let’s just say that you’re a real estate company striving to gain some traction in your local market.

First, there are over 300+ real estate businesses in your city, so the market is already madly crowded. The question is, how do you separate yourself from the rest in terms of local marketing? How can I as a real estate broker put my brand out there for thousands if not millions to see?

Now, you can go out today, and hire some big fancy advertising/marketing firm to handle your marketing for you. They will charge you unbelievable amounts of money up front without helping you to gain one lead or client. So, before you even get started, you’re in the hole of no return where they’ve took a good bit of your money that could have gone towards something else.

This is the boat that most local small businesses swim in when wanting to start their marketing process. But thanks to me, you don’t have to go that route in a no win situation. Today, I just want to cover if you want to dominate your local market, then consider doing “Local SEO Marketing.”


Can you truly make 1,000,000 dollars doing local SEO marketing for your business. Plus, those who may not know what I mean when it comes to local SEO marketing, this is when you create content for your website or any online profile sites that you’ve created.

Take this example of “Shreveport Real Estate

If I’m a broker in Shreveport, and want to build my business from the online world out, then I would think about doing local SEO marketing. After doing some research, I found that over 1,600 people per month search that term, “Shreveport Real Estate.” Know that this term is broad, which can mean buyers and sellers. No matter what, it’s targeted to my business, and I must do some marketing to get me there.

So, let’s say that your company invests in real estate, besides just list properties. Having your business listed on the front page of the search engine for that term, will mean lots of targeted people that could get you to that million dollars.

What I’m about to explain can be for any business in any industry, which all of this local SEO marketing falls under the same category. All of it is based around creating awesome content using the right keywords, such as “Shreveport Real Estate,” and serving the search engines the value it needs to rank you accordingly.

The Process

What I would do if I was that real estate company or anyone looking to get more business locally from the internet, is create amazing content. To get some numbers on how many times people type in a keyword in Google, you must use Google Keyword’s free to use.

First, write 5,000 words or more on that keyword that you’re trying to rank for…it could be “Atlanta Lawn care Services,”Dallas Tattoo Shops,” or “Miami Car Wash.” No matter what you’re trying to rank for, just make sure that you write 5k or more words on that subject.

The reason that you want to do this is because I can guarantee you that no one in that industry has written that many words on one page on that subject. What this does from jump, is that it gets the attention of the search engines making them wonder how powerful that long copy of content is.

You can add this content to your website if you have one, or you can just blog about it on a free website from WordPress or Blogger. No matter what you do, “which I prefer your own site,” just make sure that you put your heart and soul into that content. I say this because, it will be read by thousands of people overtime.

That content will become what we call a lead magnet for people to come over to your website if they’re not already there. Once on your website, now it will have to work to close that visitor as a customer or client. But, that is a totally different topic that I won’t be covering today.

Second: Once that content is published on the internet, it’s now time to give it a little boost in the search engines. The way that you do that is by doing what we call “Local SEO Marketing.” If you want to make that 1,000,000 in your local market, this will be the step to take you over the edge.

I list this entire procedure in my 31 tips of dominating your local market guide. Today, I’m just going to give you the short version of it, which will give you the concept on how this works.

Moving Up The Rankings

Next thing you will have to do, is put in about an hour each day for anywhere from 30 to 120 days writing at least 1,000 words a day. Each piece of content that you write will need to be posted on websites like forums, guest posts, free blogs and profile sites.

The content you write just needs to be centered around that keyword that you’re trying to target. Plus, most importantly, you must link back to that 5k words post you wrote from day one using that same “keyword” that you’re targeting as your anchor text. If you do this consistently for the next 120 days, you will start to see that 5k post climb to the top of the search engines.

Now, there is no guarantee that your site will climb the rankings due to the fact that a lot of factors will depend on your local market and more. So, a little more detailed research will have to be done to know exactly how long it will take for your blog post to hit the top of the search engines.

So, after a few months or so, that company that decided to go after “Shreveport Real Estate,” should be somewhere on the front page getting thousands of visitors per month and easily on their way of making that 1,000,000 for that year.

All this stems from working just 1 hour a day. How amazing is that?

Comment Time: Think this is something you will try for your business?

Juicy Business Card Marketing Ideas Every Business Should Steal from Me

Juicy Business Card Marketing Ideas Every Business Should Steal from Me

When you think about business card marketing, it’s easy to picture someone just giving out cards to whom ever they come across.  To some people or business owners, this is what they do to implement some form of local marketing. But that’s not the way that it’s done, and frankly I have a better and more dynamic way of doing it.

I even included business card marketing into my 31 local marketing tips to dominate your local market. Here today, I’m going to dive into exactly how to put this process together, and use it to your advantage. What I’m about to show you is what I do for business owners who hire me to come in, and build that promotion throughout the community.

Business Card Marketing Ideas

Business card marketing allows you to target your local market to know the following:

  • Where you should spend money in your city
  • Where your customers live
  • Where your message is not be reached

Just by having a business titanic in place, you can now measure a number of things from engagement to promotional ideas. So, my goal here is to inform you on what you can do, starting today, to get your brand on the top of the mountain without even breaking a sweat.

The good old fish bowl method has been used thousands of times throughout the years. People will just place a bowl at the front without having any reasons for a customer to drop their business card in it. I have something for you today that will ultimately help you get your fish bowl method talked about all around the city.

First, you need to think about what you want to give away that will be of value to everyone who has a business card. You want to make your prize so tempting that they’re almost handcuffed to leave a card. So, think long and hard about that promotional item, and follow my lead.

Map it Out

After a number of weeks or months, you should have a fish bowl filled with tons of business cards. These cards will have the names, place of business, and number of customers who are visiting your place of business. From here, you can use color pins on a map of your city.

I will take every card, and use a color pin to locate every customer on the map. Now, I can take a step back and see where my customers live, and where I need to maybe market more to attract those whom I’m not reaching.

You must think about the plan of attack, because if you want to dominate your local market you must reach all areas. That side of town that you’re trying to get, may have a lot of competition.

One way to build up your marketing effort is to have those business cards that you have put into a mailing list. Now, there are many ways you can do this, from calling them up and asking if they would be interested in getting more promotions.

From here the options are endless, because you can email them or send direct mail to get in front of your customers. Just do this in a respectful way, so that you don’t over promote your business. You don’t want to come off as being pushy, and run your customers off to the local competition.

Don’t forget to make that drawing from your fish bowl marketing titanic. Make sure that you announce to all entries of who won, and what they won so that they know that there was an actual drawing. But, at the same time, you do have their information so use it wisely and they will continue to visit your place of business and spread the word.

Think About This

Go and team up with other businesses around town, and introduce this to them. Let them know how you did it, and the results that you received, which will encourage them to participate in the program.

If 10 businesses decided to enter this program with you, and all of them receive 50 cards in their fish bowl, that would be 500 businesses cards at you guys finger tips to do as you please. How Powerful is that?

Comment Time: Will you think about using the fishbowl method in this manner?

What!!! Who Needs to Build an Online Presence? Not Me | Our Business is Doing Good

What!!! Who Needs to Build an Online Presence? Not Me | Our Business is Doing Good

Some people feel as though they’re doing well offline, so why have an online presence? We are doing good offline by having tons of clients/customers, so why do we need to build an online presence?

Small businesses conduct business in a manner of what’s working today. They don’t seem to think outside of the box about who’s looking for their business online. Just because you’re a beauty shop doesn’t mean that people are only riding down the street looking for beauty shops to choose from.

Maybe there are a number of people who are on Google searching for “beauty shops in Shreveport, La.” There is a big possibility that people are going online to find great places versus word of mouth. Have you ever thought about the thousands of people who move into a new city every year, and they don’t know anything about the local businesses.

If they’re looking for“Restaurant in Shreveport, La,” and they do a Google search for that, guess who comes up and gets those thousands of potential customers just because they took the time to create what I call an online presence.

I want to go deeper just to ensure that you understand that having an online presence just doesn’t need to be about Google. Here is a list of places to build your online presence..

  • Google “#1 in my book”
  • Social Media
  • YouTube or video sites
  • Web 2.0 sites, create off site content
  • Blog Comments, yes it still works

Just the other day, I wrote a blog post on crushing my local market while eating a Bologna sandwich. What I was mainly talking about were the different avenues that I’m looking to take to dominate my local market. If you have a business, you must be willing to tackle your market from all sides versus having the offline world work for you.

Think about this…What!!! Who Needs to Build an Online Presence? Not Me | Our Business is Doing Good 1

I did some research on my local market here in Louisiana some time ago. What I wanted to see was how many people were looking to buy or sell real estate here in my local market of Shreveport, La.

I looked this information up by using Google Keyword Tool, and the numbers that came back almost knocked me out of my chair. I found that over 1,600 people search for the keyword “Shreveport Real Estate.” That is a lot of individuals looking to do some form of real estate business.

If you do a Google search, you will see that there is only one local real estate website that is on the front page. The rest of the sites are national sites, which no matter what, will rank for any terms you use that has the keyword “real estate” in it.

As I said before,  there is one local real estate website, but it has been there for years.  The only reason that  it’s ranked that high is because no one else has the common sense to do the same thing. The reason for this is because all of the other real estate businesses around the town are only focusing on the “offline world,” which is crazy. Research shows that over 1,600 people are looking for real estate in Shreveport, so why not get your brand in front of those people.

This is just another example of businesses not caring too much about their online presence. There is no way in the world that I would have a real estate company, and not have my website optimized to be ranked for “Shreveport Real Estate.” It’s not smart at all, so I’m going to run through a list of things that you can be doing today to get that competitive edge over the local competition.

Google “#1 in my case”

Google continues to be the #1 source of building an online presence. For one, if you have a website then that website can get ranked locally for your given keyword. Now your site has to be optimized, right? Actually, what you need to do more than anything else is build content on your site so that Google can index it.

Social Media

There are tons of social media websites, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, just to name a few. These sites are supposed to be used for networking, but some businesses still think that it’s a place to advertise to people. Yes, you can advertise, but it needs to be done in a different manner if you’re seeking results. Besides that, social media allows you to build an online presence by engaging in local conversations. This runs even deeper on this subject, so I think that it’s best to stay tuned for a well in-depth guide on this subject.

YouTube “or video sites

Most businesses over look video marketing just because they feel as though it’s not important. You’re crazy for doing that due to the fact that video is the second highest searched content online. Again, if someone is searching for “Shreveport Plumbers,” and they have created a video of being a plumber in Shreveport, La, guess what will show up in the search results and on that video website. Videos are powerful, and they allow you to gain an instant online presence without much effort.

Web 2.0 sites “create off site content

One thing that you will learn about me is that I have a solution for anything that you’re going through. If you are a small business and just can’t afford a website as of today, then don’t worry because you can still build an online presence. Here is a list of 128 web 2.0 websites where you can use them to create content that ranks locally. It gives you the opportunity to build an online presence without starting with your own website.

Blog Comments “yes its still works”

Last but not least, is that you can still Google local content and leave a comment on there. This is not my favorite way to go but, if you just need to get recognized on some level just start commenting. Just search local websites and have it.

I’m not going to leave you hanging without giving you something that will help boost your business growth. I created a 31 tip marketing guide just for you if you want to dominate locally. So, all you have to do is that action and the customers and clients will come running.

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